How to make caller picture full screen on android

Your Android phone comes with a huge screen and you love to see people when they call you. Hence, you must come to know How to make caller picture full screen on android, and we are going to let you know every detail in this manner.


Firstly, we need to say that the contact photo comes as one-third of its fullest size, and it is set on by default. So, the rest of the two-third portion seems wastage. So why not you keep that part and see the caller ID photo with a full-screen view?


Well, to let this happen, today we are going to share with you how you may apply the full-screen pics or screen caller ID. All you need to do is to stay with this article and get to know.


How to make caller picture full screen on android


How Do You Get the Full-Screen picture on Your Android Device?


In order to make a caller picture full screen, you may download any app from Google PlayStore. Among many apps, Ultimate Caller Screen is a great app that you can download in your Android Phone


Installation Process:


  • Begin with the installation and downloading with the Ultimate Call Screen HD free on your mobile phone.
  • Once you have downloaded the application on your pc then look for the settings menu.
  • Now activate or enable the app to perform
  • Meanwhile, you need to select the pictures which will come to the caller ID fullscreen


How to make caller picture full screen on android


  • In order to set the picture with the caller ID, you need to click on the contract manager. In your Contact Manager, you need to load those particular contact along with the Images. By the way, if you want to set the whole Contact with the images then it seems difficult and time consuming for you.



Now at this moment the Contact will pop-up and there you may set the caller Image. By the way, setting up the HD image would be recommended for you. Besides, you may shoot photos and set them with as well. Once you are done. then apply the photo. So click on the Preview radio button there and look at the image which you are going to set for caller full-screen ID. Again, you may make some changes when you want to do so. Now, if you are ready to see the images as your caller ID then save the changes.


How to make caller picture full screen on android


Finally, you activated the main settings and now on you need to give access to the ultimate caller screen to show you the HD Caller images. Once done, then you can see the contact will be all set and run. Then to see whether it is really activated or not then ask your favorite one to call on your Android Phone. Hopefully, you get to see the full screen call to that number.


How to make caller picture full screen on android


Caution: This app only activates the numbers that merge with your phonebook. If any number synced the image from any social media like Facebook or Twitter then most probably this will be overlapped with the default picture. By the way, this tool will serve you to have silent or loudspeaker mode and flip to reject as well.





How do I make my contact picture full screen?

In order to do so download any app that enables it then activates the settings on Android, afterward, you can easily do it by yourself.

How do I change my caller ID picture on android?

You can easily change the Caller ID picture and to do so go to the manage Contact list over there change the ID along with Image from the settings.

What is the best full-screen caller ID for Android?

Ultimate Caller Screen HD Free is a pretty popular Android App that provides the best full-screen caller ID on Android phone.



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Final Words

Hopefully, this article benefits you to know how to make a caller id photo full screen on android. Throughout this article, we have tried our best to inform you so. However, if you find any falter then let us know, we will sort out the issue in no time.

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