How to Run a JAR file on Windows 10 Easily & Smartly

So you are wondering How to Run a JAR file on Windows 10 . We often face the problem that executable JAR files are not running on double-clicking in windows 10. By the way, it is a superb idea to learn how to execute a jar file because most of the Java programs are packaged in JAR files. The good news is the process is really effortless. In this article, we are going to cover a short introduction of JAR files and different ways of opening, installing and editing JAR files in Windows 10. Just keep reading.


What is a JAR file?


What is Jar file


JAR is the short form of Java archive. As the name denotes Jar files are archive files. A jar file contains many files packed together to give the file portability and small size. Does the ZIP file sound familiar? jar files are almost similar to zip files. The only disparity is a JAR file can only be run in Java Runtime Environment.


Uniquely, every jar file contains a  manifest. This is a meta-file that contains information about the files within it and instructions on how it should behave.  Class file, image file, audio file and more are compiled in a jar file. As a result, it can be read and run as a single file by the Java Runtime Environment.


Jar files serve multipurpose on both PC and mobile. For instance, it could be a game, an application theme or a browser add-on.


How to Open JAR files


How to open a JAR file on Windows 10


How to run a JAR file in windows 10? It is a frequently asked question. The process is unchallenging. Just follow the instruction below and your task is done in the blink of an eye!


Step 1: Install Java Runtime Environment. It’s better to download the latest version from the official site though you already have it.


Step 2: Jarx, a lightweight utility, should be downloaded. Once you have it, the JAR file behaves like any other ordinary files in your device. Then, you can simply open the file by double-clicking.


How to Run JAR  file on windows 10 command prompt


How to Run a JAR file on Windows 10


For that, Java should be added to the windows. Follow the steps below:


  1. Go to the command prompt.
  2. Then, insert the java version in the command line window. Now, click Enter to continue.
  3. Next, you will see the further details of the Java version of your PC.
  4. If you don’t have a java version in your PC, you can simply download the latest version from
  5. Now the file is ready to run.


I hope you will not wonder anymore how to run the JAR file in cmd prompt.


How to Install a JAR file


how to install a jar file


It can be done by using both software and websites easily. For extracting with software, you need a program that can unpackage a compressed file. Windows 10 has built functionality for that. But for more convenience, you can use file extracting software like- WinRar or 7-zip


Want to browse the files and folders? Simply open it within the software and you can do that. If you need to install or check out any particular file later, you can extract the file.


Don’t want to take the hassle of deploying another application? Then many websites are available to get the job done. Choose one that supports JAR. Archive Extractor, a popular website, can be a good choice. Just upload your file on the website and it will display the contents within the impressive tree structure. Then your single click can open a folder or download a file.


At last, one magical tip – If your PC can’t recognize executable JAR files, You can rename it as a ZIP file. It works because there is a little dissimilarity between these files.


How to Edit a JAR file on Windows 10


You may need to edit a JAR file sometimes. With the WinRar software ( which we have already introduced), The process is effortless. Here’s the tutorial to follow: 

  1. Extract the file using WinRar.
  2. Edit the extracted file.
  3. Open the main JAR file with the same application.
  4. Hit the ADD button and the original files are replaced by the edited files.


That’s all.


Final Words


These are some easy, effective and widely used ways of dealing with JAR files. Just follow the instructions and your issue is solved. Note that, in case a process is not working for you, try another one.  I hope you have got the answer to your question on how to run a JAR file in windows 10. If You also want to know how to open bin file on android then read it. Good luck!



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