How to Install Windows 10 in hp Laptop from USB

Installing Windows 10 operating system from a USB is the most asking process. If you are a hp laptop user, then you may want to know how to install windows 10 in hp laptop from USB? This windows 10 operating system is the latest operating system from windows with lots of features and options.

You can use this OS in your hp laptop without any failure issue. But before you use windows 10, you need to install it on your laptop. The installation won’t take so much time.

In this content, you will get a hp laptop not booting from the USB method and some vital information about booting USB. So, let’s start.


Why do You Need to Use Windows 10?

Here you will find a short list about why you need to use windows 10 operating system. Let’s check them out.

  • It’s straightforward to operate windows 10.
  • There are many security upgraded issues in this operating system.
  • The running speed is very satisfying.
  • The start menu of Windows 10 is very fantastic to see.
  • The Cortana works like your assistance.
  • A better browsing environment is developed in this OS.
  • Virtual desktop and Timeline are available now.
  • The Xbox connection is built in this operating system.
  • Dark mode can be turned on in Windows 10 now.
  • Voice Typing is available.

There are many other cool features for which you should go for the windows 10 operating system. Now, you need to know how to boot hp laptop from USB, and you may also want to know how do I reinstall windows 10 on my hp laptop. Sometimes, your pc may be slow for installing too many software and other reasons, and you want to boot windows 10 again even if your laptop is in windows 10.


Various Edition of Windows 10

Before booting your USB drive, you need to download the windows 10 edition .ISOfile. You also need to make sure that the USB drive is bootable. OK, let’s have a quick stare at the windows edition. Remember- All the edition comes with 32 bit or 64 bit.

  1. Windows 10 Home
  2. Windows 10 Enterprise
  3. Windows 10 Pro
  4. Windows 10 Education

Once you have got the iso file, then you are ready to boot your USB drive.


How to Boot USB drive?

Before starting, you need to know that you have 8 GB or USB drive. The USB drive should be bootable, and you can use the USB again after formatting. Make sure that you have inserted the UDB drive in 3.0 port so that you can get maximum speed. So let’s start.

Step 1: Rufus Download

Rufus is a software that allows you to boot your USB drive. So, to download this software, you need to go here and click on the download option. You will find the newest version of the download file here. After downloading, you need to install the software.


How to Install Windows 10 in Hp Laptop From USB


Step 2: Insert the USB Drive

Start the RUFUS software. Now you need to insert your USB drive in the USB port. And you will find the USB drive in the software.


How to Install Windows 10 in Hp Laptop From USB


Step 3: GPT or MBR

Most of the hplaptops are in the GPT partition format. So, you can select the GPT option, which is an updated version of the partition style.


How to Install Windows 10 in Hp Laptop From USB


Step 4: Start

Now click on the Start option, and you will see the booting process is going on. Once the booting is done, then you are ready to install windows 10 on your hp laptop.


Installation Process of Windows 10 in hp laptop

Now it’s time to install the windows 10 from the booted USB drive. It won’t take much time to install the operating system. To get the boot menu, you need to restart or shut down and open your hp laptop.

Step 1: Boot Menu

In the time of starting your laptop, press the f9button to bring the boot menu. Don’t be late. Then the boot menu will appear.

Step 2: Insert USB drive

Now you need to insert the USB drive to your laptop, and you will find that an option is available in your Laptop that Boot From USB. If you don’t see the option, then you need to ENABLE the option from the boot option.


How to Install Windows 10 in Hp Laptop From USB

Step 3: Install

Now you need to click on the install option, and the process of installation will start. It will take some moment to finish the installation process.


How to Install Windows 10 in Hp Laptop From USB




How to install windows 7 in hp laptop from USB?

– This is the same process required to do. But, you need to download the windows 7 iso file from the website and boot it into your UBD drive by following the same process and install the operating system.

How to install windows 10 in hp laptop from cd?

– After inserting the CD into the cd drive, restart the computer, and when it starts to open, then you need to press the f9 button to bring the boot menu. Then you will find the option for install from cd. Click the option, and you are done.


Additional Tips

Before installing, you need to know some additional tips which will help you to install the operating system correctly. They are-

  • Check your battery condition and, if necessary, connect your laptop with a power connection continuously.
  • You need to make it sure that the disk partition you chosen for installing windows 10 is correct.
  • Once you give them access permission to the bootable USB drive, the entire data will be lost from the particular drive.
  • Double-check the bootable file and start.

Final Note

I hope that you have found the process of hp boot from USB windows 10. It’s an easy process to execute. However, if you don’t see the boot menu, then search your laptop model number and ask GOOGLE to bring the process of the boot menu.

You may also find that you are not getting the booting from the USB drive option. If it’s not on the default menu, then you can GOOGLE it too, and you will find the option. So, install the new windows 10 and enjoy it.



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