How to add Chinese keyboard to Windows 10?

How to add Chinese keyboard to windows 10? Windows 10 Offers us to add one or multiple keyboards. If you want to type in Chinese, you should have to follow the procedure. Also, you will also understand why you’ve configured with the wrong keyboard and the wrong language and how to get rid of this problem. Normally you don’t need to change your windows language settings. But if you want to type in Chinese languages and want to type any Chinese letter or word, you must have to change the language settings. That’s why I am going to let you know how to add a Chinese keyboard to windows 10 here.

Here you’ll find two methods for windows 10 Chinese handwriting input. Following the way step by step, you’ll find it much easier to add any language keyboard. Also, I’ll give you some tips to avoid and solve the common problem related to language and keyboard. Before wrapping up the article, I’ll answer some common questions on adding the Chinese keyboard. Stay tuned with me.



Solved: Adding Chinese Keyboard to Windows 10

Adding a Chinese keyboard is not a hard task at all. You can do it in several ways. I am going to show you the way to add the Chinese keyboard.

First Way

  • Step-1: Firstly, Open the Start menu and select the Settings. Form setting, select “Time and Language.” It will take you on the tab “Time and Language.”


How to add Chinese keyboard to windows 10?

How to add Chinese keyboard to windows 10?

How to add Chinese keyboard to windows 10?

  • Step-2: then select the option “language,” and there you’ll find a title named “Preferred language.” Select “Add a language” under the title “Preferred Languages.”


How to add Chinese keyboard to windows 10?


How to add Chinese keyboard to windows 10?


  • Step-3: Now, a tab will be popped up. At the top, there has a search box for searching languages. Write down Chinese there, and you’ll find the Chinese language of China, Hong Kong, and other Chinese languages. Chinese simplified will allow you to write, including traditional character options; on the other hand, Chinese traditional includes a simplified letter option.


How to add Chinese keyboard to windows 10?


  • Step-4: Now select the preferable one to you and select next. Before installing the language, consider yourself to uncheck the option “set as my display language.”


How to add Chinese keyboard to windows 10?

How to add Chinese keyboard to windows 10?


  • Step-5: if you want to make it as the default language, select the option at the bottom of the page “choose an input method always to use default” and make the change.


How to add Chinese keyboard to windows 10?


Alternatives for traditional Character

there presents two choices or alternatives for Hanyu Pinyin input, which are known as traditional characters in windows 10. Your choice should be pitch-perfect between these two. You have to know their encoding standard. If you pick the wrong one, you can experience some horrible things. Sometime in emails, these characters turn into unreadable garbage.

Microsoft Bopomofo

We can call it windows 10 bopomofo keyboard. It can do Pinyin. It’s IME is available in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau. It allows using of modern traditional language, including Taiwan Big5, which supports the Hong Kong set and international encoding standards. The Bopomofo offers the agility to enter Pinyin with and without tone numbers and phrase combinations and has an IME pad for looking up by stroke count.

Microsoft Pinyin

You can download from google pinyin input download windows 10. It’s IME is almost the standard Pinyin input method in mainland China and Singapore. It offers a Sogou-style typing skill that automatically injects apostrophes between each sound. Also, the Microsoft Pinyin offers excellent phrase combinations but few ways to narrow down your candidate list. It is developed for simplified characters.



Additional Tips

  • If you are not that good at the Chinese language, you should not check on “Set as my display language.”
  • Windows 10 will allow you to download both simplified and traditional Chinese keyboard. If you are not a native Chinese man, you should use simplified Chinese language.





1. How do I turn off the Chinese keyboard in windows 10?

– First, you have to go to settings >time and language>language. There at the bottom, you’ll find “Choose an input method to always use as default,” and by making English or other languages the default, you can easily turn off the Chinese language.


2. How can I type Chinese on windows?

At first, click on the start menu and click on the control panel. Then go to the “Clock, Language and Region” and select “change keyboard”. Now select change keyboard and click on add. There you’ll find “Chinese simplified Microsoft Pinyin IME.” Click ok in region and language as well. Finally, you’ll be able to type Chinese on windows.

3. How can you type by using Pinyin?


For typing Chinese, you have to select the Chinese language first. Now you have to type Chinese using the keyboard. They will show you a number of variable characters. You have to select the number of characters you want. If you are not finding the character, you can press the down arrow to see options furthermore.



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Final Note

Windows 10 allows you to add many keyboard layout you want as well as many languages. Here, I’ve told you about the way you can add the Chinese language in your windows 10. Be careful, if you are not a native Chinese, do not make it a display language. If you make the display language Chinese mistakenly, you should use the other device to know about how to make it English.

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