How To Change Mic Sensitivity Windows 10 [Easy & Quick]

Background noises, buzzing sound are enough to make a fine audio worse. Buzzing and unwanted background sound makes the audio quality bad as well. If there is any buzzing sound in audio, it makes the whole recording very disturbing to hear.

Due to these sounds, it becomes very tough to record high-quality audio. The unwanted noises that come from a background and any type of buzzing noises hamper the audio quality. These noises can be created due to the setting of sound sensitivity. If the sensitivity setting of the microphone is not done properly then it creates unwanted sounds in the audio.

Today we will learn how to change mic sensitivity windows 10.

Things to ensure for best quality audio output

Before changing the sensitivity of the microphone you need to ensure several things for the best quality audio experience. These are-

1. If you are not in a tight budget then try to purchase a high-quality microphone. The audio that a low budget microphone records are not high in quality and it does not have any noise cancelation. So, buy a mic that is high in quality and also makes sure that it contains active noise cancelation or noise reduction.


2. If you want the best quality audio from a microphone then avoid the USB microphone and go for the 3.5mm ones. The audio that a 3.5mm microphone records that are very high in quality in comparison to the USB mic. Or if you are just searching for a mic that records just decent not extraordinary then USB microphones are ok. For professional-grade, you should buy a mic that connects via 3.5mm jack.


3. There are some types of filters available that enhance audio quality. You should use a pop filter and an air filter for better audio quality. It helps a lot to reduce background noise.


4.For the best quality of audio, you should maintain a favorable distance between the subject and the recording device. We suggest that the subject and the microphone should not be more than one foot away. The closer is the better.


5.There are several types of mic that you can buy from the market. If you use a plugged one, then make sure you establish a secure connection. If the microphone runs on battery, then you need to ensure that the mic is fully charged it is for better performance. If the mic features volume control of its own, then set the volume at least to its half.


Process of fixing mic sensitivity windows 10


Method-1: Fix sensitivity by reducing background and buzzing sound

Step-1: Press on the search bar on the taskbar of the windows. Type control panel there and click on the control panel. By accessing the quick access menu, you can also open the control panel, Press windows +X to access the quick access menu.


Step-2: On control panel you’ll find an option named HARDWARE and SOUND. Click on the option and a new page will open.



How to change mic sensitivity windows 10




Step-3: On this new page you’ll see Sound option click on it.



How to change mic sensitivity windows 10



Step-4: After a click on sound a new dialog box will open. On that dialog box on the above portion, there is a tab named Recording click on it. After clicking on that tab you’ll all of the recording devices that are connected on your computer. From there choose the microphone that is being used to record.




How to change mic sensitivity windows 10




Step-5: Chose on the device and do right-click on it. A new menu will open, select Properties from there.




How to change mic sensitivity windows 10




Step-6: After clicking on that a new dialog box will open for that option. On the top, there is a tab named level click on it. You’ll see all details of your microphone there. Check the sound level. Make it 100. This sound level should be 100 for better performance.




How to change mic sensitivity windows 10




If you want high sound, then increase the Microphone Boost slider by +10db or higher.


Step-7: On the right of the level tab there is a tab name Enhancement click on it and further click on immediate mode. Tick mark on Noise Suppression and Acoustic Echo Cancellation. After doing there click on OK to save the change you make.




How to change mic sensitivity windows 10




This process helps to reduce the background noise and it is related to the sensitivity of the mic.


Method-2: By checking the driver of the mic

If you do not update the driver of the microphone, then it often causes a sensitivity issue. So, you need to make sure that it is up-to-date.

Step-1: Go to the taskbar and do right click on the start menu and select device manager.


Step-2: You’ll see an option named Audio inputs and outputs. Expand that drive and you’ll see your recording device there. Right-click on that device and click on the update drive.




How to change mic sensitivity windows 10




Step-3: The windows will find the update and when it is ready it will install it.


Method-3: Run the Playing Audio Troubleshooter

Step-1: Go to system setting by pressing windows+ I. click on Update & Security.


Step-2: There will you find a window name troubleshoot, click on it, and select playing audio option.


Step-3: Now click on Run the troubleshooter and if there is any problem the windows will detect it. Follow the instruction that is showing on the screen to get rid of the problem.




How to change mic sensitivity windows 10





Question: Which sensitivity level is better lower or higher?

Answer: The higher sensitivity is better. Mic those have sensitivity lower than 81db are considered poor mic. Good microphones have 92dB or sensitivity of high dB


Question: What is the role of the air filter while recording audio?

Answer: The air filter helps to filter the sound and focus on the subject voice. That means it helps to reduce background noise and gives a clean audio experience.


For recording a high-quality audio right, mic sensitivity is very essential. Many of us do not know how to change mic sensitivity windows 10. We tried to cover all the ways of changing mic sensitivity. By flowing the above-mentioned ways, you can easily the mic sensitivity windows 10.

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