How to clear clipboard windows 10?

Copy-paste is a very popular and widely used term in windows. Most of the windows users use copy-paste daily and multiple times a day. This copy-paste thing helps a lot in our daily life. It makes our life easier than before. You can copy something by pressing Ctrl + C and paste it anywhere you want by pressing Ctrl + V., but when copy something it remains on the clipboard until we clear it or copy any other thing. This copied item is very easily accessible by any other user, and that’s sometimes because of a cause of threat to us. So, today we will learn how to clear clipboard windows 10.


The necessity of clearing clipboard


The clipboard is a storage that has a dedicated place on the RAM of the computer. Clipboard uses some bit of storage of the RAM to store some temporary data. Using Ctrl + C command, we can copy almost anything like text, image, and any other sort of information. After copying an item, we can paste it anywhere we want. But the information that we copied remains on the system even after pasting it. You can paste data as much time you want after copying for just one time. As the data remains on the system, so if any other person uses that computer, then the person can easily access your copied data.


Because of this reason, the copied data can become a security threat for you. Imagine that you are using a computer that is available for public use or any other person has access to your computer. And you generally copy-paste your password or any crucial data then it can be a security risk for you. For this reason, you should always clean your clipboard after copying anything important on your computer.


How to clear clipboard


There are so many ways through which you can clear your clipboard. Use the one from below, which seen comfortable and appropriate to you. 

 1.Copy another text


The advantage of the copy feature is it only hold one-time data. That means the clipboard only remembers the last thing that you copied. So, you can copy any meaningless word or anything to your clipboard to avoid any security risk. For example, imagine that you are working on a susceptible word file and you copied something significant data, and there is a change of misuse it. Then you can copy any other word, and the previously copied item will be lost. So, copy anything meaningless or single word or character to avoid such a situation. 


2.Use the print screen button


By using the print screen button, you can also lose the copied item. Press the print screen button on your keyboard and the system will replace your last copied item with a screenshot of your desktop. This process is a straightforward process to clear the clipboard.


3.Restart your computer


As the clipboard data stored on the RAM so restarting the computer will clear the temporary data you copied on the clipboard. So you can quickly clear your clipboard windows 10 by just restarting your computer.


4.Create Shortcut to Clear Clipboard


If you are a person who copied a lot of things and need to clear the clipboard many times in a day, then you can create a dedicated shortcut to clear the clipboard. This will make the task easy and also will save time.


Step-1: Access the Contextual Menu of your computer by right-clicking on the space on your desktop screen.


Step-2: Now place the cursor to New then click on Shortcut.


How to clear clipboard windows 10


Step-3: On the box that appears type cmd /c echo off. | clip on it and click on Next


How to clear clipboard windows 10


Step-4: Now give the shortcut a name and press on the Finish.


How to clear clipboard windows 10


Step-5: On your desktop, there should a new shortcut dedicated to clearing the clipboard.


How to clear clipboard windows 10


Now you can also change the icon image of the shortcut if you want for that-


Step-1: Place your mouse cursor on the shortcut and right-click on it. From the menu select Properties.


How to clear clipboard windows 10


Step-2: From the dialog box, click on shortcut then click Change Icon. Now select an icon that seems appropriate to you and press Ok


How to clear clipboard windows 10


Process of using clear clipboard shortcut


Step-1: First, you need to copy some text or information and then past it to note pad. Now the text you copied is still in the clipboard and it is useable by anyone who has access to your computer.


Step-2: Now double click on the shortcut which in on our desktop. You’ll see a black screen for a few moments and then it will be gone.


Step-3: Now try pasting by pressing Ctrl + V, and you’ll see that nothing is paste. That means you have cleared your clipboard and there is no data. 


How to clear clipboard windows 10


If the history saving option on the clipboard is on, then there will be a history of every data that you have copied since last time you turn on your computer. In that case, you need to turn off that setting and clear the history to make the clipboard.


How to clear clipboard history on Windows 10


Step-1: Open your system settings by press WIN + I hotkey.


Step-2: Select the System.


Step-3: On the left side, click on the Clipboard and the right side you’ll see Clear clipboard data then click on Clear and the clipboard history will be cleaned.


How to clear clipboard windows 10


After doing that everything you copied on the clipboard will be deleted and there will be nothing on it. 


Delete the complete history of the clipboard


Step-1: Open your system settings by press WIN + I hotkey.


Step-2: Select the System.


Step-3: On the left side, click on the clipboard and then Turn Off Save multiple items.


How to clear clipboard windows 10


It will completely delete all the copied history it has, and you’ll have a clean clipboard.


Delete the individual history of the clipboard


There is another option on windows 10 for clearing individual copied data as well.


Step-1: Press WIN+ V to access the clipboard.


Step-2: Select the data you want to delete.


Step-3: Now click on Delete to delete the data.


How to clear clipboard windows 10


The purpose of clearing the clipboard is to stop the misuse of any sensitive data. Hopefully, the article on how to clear clipboard windows 10 will help you to clear the clipboard. The method we have described all are tested and secure, so use any one these to clear your clipboard.

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