How To Get Free 4G Data On Android [5 Effective Method]

We all know that using data becomes so much costly, nowadays. But, we need to use data for so many reasons like social networking, YouTubing, watching Netflix, online gaming and so on.


However, if I told you The secret about “How To Get Free 4G Data On Android”. Undoubtedly, it sounds awesome.

Don’t worry, I am not showing you daydream.


You might hear by using a VPN, the Internet becomes free on your phone, but this is a scam.


But, you could really get free data when you follow our given tips and you will be able to save your internet bill also. So, let’s proceed further.


Using FreedomPop


FreedomPop, a mobile virtual network operator, comes up with providing free mobile internet on your android device. Besides, FreedomPop uses VoIP (voice over internet protocol), which means you are using internet data instead of cell data like skype.


how to get free 4g data on android


Through the FreedomPop app, you will get 100% free mobile phone data and also high-speed internet services.


First of all, to get free mobile data, you have to provides your zip code along with the street address to qualify your location from the FreedomPop server.


Once you qualified, you could choose your desire plan from a variety of free service options like free mobile data, internet or 4G data. You don’t need to give any commitment, no contracts and even you can use it for a month just for test purposes.


FreedomPop will give you 500MB of data, 500 texts and also 200 minutes on a monthly basis.



When you have Gigato, you don’t need to wait for the wifi network, Gigato provides you free unrestricted data on your android device. So, you have to download and install Gigato and go through “how it works”.


how to get free 4g data on android


  • After installing and open Gigato, you will see a list of Gigato partner apps that you can use to earn data.
  • When you use one of the apps and spend data, don’t need to worry, your consuming data will not exceed your earn data. Suppose, you spend 20MB mobile data on Facebook or Twitter and earn 25MB that you can store on your data wallet.
  • By sharing Gigato with your friends, you will get bonus data.

Databack App

When you wish to use free 4G internet on your android device, Databack could be a good choice for you.


how to get free 4g data on android


Databack helps you to save your data when you use apps and it can save up to 300 MB per month. Moreover, you can recharge Databack’s saved data on your phone for free. You can check out your spending data and Databack converts this spending data into free data.


Most interestingly, you will get free 50MB mobile data if you refer to your friend.

So, download and install Gigato on your mobile to get free data.




Swagbucks is an amazing platform that allows you to earn points by doing some amazing jobs like shopping(Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Starbucks), watching videos and answering surveys.


how to get free 4g data on android


Moreover, you can earn SB point using Swagbucks(Yahoo-powered )search engine and playing games.

So, if you are a student, Swagbucks will be a great platform to pass leisure time along with earning facilities.


Swagbucks points could be cash out by gift card (use in Amazon, Walmart) or money (via PayPal).  You could find Swagbucks offer under their four sections like

  •  featured offers
  • offers from our trusted Partners
  • Popular Offers
  • Most Recent Offers.

However, Swagbucks allows you to donate to the charity.


So, to operate the Swagbucks android app you have to download from the play store for free and sign up on their server.



Kickbit is another awesome platform to earn mobile data, texting and many for your smartphone.


how to get free 4g data on android


When you registered on Kickbit, you will see free apps as well as games and you can earn airtime/data by operating those. Moreover, you can also earn free airtime and data by sharing Kickbit with your friends.


So, don’t make late, download the Kickbit app on your mobile and enjoy earning.





How can I get free data on my Android phone?

By doing some interesting tasks in Swagbucks like watching videos, playing games, doing surveys, etc will give you free data on your android phone.


How can I get free data on my phone?

Gigato, KickBit, Swagbucks are some awesome app that gives you some interesting task to earn free data our phone.


Is there an app that gives you free internet?

Yes, there are some amazing apps like Gigato, KickBit, Swagbucks, etc. By doing some interesting tasks like watching videos, playing games, operating apps and doing surveys, you could earn data.


Can I store mobile data?

Yes, you can save mobile data on an android device so that you have to use Chrome’s Data server option.


Does watching YouTube use a lot of data?

Basically, it depends on the pixels like 360p for one hour to consume 60MB data. If you watch 4k video for one hour, it will consume 2.7 GB data.

Final Thought

Hopefully, you have been wondering when you come to know about how to get free 4g data on android by doing some interesting tasks. If you are a student, definitely it will be a great chance for you. So, why you are waiting for, just take your android device, apply any of those methods and start earning. Most importantly, it is possible to earn 100 to 200 MB for free, but anything fraud might be harmful to you.

Last but not least, if you have any known authentic method, please share it with us and let us know your unclear points.

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