How to Format SD card windows 10?

Are you searching for results on how to format SD card windows 10? Well, an SD card is a mass storage card where you can store information. But, sometimes, you will feel the importance of formatting it. So how to format?


If you are using a windows 10 pc, then the procedure of formatting an SD card will be very easy. Again, if you have a corrupted SD card, then you will able to fix it by formatting. This solution works for the SD cards.


In this content, you are going to know the procedure step by step. Again, you will know how to format the corrupted SD card with details. Some FAQs will also help you lot in formatting SD cards. So, let’s start.


How an SD Card Stores Data?


Before formatting your SD card, you should know how your SD card stores data. All the electronics device stores data in binary format. Do you know what the binary format is? Well, 0 and 1 are combined, known as binary code. When we are going to store a photo in the SD card, then the photo will save in binary format.

So, what can you store in an SD card? You can store photos, videos, files, software, audio, etc. This information is also transferable, and you can transfer them to your pc and any mass storage device you want.


Once you see that the data inside the SD card is not important, then you need to delete that data for doing that; you can choose the format option also. Sometimes, no other option will be available to delete malicious files other than formatting the SD card.

Everyone should know how to format an SD card and if you are to format the SD card, and if you are unable to format the SD card, follow me.


How to Format: Step by Step

If your SD card is 32 GB, you should know how to format the SD card to fat32. Again, you should also know how to format the SD card write-protected. So, I am here to let you know these two methods step by step. Let’s see-


Method 1: Formatting a General SD card


Step 1: Insert the SD card

First of all, you will need a card reader if your pc doesn’t have any card reading slot. But the latest laptops come with the micro SD card reading slot. So, insert your card on the slot or card reader. Now, you will see the


Step 2: Right Click on the SD card

Now, you need to right-click on the SD card folder so that you get the options. Here, you will find the option to format the SD card.


How to Format SD card windows 10


Step 3: Select Format

Click on the Format option to go to a new menu. Make sure that this SD card you are inserting doesn’t have a malicious file. Now a new menu has appeared in your window.


Step 4: FAT32 or exFAT

From this new menu, you need to select the FAT32 or exFAT. So, when you select them? Ok, if you have a 32 GB or less SD card, you need to select the FAT32 and hit START. For the 32 GB plus SD card, you need to select the exFAT option and click on the Start.

The formatting process will take time according to the size of the SD card.

stored data on your SD card. After some time, the full SD card will be deleted, and you won’t find any data there.

You may note that the formatted data can be recovered until you fill the SD card with another information.


How to Format SD card windows 10


Method 2: Formatting a Write Protected SD card


Before formatting, you should know what a write-protected SD card is? Sometimes, you will notice that you can’t access the SD card while showing it on your pc. You may think that there is a problem, and your SD card is not formatting or has any other issue.

But, in reality, there may be written protection to the SD card, and as a result, you can’t edit (write) the file. So, how to format this kind of protected SD card? Follow the steps-


Step 1: Open Command Prompt

Format SD card windows 10 command prompt is one of the best ways to format a write-protected SD card. To do so, you need to open your command prompt by typing CMD in the search box. And click on the result.


How to Format SD card windows 10


Step 2: Diskpart

Now you need to type disk part and hit enter so that you can see the disk partitions. Here you will find your external partition od SD card.

How to Format SD card windows 10


Step 3: List Disk and Select

In this step, you need to type list disk to see the list of the disk and select the disk you need to clean. To select disk type- select disk then the disk number. In this way, anyone can enter your desired disk.


How to Format SD card windows 10


Step 4: Write Commands

In this last step, after selecting your disk, you need to type attributes disk clear read-only and hit enter. Some lines will appear, and you will type clean and hit enter. A process will start. After finishing the process, type exit to exit from the terminal.

Congratulation! You are done with your formatting. This is the way to force format sd card.


How to Format SD card windows 10




1.How do I format an SD card on my computer?

– If you don’t know about sd card formatting on laptop, then SD card on the laptop, then you need to follow the steps. Insert your SD card, right-click on it, and click on the format. You are done.


2.Do you need to format a new SD card?

– As you know, a new SD card comes with no data inside, and that’s why you don’t need to format a brand new SD card. But if you are using an SD card from your friend, then you need to use it after formatting.


3.Why can’t I format my SD card?

– If the SD card is not showing on your computer, then you can’t format that SD card. Again, some card is corrupted in such a way that you can’t format it in a general way.


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Final Notes

I hope that you have understood the procedure on how to Format SD card windows 10  and that you won’t face any issue while formatting the SD card.

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