How To Clear History On My Android Phone?

Imagine you buy a new phone and you want to give the old one to someone. So it is obvious, you will clear up all the data of an app and the browsing history of your android phone, right? But it would be tricky to know about how to clear history on my android phone as there are a few ways to do it. 

Here in this article, we will tell you a number of ways, so you can hide all the history from your Android phone. 


How to clear browsing history from chrome browser

When it comes to deleting the history the first thing that comes up is your browsing story, right? If you want to go with a fresh start then you should follow these steps: 


Step 1: 

Oftentimes we use Google Chrome browser, let’s show you the heck with browsing stories with it. Go to the Chrome browser, which you may find from your home screen or app screen. 


how to clear history on my android phone


Step 2: 

Press and hold after tapping the icon and then you can see three separate icons pop up there. Among them select the middle one.


how to clear history on my android phone


Step 3: 

Once you select this icon, this will take you to the browsing settings. Here you will come to know how much storage has your chrome browser prevailed recently. 


how to clear history on my android phone


Step 4: 

Now you will dig deep inside the settings of  your chrome browser and there you will get to see the deleting storage key “All Clear Data” 


how to clear history on my android phone


How to clear Google Map location history on your Android phone? 

We know Google tracks a lot of information while you are travelling, however there is a way you can delete them. Thankfully, it is fairly easy to remove all searching data. 

Follow the instructions from below so you can easily clear Google Map Location history


Step 1: 

The first step is pretty easy, just you need to open the Google maps then swipe it a bit to the left edge then tap on the settings bar. 


Step 2: 

Now hover your finger tip around the Maps history so you may see a scrolling list. The list refers to you with all the data where you were hanging around. 


Step 3: 

Now, the time comes up to remove an item from it, to do so simply tap on the menu button. 


Step 4: 

Since then, a pop-up box will appear on the screen which means the item you want to delete, you need to confirm. By the way, you can opt for seeing the details in it. 


Step 5:

This is the last heck- if you want to go one step ahead out of the common tips shown above, you can delete history from the date range set up. In order to delete the data from dates, then simply go to the “Delete activity by date”


How do you delete text history on Android?

Deleting text history is the easiest way out of all deleting stuff, all you need to do is to go to the sms app of your Android phone and delete your texts. By the way, you can delete many text sms by marking on them and swapping the delete button. 


We already gave you an idea of how you should approach it. Still, for your convenience, let’s break down the process below.


how to clear history on my android phone


 Step 1: Firstly, open the Messaging app that you are using on your device.

Step 2: Now tap and hold on to the message you wish to delete. You can select multiple messages by checking the box next to each one. 

Step 3: Next, press the trash icon placed at the top to delete.

Step 4: Eventually, you can select one and tap “Delete” and follow on ‘Yes’ to completely remove the text message. 


That’s it. But there are some Notes you need to remember: 

  1. You can recover these deleting text messages with the help of data recovery tools.
  2. It works for you doesn’t mean it’s the safest way.


How do you clear your Google search history?


If you want to delete all your activity on Google search, you can do it easily. Follow the steps below:


  • In the beginning, you have to browse a link using your Android phone or tablet you have.
  • Then at the top left corner select Menu. 
  • From the drop-down menu, you’ll get the option called ‘Delete activity by’ simply press that one.
  • You can delete by last hour, last day, Always, and Custom range under the option Delete Activity. 
  • Now select always or use the custom option carefully and tap Delete.  


How To Delete Call Logs On Android?


Deleting call logs on Android is so easy that you’ll wonder. We are going to opt for the manual method first. Follow the required steps down below.


  1. The very first thing you need to do is open the Phone app from the Home screen on your device.
  2. Then select the Recent option and navigate to the Call history tab.
  3. As you want to delete the call logs permanently, select the clear call history menu. 
  4. Promptly a dialogue box will pop up to reassure your decision.
  5. Finally, tap on OK to delete all the call logs from your device.




Does clearing history delete everything?

Frankly speaking No. Deleting your internet browsing history does not assure that all evidence of your online activities is erased. If your google account is sync with your device it’ll collect all the data from your search and website you visit, even the places you go. SO be careful.


How do I find the history on my Android phone?

Android phones come with a history bar located in the settings, where you can find search and location history. Aside from that, different apps have their own built-in settings to find out the particular history as well. 


How do I clear my entire browser history?

You can easily delete the entire browsing history of your Android phone just by going to the history settings. 


How long does Google keep your history?

It depends on the settings you have chosen. Normally, according to 2019 google changed their policy and they delete data permanently after 3 or 18 months. 


Final Verdict

Deleting stories is easy-going stuff, all you need to know is where you will tap on the button. We’ve shown you every possible direction where you can go and delete your browsing and other histories from your Android phone. However, if you think you need to know more about this, then feel free to comment below, we will reach out to you soon.

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