Learn The Easiest guideline About How to Lock Computer Windows 10?

While working on a computer, you may need to shift yourself to other important works. At that time, the computer’s work needs to be stored, if you turn off your computer, then the work you have done won’t stay in that position you left it. If you left your computer open, children or other people could spoil your work. Or worse, they can check your files and information.

To prevent this, you can lock the windows of your computer. That will secure your computer when you want to turn on your computer while you are not around it.

Now, if you are wondering how to lock computer windows 10, then the following will guide you in your window lock process.

Computer Lock Methods

There are some ways in Windows 10 how you can lock your computer. You can enable lock screen windows 10 in your computer by keyboard keys, settings, and other shortcut options.

Using Keyboard Keys

There are two types of ways how you can lock up your computer using a keyboard. Two methods are given below,

  • Keep your keyboard and mouse steady for a moment. Then press the Windows and L button together on the keyboard lock using windows 10 in your computer is done.
  • You have to press Ctrl, Alt, and Delete buttons together. Then click on lock and your computer will be locked.

Using Settings

  1. Click in the windows logo at the corner of the screen of your computer.


                                           How to Lock Computer Windows 10


  1. Now click on the profile, a tab will open, then click on Lock option. Your computer will be locked immediately.


How to Lock Computer Windows 10


Using Shortcut Option

  1. Click on the right mouse button on the desktop screen of your. A tab will open then click on a new option.


         How to Lock Computer Windows 10


  1. An extra tab will open with some options. Click on the shortcut option.


           How to Lock Computer Windows 10


  1. A new window will come up named ‘Create Shortcut.’ Then type C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation on the box. Then click on next.


How to Lock Computer Windows 10


  1. After that, you need to give a name to this shortcut in the box. Type LOCK PC or anything you want. Then click on the finish.


                How to Lock Computer Windows 10


  1. Now close the shortcut window. Then you will see an icon on the desktop with a shortcut tag. Double click on the icon, and your computer will be locked. Drag the icon to the taskbar to do the job in one click.


How to Lock Computer Windows 10



1.How do I lock my computer screen?

– To lock your computer screen, you need to press the Windows logo button and L button on your keyboard together, click on the windows logo on your computer screen, and select profile then click on the lock. You can lock your computer screen through these procedures.

2.How do I lock my screen after 5 minutes of Windows 10?

– For this, you have to reach ‘Appearance and Personalization’ first then click on Change screen saver under the personalization on the right. Below the screen saver, you will see an option of a set timer to lock your screen. Make the timer for 5 minutes. And your computer screen will turn off after 5 minutes.


3.How do I password protect my screen on Windows 10?

– To give your computer password protection, you need to go to the settings then account then sign-in options. After that, you will find the password protection option of your computer. That’s how to lock windows 10 with a password.


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Additional Tips

To lock your windows screen with a password, you need to set a password for logging in your computer first. But be careful about giving a password, if you forget the password, then there is no way to log in again.

Final Note

Windows screen lock will assure you the safety of your information on the computer, and it also ensures that no children or anyone are spoiling your work. Screen lock is one of the simplest jobs you can do with your computer. So, next time you go to work, turn your computer on to make sure you lock your computer in that position. This will protect your work and information from things you don’t want.

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