How To Restore Deleted Icons On Android:

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2024)

Nowadays, the android platform become so much popular because of its huge collection of apps. When you download an app it is installed on your device by showing an icon. But, sometimes this icon disappears and makes us upset. Don’t need to worry, because it is a common phenomenon for android users. Through this article, we will show you the easiest path on how to restore deleted icons on android operated devices.


The method behind the restore deleted icons on android

An app icon is known as the visual identity of the application. In the app drawer,  you could see all installed apps icon on your android operated devices. But when the icon disappears accidentally, then we fail to find out our necessary apps. Luckily, the developer invents the solution for you to get back the icon.


From lots of methods to fix this problem, we will describe seven easiest way. So, let’s move ahead on the journey of restoring deleted icons on android


1st Method: Examine Your App Drawer


An app drawer is known as the houses of all installed apps. You can access the app drawer in two ways. You can swipe up from the bottom of your device’s home screen or you can touch on the app drawer icon.


How to restore deleted icons on android


  1. After access the app drawer, you may see a list of apps on your phone, and you can scroll or swipe the pages to discover more.


How to restore deleted icons on android


  1. Coming to this stage, you get to find the app which one. (If you face difficulty to find it, you can take help from the search button located in the top.)


  1. After that, hold the app icon, and it will appear on your device’s home screen.


  1. At this stage, you may easily place the app icon, wherever you want. Following this process, you may make a new shortcut on your handset, and eventually easily solve the issue.


How to restore deleted icons on android


2nd Method: Long Taping a Blank Space on Your Home Screen


This method seems to be easy enough to get most app icons back on your android device and the method is….


How to restore deleted icons on android


  1. First of all, you have to long tap on a blank space on your device’s Home screen. This method will show a new menu with customizable options for your device.


  1. After that, you have to choose Widgets and Apps to bring up a new menu.
  2. Now, tap the Apps option and you could see the app list and can select the previously deleted app icon.
  3. 4. After selecting the icon, you may hold the icon and drag it to a blank space on your device screen and rearrange it as your wish.

Therefore, you can restore your previously deleted icon on your device easily.


3rd Method: Adding a Launcher



If your problem will be related to the launcher, you need to install a new one. From the lots of launcher apps on the Play Store, you can choose your desire one.


How to restore deleted icons on android


This launcher app ensures to keep the layout under control and showcase the home screen along with the app drawer.


  1. First of all, install your desire launcher on your device and launch it.


  1. Once you open the launcher, you will find a different Home screen. Finally, you may choose anyone according to your preference and then begin to use.


  1. 3. Then, you can find as well as arrange apps icons on the launcher.


If you don’t prefer your installed launcher, you have the option to use another one from the play store.


4th Method: Find the app from hiding area, re-enable or disabled Apps




Remember where you have to hide one of your app on your device. If you did it then it is likely not to see the app icon. To make sure, you need to check in the application menu.


  1. At first, open the Settings menu and then select the Application Manager menu on your device.


  1. Now, press on the App icon which you would like to see again.


  1. If you notice the Enable or Start button, this may be the main source of your problem. So, you need to hit the toggle to your app icon back.


How to restore deleted icons on android


Method 5: See whether you Deleted the Entire Application


In order to check your deleted app list from your device, you have to check on the play store.

If you find to say Install in lieu of Update or Open, you might delete the whole app. So, you can reinstall the app again to see the app again.


How to restore deleted icons on android


Method 6: Regaining Custom Icons Have Disappeared


When you give an update, your custom icon will disappear from your device.


How to restore deleted icons on android


If you face these issues with custom icons or a custom launcher, you can reset the device or launcher to solve your problems. You may try out any of the methods from our list as well.

Method 7: When You  Deleted the App Drawer Icon


When you accidentally delete the app drawer icon on your device, then no need to worry.

You can easily restore the app drawer icon by using Nova launcher.


How to restore deleted icons on android


If you use a launcher, then you can easily restore the app drawer by following these:


How to restore deleted icons on android


  1. Firstly, tap and long press on an empty space on your device’s home screen.
  2. Then, you have to choose the Widgets option.
  3. In the Nova Launcher widgets, you need to long-press the Nova Action option
  4. Then, it will take to the home screen
  5. Now, you have to select the App drawer.
  6. Finally, you can drag the App drawer icon to wherever you want on the home screen






How do I restore an icon on my Android?

There are multiple ways to do this. But, by download and install  a launcher you can easily restore your deleted icons on android.


How do I change my icons back to normal?

In order to change your icons back to normal, you need to go to Settings => Apps=> Google Apps=> Storage=> Manage Space=> Clear Launcher Data=> tap OK.


How do I restore an app icon?


One of the easiest ways to restore a deleted icon is to press on the blank space on your home screen, then select Widgets and Apps => Apps. From this App option, you can see the app list and choose your previously detected app icon.

Final Thought

We hope, you can understand all the discussed methods on how to restore deleted icons on android. If you find it worthy to understand, then share it with your friends and let us know your vague points by leaving your comments on the comment box.

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