Definitive Guidelines On How To Reset Network Settings On Android

In this article, we will talk about how to reset network settings on Android, and the resetting tips will apply in the following items:

  • Mobile Data
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-fi

What is reset network settings on Android

Did you ever come to experience that your Wi-Fi connectivity is not working or it continuously drops the signal? Well, once or while you may ever come to experience or heard of this condition. Your smartphone is a great way to connect with the internet at any time and anywhere so you may get constant connectivity. Using the Wifi, Mobile Data or Bluetooth tethering you can enjoy the connectivity.


But what happens if it gets interrupted due to the hardware or software issue? Definitely, you need to come with action.  In that case, you must come to know about resetting the settings with wifi, Bluetooth or mobile data.


So, you come to know the reasons that cause the problem. By the way, when you will get to know this issue there you will have some symptoms to detect it. The major symptom would be the time when you are downloading an item but in the middle of the period, it gets stuck. Also, this may happen with the GPS direction, unable to sending or receiving email and your online apps won’t load any further.


Fix Your Connection using Reset Network Settings


Now on it is high time to educate on the hack about resetting network settings on Android. Normally, every device comes with individual configuration and OS hence to work with them require to apply the different solutions. Thankfully, the Wi-fi, Data connectivity, and Bluetooth remain the same for the maximum Android system. So we may draw an outline with our definitive guidelines to you. By the way, if you follow our method then you need to keep in mind one thing. This is about losing some custom settings and information about your device. Because your phone will get back with its previous default settings.


1. Swipe you Android device


At first, you need to do is to swipe your phone and then go straight to the setting icon there. As you know sometimes we customize our phone then the placement may vary. So find yours and then go to the next level on resetting settings.

2. Configure with Settings



Now on, you have sorted out the settings app so open it up. If you won’t get to know or confused a bit then just have a look at the gear icon. Normally, the app icon would be right into the settings menu so over there you may select the reset network settings on android. If you won’t get the icon over there, then most probably it is because of your theme. The individual custom theme will come with different icons. Hence, you will need to read all of them and find that particular icon.

3. Select Backup and Reset Menu


how to reset network settings on Android


Click on the setting icon and open the app. Afterward, scroll down and there you will see the “Backup and Reset” menu. Finally, tap on the button sooner this will take you to direct to a new page.


4. Select Reset Network Setting Button


how to reset network settings on Android


At this stage, you will need to know how to reset the settings, and no worries we are going to uncover it. To perform so, scroll down and only stop when you see “Reset Network Settings”. But when you won’t see it then just search it on the search panel. You will find a short explanation which informs with some of the reset kinds you will do. However keep cautious to it as it is applied to any changes when you will ensure, for example, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, etc. Again, keep it mind once you reset the system then the phone will have the default settings only.


5. Tap to Reset Setting Button


how to reset network settings on Android


Now at this stage, you will need to tap on the Reset Network Settings option located at the top of the image. After a while, you will be directed to a new landing page.


6. Default Setting


When you come to this stage, we assume that you have successfully reset the network system. Now on, you will need to verify all the settings you have created earlier. If you are unable to verify them then you need to go with the default settings.


Things to consider while resetting Network Settings on Android


At the beginning of this article, we have told you that a different Operating System has a different issue to solve. However, many of use can solve the issue with a universal method. Now on, we are going to share the tips on how to reset network settings based on different OS


Jelly Bean

At first, you need to check out the APN and data roaming once you won’t face any issue with that then tap the APN menu. Afterward, finally, click on the default reset button.


First off, ensure that the mobile data is kept on before resetting the network settings. Also, you will need to find the Data Usage Button. Lastly, search the APN menu and click on to reset it.


Lollipop Android version comes with smart network settings and so on you may easily deal with it. On the flip side, it has some lags and bugs. This is caused by the new features of 3G and LTE mode. The most important task is to turn off the mobile data especially when you are resetting the system. However, this may not work sometime so go to the settings and click “More” then search the Cellular Network Option. Lastly, you will need to click on to the access point name and select the reset settings button


Marshmallow definitely a smart Operating System compared to the previous one. And the connectivity is smart and fast as well. The process of resetting the network seems the same, all you need to do is to go to the settings menu and create the Backup and Reset by clicking on that menu. Afterwards, select “Network Setting Reset” and tap on “Reset”. After a short while, you will get to see the box named “Reset Settings” so click on it.


To perform with the reset settings network in your Nougat OS, the process seems similar to the Marshmallow. However, a little difference comes on the first step like you don’t need to choose the “Backup and Reset” button over there. This option will change with the “Wireless and Networks” option. So you will get to see the “Network Setting Reset”. Immediately the warming option will come to you so click on there to reset it.

Pie and Oreo

Oreo and Pie are the new version of the Android Operating System which are now commonly used on your phones. However, these make no difference with the previous OS in terms of resetting the Network system.



What happens when you reset network settings on Android?

Reset Network Settings deals with all the cellular network settings like Wifi, Bluetooth and VPN system. So when you reset the Network then it helps to find the network on your Android phone.


What will reset network settings do?

The following thing you will reset by Network settings on Android:


  1. Clear all the data limits
  2. Background data sync
  3. Erase all the Wifi networks
  4. Delete all the tethering hotspot
  5. Forget all the paired devices
  6. Remove app data restrictions


How do I reset network settings on Android 9?


To perform reset network settings

  1. Search and click on Settings > System > Advanced > Reset options > Reset the network settings.
  2. Finally, click on the RESET SETTINGS.


Final Words:

After reading the whole article on how to reset network settings on android, you get to know the right way to perform so. We explain how it should be and let you know all the important factors that will perform while resetting. We set one generic system that works for all devices and later on, bring out all the different hacks that will separately work on different Operating system. If anything still makes you confuse then we are all ears to you, all you need to do is to ping us.

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