How To Cast Android Phone To Roku TV: Simple Tricks

Nowadays, the popularity and accessibility of android phones are skyscraping. You can find it everywhere irrespective of social class or the barrier of borders. Watching a movie on an android alone is fun. But what if it’s a holiday family gathering and all want to view a drama or movie together on a larger screen?

You need to show videos to students to make them understand the concept more clearly and appropriately. What’ll you do? Well, you can connect those specific videos, movies to the Roku TV from your android phone. But how to cast Android phone to Roku TV? Here, you’re going to get complete guidelines regarding casting from android to Roku TV.


How to Cast Android Phone to Roku TV

To cast videos from android to Roku TV means to watch the exact content you’re seeing on mobile on a much bigger screen only from the specific apps that support casting. You have to initiate some setup before casting. Then, it’ll be much easier to cast even just by clicking or pressing on icons.


how to cast android phone to roku tv


1. Set the connection of both the android device as well as the Roku by the same wireless network or wifi. However, select the screen mirroring mode on prompt condition. Otherwise, casting won’t start. 


how to cast android phone to roku tv


2. Make sure that the channels from where you want to playback content are supportive of casting in Roku TV. But again, how to ensure that? If you see a casting icon beside any app or channel, that is certainly supportive of casting.


3. After tapping on the home icon of the Roku remote, select streaming channels from the channel store. 


how to cast android phone to roku tv


how to cast android phone to roku tv


4. Now, put the name of the channel in the search option there and you’ll find it. Install the desired channel of yours afterward.


how to cast android phone to roku tv


how to cast android phone to roku tv


how to cast android phone to roku tv


5. The channel either can be paid or free of cost from time to time. If it doesn’t cost any penny, you can directly add it by installing. 


how to cast android phone to roku tv


how to cast android phone to roku tv


6. But what if you can only use them after paying the amount mentioned there? Then, you need to click on buy, and only after finishing the payment, you’re permissible to install the channel. 


7. If you don’t know the details of the channel or app, you can dig deep into it by only clicking on ‘ok’.


how to cast android phone to roku tv


8. Enter the PIN to the Roku device before casting. If the channel is installed successfully, you’ll notice it on the home screen.


how to cast android phone to roku tv


9. Install the app on android too. But if already installed, then avoid this part and start the next phase of tasks.


10. Press on the casting icon. Sometimes, you have to watch any content in the channel to discover the casting icon. The casting icon looks like a small tv with a wifi signal in it.


11. Pick the name of the Roku device from available or accessible devices in the android phone.


12. Now, the content will show up on the tv accordingly.


13. You can control equally to drive the tv from remote as well as mobile.


14. In the meantime, after viewing the playback of the content the usage of android doesn’t need anymore. You may use the mobile for other reasons such as writing to someone, making videos, etc. Even switching it off will not affect casting the content on tv at all.


15. In case the channels allow a profiles system, you need to pick up your particular profile from that specific channel.



Have more questions to ask? Then go through these questions below. 


Is it possible to cast Android to Roku TV?

Yes, it is quite possible to cast android to Roku TV and you can enjoy the large screen smoothly.


Can no longer cast to Roku?

If you don’t find Roku on your smartphone, make sure your phone is connected to the TV. Without connecting, you can no longer cast to Roku.


Can you cast to TV without Chromecast?

Yes, you can cast your TV without Chromecast if your TV has that feature. Some modern TVs allow users to cast without Chromecast. 



You can use a screen mirror in some spaces. But undoubtedly not in all specs as you can do in casting. Suppose, you need to use the mobile for accomplishing other tasks along with casting to Roku tv. You can’t complete the screen mirroring without using Android. Because you’ll need it to control Roku tv.

Moreover, it’s easier to finish the work. Furthermore, You can do it fast compared to other ways. Only pressing on some icons and controlling the job with a remote makes it so much popular. The main generic procedures to cast android to Roku tv are connecting both the mobile and Roku devices with the same wifi, installing the channel, and finally clicking on the casting icon.

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