How to set monitor to 144Hz windows 10 Easily

Let me guess you have recently purchased a monitor that has a higher refresh rate. But you are not getting the performance that you have expected. Most of us face this problem while the first time using a higher refresh rate monitor. The problem occurs mainly because the setting is not appropriate. It is an easy problem to solve. One can very quickly activate the higher refresh rate on the monitor.


If you have such a problem, then follow this article on how to set monitor 144Hz windows 10, and you will be able to solve this problem within a short time. By following this article, you’ll enhance both the monitor and your hardware performance.


What is 144Hz in Monitor? 


Many of us do not know what refresh rate is, what is it for, is it good or bad. Generally, a standard monitor has a 60Hz refresh rate. A 60Hz refresh rate monitor means the screen shows 60 frames every second. That means that 144Hz means the screen shows 144 frames in every second.


Generally, the higher refresh rate is perfect for gaming. Games become very enjoyable while playing it on a higher refresh monitor rate as the monitor has more top frames, so you don’t miss any frames while playing a game. Generally, a monitor has a higher refresh rate is a bit more expensive than that of lower refresh rate ones. The higher refresh rate has no connection with picture quality. So, a more top refresh rate screen does not give you higher picture quality. 


What is the purpose of buying a monitor that has a higher refresh rate?


Many people ask this question about the higher refresh rate monitor. They do not have any idea about the use of a high refresh rate. Let me make this clear. You can buy a big size monitor with the amount that you spend purchasing a small size monitor with a high refresh rate. The monitor that has a high refresh rate provides excellent performance.


For example, suppose that you are playing an action game on a high refresh rate monitor, you can monitor every movement of the enemy as the monitor is refreshing many times every second. So, it becomes effortless for you to attack them, and also it increases your gaming performance. On a high refresh rate monitor, you’ll get a smooth gameplay experience while you cannot get on a low refresh rate monitor. 



Process of enabling 144Hz in monitor


A higher refresh rate in a monitor is not new around us. It is a very familiar term to all the gamers out there. When 144Hz monitor first came out on the market, it uses to be very expensive, but nowadays, the price is quite affordable. A common problem that many of us faces is activating the higher refresh rate in a monitor. The activation process of 144Hz is not very hard. For being sure of your monitor is ensuring 144Hz, you need to confirm three easy steps. It not like that you brought a monitor that has 144Hz, and it will run at 144hz. First, you need to set-up the monitor for 144Hz. These are the steps-


Step-1: Confirming the compatibility of the device


First, make sure that your monitor supports a higher refresh rate. If the monitor does not support 144Hz by default, then there is no way it will run on 144hz. You can search on the internet and see that your device supports 144Hz or not. There are some factors related to run a monitor on high refresh rate these are-


  1. You can run a monitor on a high refresh rate without graphics. But that’ll be under the specific condition that the motherboard must be 7th generation or newer version, and on the motherboard, there must have a display port on input/output ports.


  1. If your graphics card is not right in quality and there is no display port on it, then I am afraid that you will not be able to run your monitor on the high refresh rate. So, you must have a sound graphics card with a display port on it.
  2. Also, keep your graphics card drive up-to-date.


Step-2: Connect the monitor with the PC using display port connecter


In the past, we use to connect the PC and monitor via HDMI port or VGA cables. But these cables are not capable of transferring a high refresh rate. Those ports are suitable for 60Hz but not for 144Hz. So, you need to connect your monitor with the PC using a display port connecter.


The display port connecter is capable of transferring a high refresh rate like 144Hz. So, make sure that you have a good quality display port connecter if you want to run your monitor on 144Hz. 


Step-3: Enabling 144Hz from windows settings


This is the last step that is required to enable 144Hz. 


  1. Press WIN +Ito go to your system settings and choose a system from the windows settings.


How to set monitor to 144Hz windows 10


  1. The first option should be the Display.Choose Advance Display Settingsfrom there.


How to set monitor to 144Hz windows 10


  1. Click on Display Adapter Properties. A new tab will open, click on Monitoron that tab. There you’ll see the Screen Refresh Rateoption. Select 144Hz there. 


How to set monitor to 144Hz windows 10


  1. Click on OK, and it’s done. 




Question: Is a higher refresh rate is suitable for gaming?



The answer is a big yes. A higher refresh rate means your monitor will refresh much time than the user and that it will help to monitor the enemy’s every movement and will make your gameplay experience smooth.


Question: What is the main difference between 144Hz and 60Hz monitor?



 A 144Hz monitor refresh 144 times under one second. On the other hand, 60Hz display refreshes 60 times every second. That means 144Hz display twice in comparison to 60Hz. It makes the display very smooth to see and helps to improve gameplay.


Now that you have enabled 144Hz on your monitor, you’ll feel the differences. 144hz will allows you to improve your gaming performance and your skill as well. We hope that our guide on how to set monitor to 144Hz windows 10 helps you to set your monitor at 144Hz. 

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