Best Android Phone: Gimmick or Real?

Before the eve of every new year, November is the final call. When Black Friday breaks up meanwhile, a phone enthusiast gets up from a dream to buy the best android phone. However, most of the phones out there have outrageous features. Some of them come up with amazing graphics and accelerated GPU, making them a beast of a gaming phone.


On the other hand, the rest of them come with camera focused features, AI developed interface, making them a premium cellphone. Now, you need to sort out which to pick up. If you want to buck up a phone with amazing features and at the same time affordable to you, you will literally get lost among many choices.


But bingo! herein we will disclose the best deals based on the previous tracks of users’ experience. More importantly, we will reveal every true side which is commonly hidden by the influencers. Get ready to know which is coming up next on this awesome Black Friday!


So throughout the review, we will educate you on a number of best deals that will feed you the most features right now. We hope before this Black Friday opportunity, we won’t get lost but find the true android phone for you.


Top 5 Best Android Phone-Our Compiled List


Product Details Best For Not Good For Our Ratings
Google Pixel 4a Price Luxury Features 4.9

Xiaomi Mi Note 10

Durability Processor 4.8
Samsung S20

Smooth & Seamless User Experience

Battery Backup 4.7
One Plus 8 Pro Powerful Chipsets Price 4.6
Oppo Find X2 Pro Beautiful Display & Design Facial Recognition 4.6


1. Google Pixel 4a- 5G Version Available!



Best Android Phone



The best phone this November is at the best price. Herein, we bring you the Google Pixel 4A with incredible generous pricing. So, on Black Friday another price drop will make it the best android phone. Aside from the pricing, the phone gives you the breeze while setting up.


You can easily toss the sim card and then the phone will automatically connect to the Verizon network without making a fuss. If we tell you the best feature of it, then the crispy images will tell everything. Compared to the biggest flagship-like Galaxy S20, it is quite comparable except for a few luxurious features. Yes, the con is with facial recognition, but everyone knows the Pixel is the best Cam-action mobile phone under the lowest bucks.


Let us not forget to tell you about the 3 years of software support/upgrades with this amazing flagship phone. That being said, it won’t get backdated for the next three years like other high rated premium phones.


Special Features


  • 12 MP dual-pixel rear
  • Live HDR+, Night Sight, and Portrait Mode
  • Google’s Personal Safety app
  • USC-C cable




  • Of course the price
  • MInimum bloatware
  • Automatic color adjustment AI
  • Available all trendy apps & features
  • Bright OLED display




  • Wireless charging is missing
  • Poor battery life


Our Score:



2.Samsung Galaxy S20– Capture Videos Under One-Take AI



Best Android Phone



The Galaxy S20 is definitely a premium flagship and we are expecting the price of it will significantly drop on Black Friday. So, if you are looking for this premium flagship, then this would be the high time to grab it. The phone itself is a leading brand which has already crossed every record of earlier Samsung Flagships.


The species seem all-inclusive. That being said, you will get almost every top-end feature with the phenomena 100x zooming feature. The bright night mode cam of it is the evidence of ensuring the superb crisp images.


So you may now create great content under low light without a flashlight. Every operation of this amazing Cam is almost developed by the dependable AI algorithm. For example, if it has adaptable facial recognition. Moreover, it also can understand when you are using the phone aggressively so it will keep some more power for that time.


Special Features:


  • 5x optical/100x digital ‘Space Zoom’
  • Snapdragon 865
  • 5G capable handset
  • 4k Video support
  • Wireless PowerShare




  • Bright Night Mode
  • High-end Algorithm (AI)
  • Maximum zooming



  • The phone requires a few updates and maybe fixed next year.


Our Score



3.Xiaomi Mi Note 10– Excellent Camera With The Fastest Run-Time



Best Android Phone



Want to take the most charming bokeh shot under an affordable budget before Black Friday? If, so then we must introduce you to the Xiaomi Mi 10 which solely comes for price-cutting features. The best feature it ensures you are with the 108MP Penta Camera. Having the LTE factory unlocked version seems a blast to you.


With the ultimate bait of MP, it comes with a quick snapper, taking the photo ASAP. The charging is also quick and the design makes you on the go! Herein, you will get to see the superb AMOLED screen with a curvy finish, making you easy to hold.


If you want to see your affordable budget will bring a phone which will surpass almost every digital camera, then this is the right choice. The camera itself can provide the ultimate breakthrough no matter, you shoot a portrait mode image or landscape one. The resolution matters a lot with the ultra-high magnificence. Herein, getting the dark bokeh shot would be under the bet.


Special Features


  • Snapdragon 730G
  • Rear-108MP/Front-32MP
  • 5,260mAh Battery
  • Compatible with Google Fi



  • Good battery life
  • Durable as a mid-tier smartphone
  • Fast Charging mode
  • Amazing camera capability



  • Weak chipset compared to flagships


Our Score




4.One Plus 8 Pro– Powerhouse Performance



Best Android Phone



We know One Plus has churned out the most dazzling version of flagships. Those have immense power of CPU, charming graphical illusions, and never let you settle in other mobiles. The best thing we get to know is about the hard-core operation it ensures, making it the ultimate android phone ever!


One Plus 8 Pro is one of the flagship mobiles which is considered to be the most powerful phone ever! With the immersive Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, it can beat any mobile phone right away. Here is why, if anybody avoids it as the pricey deal then, we will recommend them to use it for a while and get to see how fastest and smoothest experience they will get.


Aside from the main feature, it won’t dishearten you with the mid-range features. That being said, it includes wireless charging, water resistance, and 120Hz crispy image resolution. However, we find a simple drawback with a few features with the Camera like it won’t tackle the night mode and portrait mode based photos.


Special Features:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865.
  • 120 Hz Fluid Display
  • 8 GB RAM + 128 GB storage
  • High-Capacity 4510 mAh Battery
  •  Alexa Built-in Hands-free access



  • Beautiful Screen with bigger resolution
  • Touch responsive
  • Good battery life
  • Smooth transition between apps surfing



  • Alexa app doesn’t come in by default
  • Most expensive phone among OnePlus flagships


Our Score: 



5.Oppo Find X2 Pro– Beautiful Flagship With Superb Display



Best Android Phone



Some of you want to hold the most beautiful android phone. With gorgeous looking and generous features the Oppo X2 has won many hearts, and now it yours. The outstanding display is the key selling point that you can never ignore. The Lamborghini style design, crispy AI-based photo, and all-around modern species are the due reasons to bring it home before Black Friday.


We found the Amoled touchscreen large and responsive. More importantly, the latest Snapdragon 865 makes it a gaming powerhouse after the aesthetic design. Well, without having these hard-core hardware specs, we won’t bring it here to review. Once it comes to you, then you will find it compatible with all types of phone networks including 5G.


The triple primary camera on the rear all-together enables to capture seamless shooting without making any fuss. Herein, you will also find the HDR, 4k mode video, Dual-tone flash, and many more. Well, it has a few drawbacks when you will compare with the premium flagships before mentioned here in this review. The wireless charging and water resistance features are not on the go.


Special Features

  • Snapdragon 865
  • 48 MP-rear & 32MP front camera
  • Lamborghini’s iconic version
  • Hexagonal Lens Frame
  • 3D Rigid Body



  • Smooth operation
  • Speakers are loud
  • Smart interface



  • The face unlock is not that much responsive


Our Score



Complete Buying Guide – Things You Should Consider!


Beginner users always go for an android device that offers lesser updates frequently, making them easily cope up. For example, the Pixel we reviewed above has worry-free 3 years of pre-updates. Moreover, most US phone users love to see the unlock phones however it gives the maximum hard time while operating.


So a better choice would be to stick with the carrier one. The interface is another great thing to consider besides, it is hard to recognize which is better upon what android phone. If you find one interface great then we suggest you stick to it.


Experienced users are those who love gaming the most, moreover, they find the handiest phone with innovations. Besides, the unlock phone would be a must for them. Buying unlocked phones convey frequent updates, making them a phone geek indeed. So we suggest such flagship phones to experienced users. The good thing is they can opt for any type of interface no matter how hard it would be for operation as long as they like them.


No matters what would be the user experience from time to time and phone to phone. Some species should always look for good screen size, good battery back, and never forget to have a good camera.


Because sometimes a renowned flagship phone comes with some drawbacks when the time comes up assessing the phone cameras. For example, if you are looking for bokeh shots, night mode, and quality resolution, then not all the so-called premium phones could deliver the same results.




How long does the Samsung phone last? 


The Flagships and the regular Samsung have a few differences mostly about the durability. That being said, the flagship lasts longer than regular phones. Keeping the last records, we get to see the Flagships of Samsung phones last for 4 years. On the other hand, regular phones last for 2 and half a year.


Is Android better than iPhone? 


iPhone and Android both have their own ecosystem and your preference basically tells which one is the best. But the general rule of thumb iPhone is the best deal with their dedicated interface and intensive apps merging. However, if you go for the availability and get tons of loaded apps and opportunities to use accessories then Android will win.


What is a better Unlock or carrier phone?


Unlock phones are technically more advanced and have many selling points. However, carrier phones are easy to use and handy for operation. The boatable software is mainly visible with it, so better not to opt for it. Unlock features and phones are a bit expensive though it paid off.


Final Verdict


Since Black Friday is on the go so buying affordable bait should be your key concern. Keeping this in mind, we try to focus on the budget-oriented Best Android Phone. At the same time, we brought you the phones which are not newly launched phones. Because the phones released this year are not offering much price drop.


Here is why the all-round phone would be Google Pixel 4a. It is the real android on-demand with the ease of user experience. Here is why we recommend you to use this and enjoy the seamless experience with Google Pixel.


Moving on to the premium features, the Samsung S20 would be a great one. Aside from that, when you need a great battery backup the Xiaomi Mi 10 turns the table, indeed. Now it is your preference to choose a good deal before Black Friday.

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