How to Change Font Color in Android(2 Proven Way)

Font color is a special feature of the android phone that often can not be easily customized. Some of the customized operating systems of smartphone companies give you this special advantage. The choice of color you use on your phone really highlights your personality and may be a beacon light of your choice for others to recognize.


When you opt for changing font color, you must want to express your own sweet preference through the phone you use. It will certainly be well expressed through that. Now, if you want to know How to Change Font Color in Android, I will try to show it through this post.


Ways to Change Font Color in Android:

Changing font color in most cases has to be done indirectly. Usually, there is not much variety of colors available as you have while typing something.

It can be done by utilizing two separate ways. We will try to learn both. The first is through the built-in system, which is done from the settings of your mobile. The second is with the help of a special app or launcher. I will discuss these in detail below.


1.   Using the Settings Built-In :

Usually, not all Android phones have this special advantage. However, the big companies offer this facility on their smartphones. Samsung, HTC, and LG grant this opportunity that customers can get with built-in settings.


However, the way to access this option can be different for various phone sets. You need to go to the ‘Settings’ option on your phone. You will see the ‘Display’ section there. This option lets you know about your current font. Information on font size, font family, and everything else can be found here.


Samsung has this advantage in almost all of its Android phone models. Moreover, Samsung has already installed different fonts, ready to be changed by selecting any unit as per the user’s choice. To change the font color, you have to follow this sequence :

Option 1 : Settings > Display > Font size and style.

Or,      Option 2 : Settings > Wallpapers & Themes > Themes

Or,       Option 3 : Accessibility > Visibility Enhancements > High contrast fonts

Or,       Option 4 : Android device > Display > Styles & Wallpapers, make a Choice > Save if prompted.




How to Change Font Color in Android




Following any of these options above, it is possible to change the font, the font color of your text message, and change the font of different apps and browsers – but all of them shall be a bit restrictive when you consider the range of choice.



2.   Using Apps or Android Launcher:

If you can’t change the font from your system settings, different app developers have arranged different apps or launchers for you. Using these, you can change the whole interface system of your phone. Thus the font color gets changed too. It looks more beautiful and signature when you have a unique interface, doesn’t it? They are widely used for changing home screens and various wallpapers. It is very easy to change the font family and font color also.


There are many launchers available in various app stores to enhance the user interface or UI, some of which are paid, but most of them are free. These will also greatly customize your app’s logo, which works a lot like Font Awesome. I will discuss a few such apps.



     I.        GO Launcher:

The phone’s UI can be easily customized with this launcher. Changing the font or changing the color is one of them. Here, necessary changes have to be made in the appearance of the settings.



How to Change Font Color in Android


How to Change Font Color in Android


How to Change Font Color in Android



    II.        Smart Launcher 5:

It is also very popular for customizing the UI of the phone. It is much more interesting to change the font. Go to Global Appearance to select the font, change its color and change the size-shape color of the font.



How to Change Font Color in Android



How to Change Font Color in Android


How to Change Font Color in Android



How to Change Font Color in Android



  III.        Color Launcher:

For those who are very conscious about color, a good relationship can be formed with this app. It is really like a lot of amazing surprises for them. It is a kind of color theme launcher.


How to Change Font Color in Android



Dark Theme and Color Changing:

In addition to the above two methods, it is possible to change the font color in one more way. In this way, we have to move our mobile from a white theme to a dark theme. In this case, the color of the font is usually converted to white. Follow the steps :-


Devices Setting  > Accessibility > Color inversion > Use color inversion.


NOTE: I have discussed many settings above. However, these settings may not be compatible with your mobile settings. So please understand how options work and identify your particular setting accordingly.



Considering the various instructions above, it is natural to have a question that comes to mind that, in fact, the font color can not be changed individually in Android? The answer is “No, in most cases, it is not possible.” But using the above rules and different themes, it is possible to change it at least a little bit.


Last Remarks:

There is no need for a separate launcher on the phones with built-in font and font color changer settings. However, most mobiles do not have such a setting. However, you can use different launchers for additional customization of the phone’s UI. This type of third-party app makes our handful of phones more attractive graphics. These apps help us change the color of the font and the font size, family and icons, and the icon bar. We can use these to express our hobbies, likes, and dislikes.



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1.How can I change my mobile font style?

A:  – Android device > Display > Styles & Wallpapers, make a Choice > Save if prompted.

Or, – Settings > Wallpapers & Themes > Themes.


2.How do I install custom fonts on Android?

A: You need to install the .ttf file of your font on your phone.


3.How do I see all fonts on my Android?

A: Go to The “Appearance” menu and tap font.


4.Is font changer app or Launcher app are free?

A: Yes. Most of them are free but also have their paid professional version.


5.Is there a built-in color change on all Android phones?

A: Yes, now all new Samsung, HTC, LG brands are allowing this facility.


6.Can I install a new font?

A: Of course and for this, you need to install the .ttf file of fonts.


7.Can I install a new font and can change its color without rooting my Phone?

A: Yes, you can install and can change color.

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