How to Open an MHTML File in Android( Easy Procedure)

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Hello, my name is Biajid and I am a tech enthusiast. I have a passion for solving technical problems...

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Hello, my name is Biajid and I am a tech enthusiast. I have a passion for solving technical problems...


Last Updated: January 29, 2023

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2023)


How to Open an MHTML File in Android? .mht or .mhtml is a filename extension that we often see in our day-to-day computing, don’t we?


It is actually a form of HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) that benefits over common html. So what is actually HTMLtml and mhtml ? And what is the major change between them and why should we care?



What is an MHTML?



How to Open an MHTML File in Android



Well, think of a web page(may be a Twitter or Instagram page). It contains text, images, audio, and video clips with many other media play options. How can you integrate so many media options in only one single structure? The answer is you can do so by using html. Common html contains many features and markup tags but the whole html family is generally called xhtml.


Despite so many facilities, html could not provide services for mails. To overcome the shortcomings there comes MIME which actually changed the whole interface of the mail. Here MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. Due to MIME protocol, now we can attach some media files, images, videos, documents with our emails that were not possible only by html. Nowadays, most emails rely on this MIME protocol.

So this mhtml or MIME HTML uses MIME email protocol. It combines items into a single web page archive file. Additionally MHTML creates its own email in the form of an archived web page. This means only one file, instead of many separate files, contains the underlying HTML document, along with its embedded media files into one single file format.


HTML and MHTML are closely linked but they have some major differences. Any MHTML document uses an underlying HTML web page, so without that HTML page, there would be nothing to combine. MHTML can also be packetized into a single file that is of course an HTML format file.




MHTML File Opening in Android


If you are an Android phone user, then good news. The following steps will help you to open an .MHTML or .MHT extension file. There are many ways you can perform it. Let’s take it slow and stay tuned for all the methods.


Firstly, we have to check that form where we are getting an MHTML  file in our android phone. It can be from any social media site as a media file, can be a WhatsApp/Messenger/Telegram-like media file, etc. Maybe you can even write/create your own .MHTML file. From wherever the source is, your first procedure is the same- to locate the target file in your phone.




How to Open an MHTML File in Android




In android the file location finding is really a tedious job, I know, right? But you can simply start from your file manager. Then your next destination should be the “All Files” option. There you will search for a keyword that is composed in this format: (appname+documents). For example, if you have a WhatsApp document file as .html then in the search bar, you should write down: “WhatsApp documents”. There you will find some folders and files. There you can locate your required .mhtml file. If you tap on the .mhtml file, there will some options that appear likely-

  • @Open in text format
  • @Open in audio format
  • @Open in video format
  • @Open in image format
  • @Unknown file format


You have to go with “Unknown file format”. Then you will find yourself an ‘Open with’ menu asking the document to open using possible other options. It is good to know that most browsers are capable of opening any .mhtml file. So by default, there will be an option showing your default browser. If you have some HTML editing apps in your phone like “HTML Viewer” or “HTML editor” etc. then you may find them in your options list too. So my first recommendation to you is to go with the browser.


Now tap on the browser- Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera whatever browser you have. Voila!! You can see your problem is solved. You can now read every single line as text, play any video file as a video file and listen to any music/audio as an audio file. You can see references and attachments with them and also can interpret the image.


Another process is using the HTML Viewer. As we can see any browser can read a .mhtml file, so can any html viewer because it creates an html version/view of your mhtml file. Then you can read the file.


The last method that I want to share with you guys, is by using  another app called “HTML Editor”. The steps are as similar as the previous. Firstly, you have to locate the file in your android file system. Then go to your file manager and then search for the document in your app’s folder. Then when you find your document, tap and select the unknown file type. Then you can see your file can be opened as an HTML editing file.


It is good to know that you can actually change any content and piece of information by this editing via markup tags. This will allow you to read, write and save the document for later purposes.


So that’s all you need to know about opening any .mht/.mhtml file in android only. If you are a user of ios or other operating systems then you may find a similar approach to open them.



How to Open an MHTML File in Android



Finally, as a summery, our procedure is simple:-

  1. Locate the .mhtml file
  2. Open File manager
  3. Go to All Files
  4. Search the document
  5. Tap on the file
  6. Select type: Unknown
  7. Apply Suitable Option to open up



As a flow chart if I show to you then:

Location —> File Manager —> All Files —> Tap .mhtml —> FileType:Unknown —> Select Suitable Options.


On our daily basis of internet usage, sharing documents and files is such an important thing that we can’t think without it actually. This process has saved us from the raw text reading method to interactive and intellectual text embedded with media files and also made it possible for the emails. This is why MHTML is a Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions HTML.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1.Why do browsers open .mht files ?

In any web browser, when you save a web page as a web archive, the page is saved as an mhtml file. Any related links in the HTML will be remapped so the content can be located. The browsers are coded to perform this archiving method, that’s the reason it can open .mht files.


2.Can any .mht file be converted to .pdf ?

Yes, we can always convert any mht file into portable document format or commonly known as pdf. Here is what you need to do: open microsoft word and then click on File-> Open to browse for the file you want to convert. Click the File-> Print and from the Printer window and select “Print to pdf”.


3.Can any .pdf be converted to .mht ?

Yes, you can do it. But as we well know that any pdf file can not be modified but easy to share and print. So to convert any pdf file to mht we need any third party or online software. Easy way is to use google drive. Upload pdf to drive, change the format into .mht then download the same file.


3.Is it safe to convert MHTML using free Aspose.HTML Converter?

Without a doubt, the download link of the result files will be available instantly after conversion. No one else has access to the site except you.


4.How long does Android OS take to convert an MHTML file ?

MHTML files are not heavy, they are the archives. So the conversion works fast. You may notice that the conversion takes only a few seconds.

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Last Updated: January 29, 2023

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