How To Increase Ram On Android Without Rooting

When you are running out of Ram storage it means a lot to you. Your performance comes to decrease and you won’t get your phone efficient at all. On the other hand, you are not planning to buy another one. In that case, if you come to learn a way on how to increase Ram on Android without rooting this will be a blessing for you.


The rooting issue of a phone consequences many damages and it never gets back to the previous point. Hence, forget about the rooting stuff and increase your Ram without it. To learn the way all you need to do is to stay with the article today.

What is RAM On Android


RAM (Random Access Memory)is a storage device used to hold temporary data. RAM assists an android device to operate multiple applications at the same time. So, a device’s speed mostly depends on the RAM space.


Why people need more RAM space

When you buy a smartphone, you might face the question about your device’s RAM space.


If you look at people’s priority list while buying a smartphone, you will find RAM space place on the 2nd or 3rd position. This is happening because slow devices (RAM boost your speed) make people irritate and nobody wants to see their device slow. Another influential reason is, more RAM space allows you to operate high-performance apps smoothly like PUBG, so everybody required more RAM space.


One of the most popular methods to increase RAM space is rooting your device, but it will goodbye your warranty or fall you in security risk.


So, what you do when you have a budget smartphone or have little budget to buy a phone?

I also face the same problem, but when I research online I find out some easy hacks and now, I will show you how to increase your RAM on android without rooting.

The Method Behind How you could increase RAM space on android


In this article, we will discuss 3 effective methods and you can choose any of them according to your device. So, let’s move ahead on the journey of increasing RAM on android.


Method 1: Using Smart Booster Pro

This is one of the easiest and popular methods to accelerate your RAM by using the Smart Booster Pro app. Smart Booster is a light app that you could easily find in the google play store and follow the process.


  • First of all, you have to download and install the Smart Booster Pro app which is available in the play store.


  • When your installation finished, launch your Smart Booster app from the device’s home page.


  • After open the app, you will see a circle is load and show you how much RAM is used on your device.



  • Now, touch on the circle and you see it turn into a blue color with show you the released amount. 



  • Then, tap on the top corner then you will see a window and you will see your current used storage news. From here,


How to increase ram on android without rootingHow to increase ram on android without rooting


you can clean the cache, uninstall your unused app, remove the backup files and so on. You can also change the settings like boost level (Aggressive, Strong, Medium, Gentle) automatic or manual boosting option and customized theme according to your preference.

Method 2: Limit Widget amount

Through the Widget, your phone displays a program or a piece of a program like a shortcut to a larger application, so you could easily access to the program. There are many types of widget built-in on your devices like weather, clock, google play newsfeed, Gmail, maps, etc. These widgets help you to customize your device’s home screen.


How to increase ram on android without rooting


Widget definitely a nice thing, but some of us don’t know widget occupy device’s RAM space. Some widgets need your bandwidth also to update data like the weather forecast, email notification, google+, etc. Another interesting news is your loving live wallpaper also occupy your device RAM space as well as increase battery consumption.


So, now, you have to make sure that only keep the most important widgets and delete others. It will be best if you use black wallpaper instead of live wallpaper. Although it sounds strange, it will not only increase ram but also save your device battery.



Method 3: Force stop App

Sometimes, some apps unnecessarily run and occupy RAM space. So, you have to manually force stop those apps activities.


In order to force stop unwanted apps, you need to open the settings, then choose Apps and tap it and you will see the Force Stop button. Now, you have to touch the Force Stop button to confirm your unwanted app’s force stop.





How can I increase RAM of my Android phone without root?

In order to increase your RAM on android, you may use Smart Booster Pro apps from the play store. This app shows you the RAM storage and allows you to boost them to free space.


Can we increase the RAM of Android mobile?

Yes, you can use Smart Booster Pro apps to clean up cache data, stop unnecessary apps and so on. This will help you to increase your android device’s RAM


Can RAM be increased?

Yes, it can be easily done by either using Smart Booster Pro apps or manually force stop unwanted apps.


Final words:

Hopefully, this article has already benefitted you on how to increase Ram on Android without rooting. We have shared the most specific data with you so you won’t find trouble to perform so. Now on, enjoy the increased size of RAM and the performance. If you think there is something you still need to know then we are all ears to you.

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