How to Connect to 5ghzWi-Fi Windows 10?(sexy solution)

Do You Want To Know How to Connect to 5ghzWi-Fi Windows 10? But  getting confused about the sheer number of available possibilities for wireless connectivity? Yes, it is not only your confusion, but every Windows 10 user faces the prom not showing up of 5GHz Wi-Fi. How to connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi Windows 10 is a collective inquiry for thousands of users.

The issue comes when a user changes his/her Wi-Fi router or update OS or change their hardware components associated with Wi-Fi or update device driver, etc. it happens mostly when a user buys a brand new Wi-Fi router. Your PC is also detecting both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bandwidth signals. Still, unfortunately it only connects with 2.4GHz bandwidth signal.

Here, I’ll let you know about how to check if Wi-Fi is 2.4 or 5 windows and connect with 5GHz bandwidth. Besides, you’ll get the answer to several common questions and suggestions about the problem. So, tuned with me.


What is 5ghzWi-Fi?

Simply 5GHz refers to the “band” that your Wi-Fi may use it for its signal like 2GHz. Now the question can come, what are the differences between these two. Firstly, you have to know that 2.4 GHz supports up to 450 Mbps or 600 Mbps, and the other hand, 5GHz supports up to 1300 Mbps depending on the class of route.

2.4 GHz provides a broad range of coverage, but data transmits slower, whereas 5GHz offers less coverage but faster speeds. The range of 5GHz is shorter because its frequencies have to ability to penetrate solid objects like walls. But higher rates can provide faster data transmission.


Solved: Connect to 5ghzWi-Fi

So, your pc is not connecting with the 5 GHz Wi-Fi. Don’t worry, and I have the solution to follow. By following the steps, you can connect your computer with a 5 GHz Wi-Fi connection. Before starting, you should know about the reasons why your pc is not linking to that required Wi-Fi. So, let’s know about them-

  • Computer hardware may restrict the bandwidth.
  • Router problem: It doesn’t support 5 GHz bandwidth.
  • Not set up correctly with the perfect guideline.
  • Drivers are not installed yet.

If you have none of these problems, then you are ready to connect the 5 GHz bandwidth with your computer. To do so, you need to follow the steps-


Checking the Computer Availability

Step 1

In the first step, you need to check the availability of your computer to support the 5 GHzWi-Fi connection. Press Windows key + R for bringing the run box.


How to connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi Windows 10

How to connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi Windows 10

Step 2

In the run box type cmd and click OK. Command Prompt window will appear, and you need to type there the following line and then press enter.

netshwlan show drivers


How to connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi Windows 10


Step 3

From the new appeared to result in the command prompt box, check the Radio Types Supported portion. If you find 802.11a 802.11g 802.11n in that section, then your computer supports 5 GHz bandwidth.



How to connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi Windows 10

Turn on the 802.11n from Wi-Fi adapter


Step 1

Go to the search option by clicking the Windows key. Search there Device Managerand click on the Device Manager.


How to Connect to 5ghzWi-Fi Windows 10


Step 2

Go to Network Adaptersand click on the arrows. A down arrow menu will show up, and from there, you need to right-click on the Wireless Adapter/Advanced – N 6205.


How to Connect to 5ghzWi-Fi Windows 10


Step 3

Click on the property option, and a new window will appear and click on the Advancedmenu. From there, look for the 802.11n option and click on it and set the Value for Enable and click OK.


How to Connect to 5ghzWi-Fi Windows 10


Step 4

Restart your computer to get the result.



Update the Driver

You can update the driver of the network to get the 5 GHz bandwidth connection on your computer. To do so, you need to follow the previous method and steps and go to the Wireless Adapter option. Right-click on that option for a pop-up menu and click on the Update Driver Software.

From here, you can search for an automatic driver from the dialog box, or you can manually update your wireless network adopter.After updating, you need to restart your computer to get the result.


These are the popular solution that can’t connect to the 5ghzWi-Fi windows 10 problem. There are more other solutions available like you can check your router for its 5 GHz availability, roll back your driver if the latest one makes a problem and the manual updating of the network driver.



  1. Is 5GHz Wi-Fi threatening?

    – Any band of Wi-Fi either 2.4GHz or 5GHz both emit RF, EMF, and radiation. This radiation can cause detriment to the body over long periods in large quantities. However, 5GHz is not more threatening than 2GHz Wi-Fi; it depends on how close you are when router emitting and the device you are using.

2.Does 5Ghz work great for gaming? 

-5GHz is suitable for both downloading and gaming. For online gaming, 2GHz is not good enough. It is only suitable for streaming videos.

3.Why 2.4GHz offer slow speed?

– By using 2.4GHz bandwidth, you’ll get slower speeds but a better range. Higher frequencies are always offering better rates. That’s why 5GHz provides more rates than 2.4 GHz.



Additional Tips

To maintain the connection, you should follow some other tips. By following these tips, you can have a better internet experience. So, have a look.

  • If you want seed, you should select the router, which supports 5 GHz.
  • Optimize your router setting regular basis.
  • You should select channels both for 5 and 2.4 GHz. Choosing a channel, you’ll be able to minimize another user on your frequency in 5GHz.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you’ve understood the process of connecting the 5GHz Wi-Fi in windows 10. Also, I’ve told you about the benefits of using 5GHz bandwidth. You should keep in mind that by resetting your router, you can speed up your internet. Do not forget to angle one antenna of the router. These are common before setting up a router. These combinations of little things can effortlessly slow down your internet speed.

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