How to Merge Partitions Windows 10? (With Effective Tips)

Merging partition means making two divided things into one thing. When you buy a new drive, you notice that the drive shows one partition only. After that, while installing the windows, you make the partitions from that one drive.


But in some cases, people need to merge two or more partitions into one. They do that thing because, as an example, if your C drive space gets shorter but another drive has space. Now you need some space in C Drive. Then you need to merge those two drivers. How to merge partitions windows 10 is the main theme of this writing. If you are going to combine partitions windows 10, then this will help in the process.


Partition Merging Process


There are two ways to merge partitions windows 10. One way is Disk Management Utility, and the other way is 3rd party software. By Disk Management System, only the drivers that are left to the driver can merge, like merged c and d drive windows 10 or merge d and e drive in windows 10. But with software, you can merge with any driver.


Merging Partitions by Disk Management


Before merging a drive, you need to make a backup file of the right-side drive because the merging process requires to be needed to delete the files of that drive. So remember to make a backup file of that drive.

  1. First, you have to press the Windows and R button together on the keyboard than write diskmgmt.msc. Press Enter, then that tab of Disk Management will be opened. 

How to Merge Partitions Windows 10


  1. Click the right button of the mouse in drive D then click on Delete volume. The files in drive D will be deleted to make space.


How to Merge Partitions Windows 10


  1. Then click on the mouse’s right button in drive C and click extend volume from the opened tab.


How to Merge Partitions Windows 10


  1. The process of merging two drivers will be started. Click on next until it becomes finish. Then you can finish the process, and the merge partitions windows 10 is done.


How to Merge Partitions Windows 10


Merging Partitions Using Software


I am going to use a software named NIUBI partition editor. This software can merge partitions windows 10 without losing data. Only some simple steps and windows 10 merge partitions will be done on your computer.

  1. Download the software then open it. Click on the right button of your mouse on a partition you want to merge then select the merge volume option.


How to Merge Partitions Windows 10


  1. A new window will be opened, mark the two partitions you want to merge by clicking on them. Below you can see that the target drive is selecting an option. Click on one that you want to make bigger. Then click on, OK.


How to Merge Partitions Windows 10


  1. After that, the partition will start to proceed. After merging drives, the files of other folders will be saved stored in a folder name like example D to C in C drive.


How to Merge Partitions Windows 10


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1.How do I merge partitions?

– Merging partitions can be done by the disk management settings of windows 10. To merge the partitions, you have to disk management, delete the volume of a driver, and then merge it to another driver.


2.How do I merge partitions in Windows 10 without formatting?

– For merging partitions without formatting, you need to go to the disk management then delete one drive’s data. And then merge is with other drivers. This will help you with not formatting the entire driver.


3.Can I merge two partitions into one without losing data?

– It is so easy to merge two partitions without losing any data. If you do the merger process with disk management, you need to backup all the driver data. If you use the software in merging partitions, then the data of the merged drive will be stored in the drive.


Additional Tips


  1. You can open the dick management option in windows 10 by pressing the windows and X button together also. 
  2. You won’t need to make a backup file if you use software for merging partitions in windows 10.


Final Note


Partitions are merging needs when you run a shortage of space in a drive. Merging other drives with that can make space for you. This is mostly needed when the space of C drive runs out, and you need more space to work. By following the instruction given, you can easily merge two partitions in Windows 10. I hope that helps you with your need.


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