How To Open a Docx file on Android: Tested & Tired

Using Google Docx increase your office work productivity a lot. It is commonly set and goes on your computer. But when you are on the way to travel or not feeling handy to open up your laptop, then your smartphone may operate it with silly stuff. Hence, Therefore, you must come to know the hacks on how to open a docx file on Android.


How to open a docx file on Android


To know the way, we suggest you understand first the functionality of a Google Docx. We spotted it something more interesting to use the docx on your android phone other than the MS word. Previously, the Word file would be the only competitor and make a monopolistic competition, and now Google is keen to make the Google Docx effective compared to the MS Word.


And, guess why people now opt for a Google Docx? Well the only reason we sort out is to enjoy the offline mode editing and once it gets connected with the internet connectivity the Docx automatically saves the file no matter you have forgotten to save yourself.


How to open Google Docx using Apps

If your Google docx won’t opening up by default, then most probably you need to run the application after transmitting it to another app. Yes, you heard well, that you are going to open the data of that particular docx file to another app.


To do so, all you need to do is to tweak the settings with that particular app so the app will redirect all the data from the Docx, and show you up in no time.


Keeping this mind, we find some of the effective apps that will allow your Google docs to run so let’s dig deep into them below:


1 .Open Google Docx using MS Word

As long as you grab the phone which has an MS Word application, then there is no matter to get tensed about opening Docx. Using the Word file and opening up the Google Docx would be somewhat the best alternative right away!


How to open a docx file on Android


It sounds different to open a file using MS Word but no worry the app is committed to do so. Microsoft has a greater Office management ecosystem so it may easily run the other sort of file as well. Most of the business class people so tend to use the application as it performs with versatile features to them.


The in-depth analysis of the Androids Office management the MS Word on the go and more popular now. Therefore, they let the window open to grasp all of your information out of Docx. Maybe the Google Docx may not compatible or friendly to all devices but the Word app is great to go for it.


Finally, the core point is how to open a Docx file in Android and the answer lies in one simple process. Now have a look at the image below to get the answer here.


How to open a docx file on Android


Now you get it through, right? So to do so, you just need to go to the Settings>>Documentation Settings>>Create Word files



2.Docs Viewer :


How to open a docx file on Android


If you are alien to the previous system or don’t want to see your Google Docx runs on MS Word then try out with this app. The Docs Viewer is a user-friendly app, and the reason to run this app because you can easily use it without tweaking the settings from Android. Simply download the app and see how it may run the Google Docx file.



3.WPS :

How to open a docx file on Android


WPS is a great app both applicable for the mobile and desktop. It comes with so many features and you may have it on your android in order to find the Docx text within it. To do so, you just need to open the WPS software on your Android mobile and tap into the Docx file, surprisingly the docx file will appear on to that software without setting up the function.




What will open a DOCX file?

Open Docx online using many online apps however all of them are not trustworthy but the best pick would be using MS Word 2007 version.


How do I convert DOCX to DOC on Android?

The process is simple you need to Navigate it on hard drive>select it>click to open>Upload settings pop-up>click on the convert documents.


How do I open a DOCX file as a PDF?

Firstly, access to any PDF converter software online then drag the DOCX file and drop over there, wait a moment to see conversion, finally you get it.



Ending Note

Hopefully, you get to know how to open a docx file on Android. To give you a clear idea in this regard we show you the best 3 different apps which are commonly used on any Android devices. So when you won’t see your Google Docx running or absent then you may just follow the hacks we’ve already mentioned at the top and get the job done.

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