How to Send Large Videos Through Text On Android

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Hello, my name is Biajid and I am a tech enthusiast. I have a passion for solving technical problems...

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Hello, my name is Biajid and I am a tech enthusiast. I have a passion for solving technical problems...


Last Updated: January 6, 2024

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2024)

Learning different hacks on Android becomes easier when you may come to know your own Operating System. This will also come to apply when you want to learn on How to send large videos through text on android

Well, many of you may find it a daunting task just because the large videos won’t go away to another device. Well, to sort out the issue we are going to give you a definitive guideline throughout this article, all you need to do is to grasp the write-up “How to send large videos on android”.


Send Large Videos from Android through Text

Sending large videos on Android would be tiresome but you may easily nail it when you will come to know a straightforward process. Ironically, the bigger the video files you have the more complicated it seems to be. However, the following method will let you send videos, no matter what would be the bigger videos it would be.



Simply tap on the “Message” option on your Android phone and there create a new message


Afterward, click on the “Attach” icon, it would be like a clip-shaped icon where you will need to choose “Video” right from the Attach menu.


Afterward, another window will appear on the screen and you need to choose the video. Besides, you may also capture a new one from your camera as well.


Once you have done with the confirmation tap on the desired file then make sure to tap it on the “Send” button

Send Email the Videos using “Photos” App

After texting method, another hack is to send the large videos from sending an email. Before doing so, you need to verify the email account and to do so you need to go to the “settings” afterward add your existing account. Now on, you may easily email that particular video via the PHOTOS app. Here is a detailed step on how to send large videos through email.


Step 1:

First off, you need to enter the “Photos” app on your mobile phone

Step 2:

Now on select the video which you want to see as a downloaded file and so on proceed to More>Share. Alternatively, you may directly click on the “share” button whereas, you may select that particular videos.



Step 3:

Now when you get to see the pop-up window named “share via” then hit the enter at the below “email” and the icon is also visible along with the name.

Step 4:

When you get to see the email platform, then now enter the address where you want to receive the video

Step 5:

Once you come to get it through then now click on the “Send” option in order to start the sending process via email.

Upload large videos on Android using Cloud Network

Cloud service would be the easiest and safest way to upload your large videos and get to see wherever, whatever device you may have. There are so many cloud services available including the OneDrive, GoogleDrive, etc. So here is the hack to upload one of your large files over there

1. Share the video file using Google Drive

Step: 1

Do you already have the Google Drive app on your mobile, if not then make sure to have it now?

Step: 2

Upload that particular file which you want to share via Google Drive

Step: 3

Now on, select the video file that you want to save and share to the Google Drive

Step: 4

At the final stage, you need to “add people” so select that option from the menu and now on type the email address to send as many as people you want.

2. Share it using the One Drive

Step: 1

At first, you need to download and install the OneDrive app on your android phone

Step 2:

Don’t forget to sign up on Microsoft account if you don’t have any existing account then make sure to sign in there

Step 3:

Now on, you may upload your videos to OneDrive. Afterward, you will need to select the videos to whom you want to send, and this will be done from the primary interface of OneDrive.

Step 4:

Finally, you need to click “Share”>”Copy link” soon after you may paste those particular copied links within the apps or site where you will be sending the link.

Send bulk size videos from Android to pc (Size doesn’t matter)

We come to the final hack on how to send large videos with android. In this final stage, we will let you know the most effective way. Because you may send the biggest video file ever and no size barrier. In this hack, one may use any of the third-party tools as well however, finding a good one seems daunting.

Anyways let not waste any time here and simply dig deep into the final hack to you below:

Step 1. Make your Android phone be recognized

While plugging into the Android phone along with your desktop then your phone requires to be recognized by the computer itself. To do so a window will pop-up at the screen where you let the software successfully detect your particular device. After a short while, the tool may successfully detect the connection and you may come to see the following interface here:


Step 2. Preview & Select the videos you want to share


In your primary interface, you may need to tap on the “Videos” choice placed at the left panel. Over there, you may find the whole list of contents to the right column. Here you just need to click on to select in order to transfer a single or all of them.

how to send large videos through text on androi

Step 3. Export those big videos to PC

As you are done with the selection of files then you need to simply click on the “export” button then this will begin to transfer.

Compress the Video before Transferring It

In order to send the large video using Android, another hack is to compress the file size and make it small in size. For that, you may find so many tools handy, and we are going to suggest a few powerful tools as a reference to you.


So far we know this one as one of the best available file compression software for the Android platform. It can amazingly create the RAR and Zip files in no time. Using the tool, you can effectively eliminate the overall size of your video and pass it out easily. Furthermore, you may also use it to extract any types of zipped files as well. Lastly, this kind of compression tool would be used to repair some files.

#2. XZip

It is another amazing tool that allows you to extract the different types of files and more importantly, compress them as well. That’s why we bring it to you as a recommended app. Within the app, you may find the file browser and control features seem effective. To ensure safety, it comes with password encryption for the compressed files and then hides them to media apps to scan, a great way to increase your privacy.

Transfer Large Videos Files with Apps:

Compressing big files of videos may damage the overall quality of your videos. Hence, the smart decision is to get an amazing app that will send any file no matter what the size would be. Using the following apps, you will send tons of video files in no time easily.


This one would be the easiest pick while choosing the transferring apps. The fastest data transfer file sharing app would be compatible with any operating system or devices. Using it is so easy as you need not remember any passwords and pass them out to the receiver, all you need to do is to share QR codes. Besides, you may use any near field communication such as Bluetooth.



You must hear of the Xender app if you were a file-sharing freak with your friends. This will eliminate your hard time and eventually you may pass out the largest video file ever. Using Xender you may transfer the file to any devices you want and there is no barrier to do so for example, you may share the file in between pc to phone or phone to pc, both would be great. Using an emulator, you may also use Xender for pc. More importantly, the app is user-friendly and the users may easily use the app and pass out the videos at any time, and anywhere.

3.Send anywhere:

If you are in search of a free tool that comes with the great features without a subscription, then the Send Anywhere would be the best option left for you. It is easy to control and easy to pass out big data. Hence you preferably choose this video-sharing app. You can either choose a single file or choose as many as you want, there is no barrier at all!


How do you send a long video through text on Android?

First off, you need to select the video which you want to share with one of your friends then wait a moment while uploading. Finally, press the menu where you see three dots

How to send large videos via app on android?

Well, there are so many apps out there to send the large videos on Android phones. To do so go to the play store and search Xender app then you will automatically get to see them.

Can you send a video by text?

In order to send a video within text then you need to start texting, select the attaching file and finally start with recording

Wrapping up:

Finally, we come to the end of this article on how to send large videos through text on Android. After reading between the lines, we believe that you find a way out. We bring to light some of the ways and all of them are effective to implement. However, if you ever come to find any issue then move on to the next. By the way, you may also ask us why you were stuck to sort out as we are going to solve it for you.

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Last Updated: January 6, 2024

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