Black Friday phone deals: Know Every Best Offer

Hello, knock knock! Black Friday has just stepped on your door, so let’s get to know what are the best Black Friday phone deals? Arguably, there would be so many but you have to go through with the price-cut exclusive pick, right?


This November phone and before the next wave of epidemic flu, buckle up your investment with the Black Friday deal. Well, we know every year you get to see so many choices. Moreover, the number is on the rise too. You can not opt for the price only as the quality is a bigger issue to ponder. So, we sort out the phones which insanely fall under price-cutting during this time and a good deal as well.


What should I expect from the event this year?

This year of Black Friday would have a different scenario due to the pandemic condition. People won’t go outside like previous years and juggle in the crowd. The Flu has made strong fear in our minds that we expect Black Friday would be turn out in online deals.


Keeping this in mind, most of the online stores will have a stream of huge sales. Here is why we are inspecting they will give the biggest offer which we have seen never been before. The phone deals among the one and we should know what turns out the best deals for this year.


Factory Unlock Deals Under Best Price

If you are looking for Factory Unlock deals then we found the best deals below, and the last one is the best seller until today.


Google Pixel 4-Save 29%

Google Pixel 4 churns out mind-boggling features with its regular updates. The amazing fact of it is to be an alternative with the iPhone XR, making it a true competitor Android vs Apple. Once we delve into it, we get to see the gaming processor has top-notch ability to run almost any hardcore games.


You will not get a phone as supportive as this one. It feels solid on the touch, and you can save up to 29% on this black Friday. The software of this phone includes Quick gesture, Gcam, Spam detection, and more. A phone at a price like this is just too good to be true. But now, you can get it at the cheapest rate this Black Friday 2020.


Any DrawBacks? 


It is not a factory unlock rather a carrier unlock.


Things We Like:


  • 3 year regular OS update.
  • Excellent Camera Quality.
  • Wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE– Save 22 %


S20 FE is another great pick from Samsung that comes with the Factory Unlock settings with the 5G compatibility. The great thing about this phone you are getting the amazing low light shot under this price-dropping bucks, making your phone smartphone with a professional-grade camera. The 3x optical zoom here will give you the bonus features whereas other Samsung Flagships often falter to have it.


If you ask yourself why you are going to buy this and what unique reason will push you to do so? Then we must say, it is the best seller until today before Black Friday, also it gives the maximum price-cut as well. Hopefully, these are the reasons which are enough to bring it home today.


Any Drawbacks? 

Not worthy to mention any. However, we get to see the cloud mint and the plastic premium coverage won’t leave the visible fingerprints.


Things We Like: 


  • Super AMOLED+ Infinity Display
  • 30X Space Zoom
  • Night Mode Capturing
  • Snapdragon 865.

Samsung Galaxy S20 – Save 20%

The S20 model of Samsung boasts of the maximum premium features, and you are not going to miss one! More importantly, you can buy it under a great price cut so we bring it on the top for your black Friday deal.


The phone itself is a brand indeed, it comes with a super AMOLED display, wireless charge and power share, 30x space zoom, and guesses what not? We get to see the most impeccable feature would be fall under the camera.


You would love to see the single track AI which allows you to take multiple images at great ease. All you need to do is to follow one tap button. Afterward, you will get to see the amazing effects with or without filters.


Any Drawbacks?


The simple drawback would be with the battery, it does not have gigantic battery backup however, the fast charger is really fast so no worry.


Things We Like: 


  • 6.7″ Display size
  • 128 GB memory storage
  • 64 MP main lens
  • Super Amoled+Infinity O Display


Samsung Galaxy A71 5G Unlocked– Save 17%


Looks like Samsung has no rivalry on Black Friday especially for the price-drop. The A71 offers 5G and with the unlock deal, you will get great features, indeed.


The features it conveys are not top-notch flagship oriented but whatever it delivers with the 5G capability is the real selling point. Moreover, the mind-boggling speeds and great connection allows you to stay free from lag times and disruption. If you ever come to use the infinity version phone, then you must know how superior is to see such an AMOLED display with such a feature.


When it comes to unraveling the camera features, we found the quad lens camera is a real deal. Because you can take professional-grade amazing photos with one tap away. The lucrative portrait and landscapes mode photos all come and fall in great steady order.


Any Drawbacks? 


The in-screen fingerprint reader’s performance is not fully improved so you may compare it with the back screen mode. However, it is still manageable as the price is a bigger concern.


Things We Like:


  • 6.7″ edge to edge display
  • Quad Lens camera
  • 4500 mAh Battery
  • Amoled+Infinity Display


OnePlus 8 Pro– Save 20%


OnePlus 8 Pro is the most expensive pick from the OnePlus flagships. The great offer is still on the go and thus you should go and grab it before Black Friday. The phone comes with an amazing wireless charging, quad-camera with a fluid display, making you motivated to have it today.


One Plus 8 Pro is one of the flagship mobiles which is now one of the most powerful flagship phones under OnePlus. With the insane performance of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, you will enjoy a seamless experience. If you think the price is still a limitation, then we will recommend them to use it for a while and get to see how fastest and smoothest experience they will get.


Andy Drawbacks?


Ironically, we found no drawbacks which are worth mentioning to you.


Things We Like


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865.
  • 120 Hz Fluid Display
  • 8 GB RAM + 128 GB storage
  • High-Capacity 4510 mAh Battery




Is Black Friday a good time to buy a cell phone?

Black Friday can be the best day for buying cell phones at a cheap rate. However, you need to be aware of inferior quality products. Cell phone manufacturers often sell defective phones in Black Friday sales.


Who has the best deal on cell phones right now?

During this lockdown season, you can find all good quality phones on the internet. Amazon, eBay, Ali Express, etc., has the best deals on cell phones. You can check the price and always get a discount coupon or a gift voucher with every product you buy.


How do I get the best deal on the phone?

There are many ways to get the best phones at a cheap rate. But you need to wait for a particular time and date for the deal. Often before Christmas, Newyear, or Diwali (In India), these sales offer the deal.


Final Words:


Finally, you get to know the best 5 black Friday phone deals. Here we ramp on the best available offers and let you know that. The price saving offer we have shown is variable and based on the shown data from Amazon, if any change comes up then we are not responsible. We have just tried to show you the key features of them and the recent pricing.

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