How To Play .Mov Files On Windows 10 Easily

Are You looking for Solution of, How to Play .mov Files on Windows 10?  Typically, the clips that we take on Nixon cameras or other DSLRs appear to be in .mov format. And if you don’t have the latest software and media player on your personal computer, then having a glance of those favorite moments will not be possible.

Meanwhile, it is a common problem. Yes, there is a whole lot of issues when you can’t play your favorite MOV files. But when problems are there, solutions are also, right?

And when your chosen tech fellow is here, you don’t need to worry this little stuff. Today, you are going to learn all the information about how to play .mov files on Windows 10 in the easiest ways. So, let’s hit it.


How Do I Convert Mov Files To Windows Media Player

As I have told you before, Windows Media Player can play most of the video file format, but in some particular cases, it can’t.


Among many of the ways, the first way of Playing .mov video files on Windows 10 is to convert the file.


One of the widely used and most straightforward paths to convert your .mov file is to convert them on Wondershare UniConverter. Since the tool has a very user-friendly interface, you won’t feel any complexities regarding the converting process.


Not only that, but this software also does the Convert 30x faster than others that are available online. Maybe, that’s the core reason behind its popularity.


Basically, what this software does is to convert the .mov files into Windows Media Player supported formats like .avi, .asf, .wmv, .mpg, and .mpeg. The conversion results also seemed to be smoother, so that the quality of the raw file exists.

To start with the process of converting, first of all, you would need to download the Wondershare UniConverter software from online and install it on your computer. The link is given below.


Click on The Link: MOV Player for Windows 10 Free Download


How to Play .mov Files on Windows 10


Step 1: Adding QuickTime .mov File

After installing the video converter, you need to lunch the software. To trace the .mov file that you want convert click, on the Covert> Converting>Add Files.


How to Play .mov Files on Windows 10


Note: Thinking about batch conversion? Don’t worry; you can do that also on Wondershare UniConverter.


The good thing about the video converter is you can view the video file thumbnail on the UI. To play the video before starting the conversion, you just need to hover your mouse on that and click on the Play button. In that way, you can view those .mov files that your Windows Media Player is not able to open.


How to Play .mov Files on Windows 10


Also, you can rotate, trim, or crop your .mov files just like a professional video editor on Wondershare UniConverter.


Step 2: Selecting Output Format as WMV

When you are done with some little changes with your video, you need to select the output format of the video. The best practice to play it one Windows Media Player is changing it to .wmv format.


To go forward with the process, click on the drop-down menu that is located just right on the “Convert all files to.” And then select WMV from the list of suggestions.


How to Play .mov Files on Windows 10


Note: If you want to set a unique format with custom parameters, click on the +Create Custom icon that is located in the Format window. It is applicable for both audio and video files.


You can preview the video in real-time before starting conversion as well. Also, the converter tool gives your eligibility to compress your .mov files. As a result, you can avoid losing video quality. To begin with, compressing, click on the Target tab and then Compress.


Step 3: Finishing Convert

At the final moment of this conversion process, click on the Convert All icon. It will allow the smart QuickTime to do the rest of the job. To find the converted result, just click on the Converted tab.


How to Play .mov Files on Windows 10


Note: Keep in mind that it is possible to transform your .mov files to other formats, also like MP4, M4V, etc. Just pick the one you want. Nevertheless, the converted result can be viewed in 3D and HD format as well.


How do I Install QuickTime Player For Windows 10

The reason you need to have the QuickTime player is if other applications require it like Opening.MOV Files on Windows 10. So, in this brief instruction section, I will show you how to download this MOV Player Online.


Step 1: Downloading QuickTime Player

The foremost step you are going to take is open up a web browser. Here, I am going forward with Google Chrome.


How do I Install QuickTime Player For Windows 10


Then from the given results, click on the first link that is authorized by so that you can avoid losing yourself online.


How do I Install QuickTime Player For Windows 10


If you enter the domain, you will see different versions are available for the different operating systems. Since you want it for your Windows 10, click on that particular version and complete the download.


How do I Install QuickTime Player For Windows 10


Step 2: Installing QuickTime Player

To begin with the installation process, double click on the file that you have downloaded. On the pop-up window, click on Run.


How do I Install QuickTime Player For Windows 10


After that, click on Next when the QuickTime for Windows installer window appears.


How to Play .mov Files on Windows 10


To accept the terms and conditions, click on, Yes. Then choose the Typical Installation and then Next.


How to Play .mov Files on Windows 10


Click on install to begin the installation without changing the destination folder unless you really want to change it. The process will take only a couple of moments, depending on our processor speed.


How to Play .mov Files on Windows 10


When done with the installation, click on Finish, and I do recommend restarting the computer. That’s it, and you are good to go!


How do I Play A.MOV File in Windows 10

Lastly, and the easiest way to play .mov file in Windows 10 is to play it via the latest Windows Media Player. The latest 12 version of this media player can play .mov files besides the other formats.


To check if your Windows Media Player is the latest one or not, go to the search box on the Taskbar section and search by typing Windows Media Player. Click on the Run as Administrator.


How do I Play A.MOV File in Windows 10


When the Windows Media Player is opened, press Alt + H to open the Help tab. You can do the stuff by hovering the mouse icon on the top panel of the media player and then click on the right mouse button. There you will see the Help section as well.


How to Play .mov Files on Windows 10


Afterward, click on the About Windows Media Player. It will drive you to a new pop-up window where you can find the information about the Windows Media Player version.


If you see your version serial starts with 12 means, the particular media player can run .mov file on your Windows 10.


How to Play .mov Files on Windows 10


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can you play .mov files on Windows Media Player?

A: Fortunately, you can. There are mainly two ways to play the .mov files on Windows Media Player. One is to convert the file format that is supported by the media player or using the latest version of the media player. We have discussed the process above.

Secondly, you can play the .mov extension by installing the 3ivx code to the Windows Media Player. Let’s take a glance at how to get MOV Codec For Windows 10.


Step 1: Creating a 3ivx Account

To install the code, you have to jump into the 3ivx website. There, you would require to create an account. Just follow the instructions given on the site.

Step 2: Complete the Payment

After creating a 3ivx account, I got to the store page on the web. On the store page, click on the 3ivx MPEG-4 5.0.2 Decoder. Then, scroll down a little and click on Add to order.

Use your credit or debit card information to pay for the utility software and hit on the Checkout button—the price supposed to be around $7 to $8 in 2010.


Step 3: Download and Install

Enter your ID and password again in the required section. Then download the software and install it. Make sure to restart your computer after that.


Q: How do I open a .mov file?

A: Currently, you can open a .mov file using QuickTime programs and Apple’s iTunes, Windows Media Player (Latest 12th edition), VLC media. Even you can just use Elmedia Player to open up the MOV files.

Without that, there is another way that many computer users don’t know. It is by using Google Drive. But to play the .mov file, you have to upload it on your drive.


Q: Why is my .mov file not playing?

A: There are several reasons behind your Windows Media Player can’t play .mov files. The reasons are given below.

  • You .mov files are damaged or corrupted
  • You haven’t installed thee codes that are required to play .mov files
  • Absence of necessary plug-ins that are essential to play MOV video files
  • You haven’t installed Windows Media Player appropriately
  • You haven’t followed the vital steps or terminologies, which are required to play .mov files

Q: How do I play QuickTime movies on Windows 10?

A: To play QuickTime movies on Windows 10, you have to download the QuickTime players on your personal computer. Just go their Apple’s authorized download page by searching on Google with “Download QuickTime.” Then download and install the software on your computer.


Q: What programs can play .mov files?

A: Actually, many of them. But the most trustworthy and commonly used software are Windows Media Player 12th edition, VLC media player, iTunes, Wondershare, Elmedia player.


Q: How do I convert MOV files to Windows?

A: You can use any online video or file converter to convert MOV files. But in that way, there could be some malware issues that appear on your computer. Because of the reason, you should pick something that well recognized and user-friendly as well. Indeed, Wondeshare UniConverter is that of a kind.

Final Thoughts

Is there any way to play or convert my MOV file on Windows 10? If you are still reading this, you can teach your friends and show off your skills to solve their problems too. That is the beauty of sharing your knowledge. Isn’t it?

Before signing off, let me know if you have to face any further issues regarding how to play the MOV file on Windows 10, tag it in the comment section. I will answer all of your problems. And Welcome Again Fixguider in your  next solution, take care, and keep rocking with your computer. Bye.








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