How To Delete Voicemail On Android Without Listening: 3 Easy Ways!

Some unwanted & irritating voicemails on your Android device require to be deleted without listening. It’s not a perplexing task at all to perform. You can use either specialized software or your phone app. You can even seek the help of your carrier by maintaining the legal procedures. A Bunch of contrivances is open to resolving your problem. So, here we are to depict how to delete voicemail on Android without listening.

The model of the Android won’t stand as a big issue as you can learn about multiple ways to delete the voicemail. After going through this article, you won’t feel annoyed when you receive a spam voicemail. Because you can identify the spammer quite well & you can ignore the voicemail easily by deleting it. So, we should start our main discussion part to receive a fruitful solution. 


How to delete voicemail on android without listening

Today, we’ll talk about some convenient ways to eradicate the problem of deleting specific voicemails.  We hope your concentrated scrolling down will help you to understand how to delete voicemail on Android without listening. 


1.Delete voicemail on android without listening – Using voicemail app 


One of the greatest and easiest ways to delete voicemails without listening is using voicemail apps. Here we go.


Step 1- Find it on Google Play Store

Open your Android device & from the search bar, open the Play store. You can see a built-in search option. Type “voicemail” there. You can find a few apps. Pick up one according to high rating & review.




how to delete voicemail on android without listening




Step 2- Install voicemail 

Download & install the voicemail app. You can find it on your homepage after installing.




how to delete voicemail on android without listening




Step 3- Select three-dot menu

Open the desired voicemail to delete. If you don’t want to listen to the voicemail, then don’t play it. It won’t automatically play until you press the play button. From the top right side of the latest downloaded voicemail software, tap on the three-dot menu.




how to delete voicemail on android without listening




Step 4- Delete voicemails

Some options will be visible in front of you after tapping on the three-dot menu. Most of the software contains the “delete” option at the top. Tap on the option & perform your activity. If you want to delete multiple voicemails, press & hold the first voicemail & then select others. After selecting all the targeted voicemails, press on “delete” & get rid of your problem.




how to delete voicemail on android without listening




2. Delete voicemail on android without listening –Using the phone app

You can do that by using your default phone app. Follow these steps to get your job done. 


Step 1- Open conventional phone app

Each Android device contains a built-in phone app. Search it based on the phone icon or using a search tool. Open the app & then move to the next step.


Step 2- Dial the voicemail number

The voicemail number depends on the device carrier. You can easily find the voicemail number of your device from the customer support center. Besides, you can ask your friends if they know it.Or You can press 1 for a long, it will show you the voicemail number. After getting the number, dial the number & then wait to be forwarded.



How To Delete Voicemail On Android Without Listening



Step 3- Enter the password

Some of the device brands require this for additional safety. It’s okay not to know this long password. Take the help of a customer support center. 


Step 4- Press “7” from the dial pad 

When a voicemail appears, click on “7” from the dial pad as quickly as possible. This button works as a delete button. After tapping, the voicemail will be deleted. If you take time to press, you can hear the voicemail & it may create a disgusting situation for you. In case you have multiple voicemails & don’t want to delete all, then listen to the partial voicemails & skip one by tapping on “9”.



3. Communicate with your carrier 

Another great way is to communicate with your carrier. Here is the process for you.


Step 1- Open Android phone app

Find the phone app & then tap it to open. Generally, it remains a shortcut on the home page. Whatever, after finding & opening it, you’ll need to open your dialer tab.


Step 2- Open the dialer

It’s not mandatory for all devices to open the dialer individually. Some of the devices directly open the dialer menu. In that case, you can skip this part. The dialer is generally a square-shaped icon & easily noticeable.




How To Delete Voicemail On Android Without Listening



Step 3- Enter customer support number

You must know the brand of your device. So, why don’t you Google to find the customer care’s number? It will be convenient to find from their website. Write down the number on the dial pad & move to the next stage.



How To Delete Voicemail On Android Without Listening



Step 4- Dial the number

There is a dialer button that you use to call your friends & families. Here isn’t a different case. After dialing, wait a while to listen to the instructions.




How To Delete Voicemail On Android Without Listening




Step 5- Follow the instructions


There may be a set of instructions from your device carrier. You may be asked to select a language tapping on a number or you may be asked to select a number to get a specific service. Even, you may need to provide your voicemail PIN & other necessary information to perform your activity. All you need to do, carefully hear the options & then, click on the suitable number using the dial pad.



How To Delete Voicemail On Android Without Listening



Step:6- Ask for help & then hang up


When you’ll be in touch with a customer agent, you have to deliver your message orally. The agent will do your work in favor of you. Ask the agent to delete voicemails from a specific sender or all sender. If you have already provided all the necessary passwords or numeric items, then your work will be done without any hassle. It’s one of the easiest ways to delete a voicemail without listening but it costs a service charge from your operator. After that, it’s okay to hang up the conversation.



How To Delete Voicemail On Android Without Listening





Got any questions about the writings or deleting voicemails? Go through these commonly asked questions then. 


Can you delete voicemail without listening to it? 

Yes, it is possible to delete the voicemail without listening to it. You can use different apps or your dial pad to make it happen.


How do I delete voicemail on Android? 

Different ways are there to delete your voicemails on an android phone. You can use apps found in the Google play store or you can simply use your default dial pad to delete voicemails.


How do I empty my voicemail? 

Simply select the voicemail you want to delete and select each of the voicemails available in the mailbox. Then click delete from the right-top corner box and you will empty your voicemail.


What number do I press to delete a voicemail?

It depends on the model and brand of your android devices. For example, for T-Mobile, you can simply press and hold the ‘1’ key to delete your voicemails. 




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This article is written to give you a proper solution on how to delete voicemail on Android without listening. Our dedicated article writer has tried to come to a conclusion by elaborating on some easy steps. It may be issues of relationship, officials, family matters, or whatnot, you won’t need to hear the unwanted voicemails anymore. You have multiple options to pick up.

Using an app, it’s simple to move forward. If you follow our proper directions, it will be easier to delete the desired voicemails. This process will also save you time. On the other hand, if you don’t want to install additional software for eradicating this problem, then why don’t you go for any of the other options? We wish you the best of luck to receive a proper solution to this issue.

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