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Hello, my name is Biajid and I am a tech enthusiast. I have a passion for solving technical problems...

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Hello, my name is Biajid and I am a tech enthusiast. I have a passion for solving technical problems...


Last Updated: January 6, 2024

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2024)

When you are using a computer, you often need to make the screen full. By making full screen on windows 10, you can concentrate on your work. Other sites and task bars may disturb your concentration on the screen. Windows full screen can help you concentrate on the main screen of your computer. How to full screen windows 10 is the topic I am going to discuss now.


Turning Full Screen On

Windows 10 full-screen problem is not new. Gaming, writing, reading on your computer is normal. While you are doing these, you may need to full screen your computer. There is a full-screen windows 10 shortcut on how you can easily turn the full screen on, no matter what you are doing.

Pressing F11 in your keyboard can turn on the full screen on windows 10. This is the shortcut way to turn your screen into full. You can exit from the full screen by pressing on F11 again. If you have to know how to exit the full screen without f11, then you should take your mouse arrow to the top limit of your screen. An exit sign will show off then click on that sign. That’s how you can turn on the full screen using the F11 key.

While gaming in Windows 10, you may need to know how to make a full game screen on windows 10. You may not have this problem in every game, but this problem needs to solve when you face it. Issues with playing games on the full screen are normal in Windows 10. To solve this, you just follow the following steps.


 Click on the right button of your mouse on a vacant place of your screen. Click on display setting.

How to Full Screen Windows 10


A tab will open with various settings of display.

How to Full Screen Windows 10


Then you need to divert the text, apps, and other sizes to 100% that is recommended. After that, you need to change the display resolution to the recommended one, as your computer recommends. Select Apply and restart your computer.

How to Full Screen Windows 10

Now you can enjoy windows 10 full-screen games.

There is another way to fix your full screen not turning on. When you upgrade your windows 10, your display adapter driver may not be properly suited to your new operating system. At that time, you have to update or install the display adapter driver again. To do this, you can follow these instructions,

Step: 4

Click right on the Windows sign on the left corner of your screen. Then click on

Device Manager.

How to Full Screen Windows 10

Step: 5

 A new tab will open. In that tab, you will see the display adapter option. Do right-click on the option below the display adapter. Update drivers will update your existing driver by searching on the internet. If you want to uninstall it then you need to click uninstall the driver. Then your driver will be uninstalled. Restart the system, and the display driver will be installed again.

How to Full Screen Windows 10


Full-Screen Turning Problems

Windows 10 full-screen has some limitations and problems also. Anyways these problems can be solvable using simple shortcuts and instructions. In Microsoft Edge, some games and some apps full-screen turning does not work properly. For this, there is instruction also.


Computers with advanced graphics card drivers like NVIDIA sometimes cause problems with full screen. At that position, you need to re-download or update the graphics driver you are using. There are instructions in other content about re-downloading the NVIDIA graphics driver in Windows 10.


If you face full-screen turning problems in games, then you should first check the internal game settings for the display setting option. Every individual game has a display set up options. If there full-screen option is off, turn on the full-screen option.


When you run Microsoft edge or other apps, they may not turn full screen with these shortcuts. In most windows 10, this shortcut can be used. To run this shortcut full-screen process, you need to press: Windows + Shift + Enter together. You can use this shortcut while playing games also. You can use this option when your F11 option is not working. Pressing one button is better. In this way, your Microsoft edge can be full-screened. Microsoft Edge is now shifting to the Chromium platform, so now we can experience better by this Windows 10 default browser.


If you can’t turn off your full screen by using the Esc button or nothing shows on the screen, also for turning off the Windows 10 full-screen. Then you can use Alt + Tab together to leave the full-screen.



1.How do I get a full screen on Windows 10?

– You can easily select the recommended set up options in display settings of your windows. Or you can press on F11, and your windows full screen will turn on very easily.

2.How do I get out of full-screen Windows 10?

– To get out of the full screen as easy as getting in. You just have to press F11 again, or you can press on the Esc button, or you can take your mouse cursor to the top of the screen, and a close sign will come then select it.

3.How do I make my apps full screen on Windows 10?

– To make apps full screen, you can follow the instructions of full-screen Windows 10. Press F11, and your app will show up in full screen immediately. Otherwise, you can press Windows, shift and enter, press these three buttons together to get your full screen.

4.How do I resize my screen to fit my monitor?

– To fit the screen of your Windows, you need to set up some settings in the display option of Windows 10. Go to the left corner, Windows sign then go to settings.

After that, you can see the system option. Click on it then go to display. There you will see options of resolution and size for apps, fonts, select on the recommended. Then click on apply. Then you need to restart your computer to continue with the applied form of your screen. In this way, you can resize the screen fit for your monitor.


Additional Tips

  1. In the previous versions of Windows like Windows 8 full screen couldn’t be done easily. But now in Windows 10 updated versions, full-screen is an easy task. If not working, then there are so many solutions for this.
  1. To repair the problem issues of PC, you can download the Restore PC Repair Tool. By scanning with this tool, you can fix the PC problems.


Final Note

Windows 10 full screen helps you in your work or play games while you need more focus on that. Follow these instructions and information, and your full-screen problems in Windows 10 will be fixed. I hope you will never have these full-screen problems after fixing it. And these ways will solve your PC problems.

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Last Updated: January 6, 2024

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