How To Remotely Spy On An Android Phone

It’s not that easy to install spyware remotely on any Android phone. The physical contact with the targeted phone makes it easy a lot. However, there is a way to do it, and to perform so, you need to send an installation link to your friend and ask him to follow it. But this isn’t that tricky to allure your target right. 

Keeping this in mind, we will talk about elaborate on how to remotely spy on an android phone


What are the limitations of remote installation of any spyware?

We are living in a tech world where we do face some limitations especially with the ethical or unethical hacking system on both sides. The main hurdle with the spyware installation is with the non-physical contact. Let’s discuss it below: 


Ethics of privacy

Everyone’s privacy is valuable & nowadays, personal information is one of the most valuable things. It’s not ethical by any means to break someone’s privacy intentionally without a huge purpose. The law doesn’t allow monitoring a person without informing. 


Device permission

Almost all conventional applications require permission to be installed on Android. When you’ll go for a spying activity, the target person may understand & become alert. 


Contact with the target device

Some of the spyware providers may claim that it’s possible to install on the target device without touching. That’s a lie. You’ll need to get short-time access & then, you can do everything remotely. So, it’s not possible to perform the activity 100% remotely. 


Remote Installation Full Step by Step Guideline:

Without installing an app on the phone that you want to spy on, it is impossible to spy. So make sure you install some spyware apps on the target phone. Let’s show you how to install spyware software & how to remotely spy on an Android phone. We’re here to elaborate on installing Xnspy, Neatspy & TheWiSpy spyware.


1.Xnspy installation guideline:

Xnspy is one of the most popular spy apps. So let’s have a look at the process of installing this app and spy on the target phone.


Step-1: Get registered 

It’s a premium service & you need to purchase it from their official website. If you search it on Google using your browser, you can find their website. Click on “Buy now” to get started with Xnspy. 




How To Remotely Spy On An Android Phone




Step-2: Check your mail

You’ll be sent a download URL with activation code & other necessaries. This URL will help to download the spyware on the target device. It doesn’t take a long time. All you need to do, create a convenient environment & install it to the desired Android using some crafty tricks. After clicking on the link, the app will be downloaded & before installing, give access to all the permissions.



Step-3: Spy remotely

You’re done. It’s that simple. After installing it to the desired Android, give it 24 hours to access the dashboard. You can see the detailed secrets of your target user. Spy the Android remotely staying anywhere.


2.NetSpy installation guideline:

NetSpy is another excellent app to spy on other phones. So let’s check how to install it and spy on the phone. 


Step-1: Sign up for the service

Open the browser of your device & go to the website Ensure a safe login using all relevant documents & select your convenient plan to monitor on another Android.




How To Remotely Spy On An Android Phone




Step-2: Get access to the desired Android

It’s impossible to install spyware on the target phone remotely. Neatspy is not more than 2 MB & it will take a little time to be installed. Don’t forget to accept all the permissions. So, manage somehow to touch your target mobile using a trick. After the installation, the app will disguise itself. So, no worry.


Step-3: Do your spy work 

It’s time to enjoy the dashboard. You can monitor your target device remotely now. You can see an access panel full of features. You can pick up an option & spy on it. 


3.The WiSpy installation guideline:

Our final app is TheWiSpy. We will show you the detailed process of installing this app and ensuring perfect spying. 


Step-1: Purchase the license

Visit the TheWiSpy website using your regular browser. It’s that simple: register with relevant information & purchase the subscription. You will have options to purchase your expedient subscription.



How To Remotely Spy On An Android Phone



Step-2: Install TheWiSpy on the target device 

You will receive an email with all the necessary items after completing the purchase. Open the installation link to your target device & install the app. Don’t ask the owner to do it. Just try to find a chance to do it by yourself. Before jumping into the monitoring step, configure the app with your reasonable settings.

Step-3: Monitor the Android

Congratulations. You’re done. Then you need to monitor your target device using an online dashboard. The web-based control panel will allow you to monitor the pros & cons of the desired device.



Got more questions in mind? Then have a look at these commonly asked questions.


Is it possible to install cell phone spy software from a remote location?

No, it is not possible to install any spy software on an android phone from a remote location. However, if you are the owner of the phone and have an admin account, you can do that.


Is it legal to use Android cell phone spyware?

Yes, installing spy software on an android phone and spying is completely legal unless the phone belongs to someone else. Meaning that you can spy on your phone, not others.


How Can I Spy on a Cell Phone Without Installing Software on the Target Phone

It is not possible to spy on a cell phone without installing any spy software on your target phone. You must install spy software on the target phone.


How to Spy on An Android Phone Without Touching It?

You can simply do that by installing spy apps. You will find versatile spy apps, for example, TheWiSpy, that you can install on target phones and spy on without touching them.



So, after coming to the endpoint, do you think it’s complicated to monitor an Android device remotely? We think you’re astonished to know how easy it is to spy on someone’s Android. This article is exposing how to remotely spy on an Android. Among all conventional spyware, we have picked the best three in our eyes. It won’t be difficult for a newbie to install spyware after reading this content because the steps are almost similar.

There are some rumors on the internet like it’s possible to install spyware on the target Android remotely, spyware apps are cost-free, etc. Don’t get into their advertising trap. We have cleared the fact that it’s possible to monitor an Android using a paid spyware but it’s quite impossible to install spyware on Android without touching the device. So, we suggest you not risk valuable personal data by facing those scams.

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