An Easy Guideline On How to Share Printer Windows 10?

Do you know how to Share Printer Windows 10? If you don’t know, then I am here to let you know about the process you need to follow. For the invention of new technology, now it’s possible to print a document from a different computer while your printer is connected with another computer.

It’s also possible in windows 7, and you should know how to share the printer in windows 7. For Windows 10, the screen appearance is a bit different. So, it would help if you went through this article and hope this will help you a lot.

In this article, you are going to get information on printer sharing in windows 10, FAQs, and some additional tips on networking sharing.

What is Network Sharing?

This is newly invented technology working from windows 7, and now it’s in a very advanced form. However, for this sharing, two computers need to be in the same network. After that, you should turn on the network sharing option.

By turning on the option, you will see a network sharing drive under the primary drive. In this drive, you can upload your file within a short time. After that, you can access that information from another computer. This is network sharing.


How to Connect Printer To Network Windows 10?

If you want to know how to share the printer in lan step by step, you need to follow the following. I have narrated the ways in steps so that you can easily perform that on your computer. It’s very important to do an office job. So, let’s go-

Step 1: Go to Settings

To start the sharing, you need to set up the printer first. So, connect the printer with your computer and turn it on. Now click on the windows button and then Start > Settings. A settings page will appear. From there, you need to click on the Device

how to share printer windows 10


Step 2: Printer Properties

Now right click on the printer option, and you will find Printer Properties Click on that. A tab will open, and from the top, you need to select the Sharing option. Check on the box, which says Share this printer.


How to Connect Printer To Network Windows 10



Step 3: Additional Drivers

This is an important part of your printer sharing option. All your pc may not remain in the same format. Your pc may vary from 64 bit to 32 bit. So click on the AdditionalDrivers and check the options available.

The printer will automatically update the drivers for it. So, if you think that it’s necessary, then go for it. Otherwise, it’s an optional task to do.


how to share printer windows 10


Step 4: Network Profile

Go to settings and then Network. From the network option, you will go to Ethernet if you are on a LAN connection or go to Wi-Fi if you are in a Wi-Fi connection. Select the network profile to be private as the public network won’t support printer sharing.

Now, all are set, and you have done to share the printer, and you may change the pc name to connect easily.


how to share printer windows 10


Step 5: Network Sharing Center

Now click on the network sharing center, and a new window will come. Now click on the change advanced sharing settings from the left side menu and check that everything is turned on. After that, if you find any option of the turn-on with unchecking, then you need to check the option. Once you are done with that, then click on the ok button.


how to share printer windows 10


Step 6: New device to Connect with Printer

In this step, it’s time to connect the printer with a new device over the network. By sharing the printer, you will be able to print your document by not connecting the printer through the wire. To add a printer, you need to go to Settings and then click on the Devices >Printer and Services. Now, click on the plus icon for adding a new printer.

You will find the option of your printer if you have already done it with the settings here. For the new computer, you need to follow the previous steps to set up.

Now you will get the printer to connect and click on the connect and enjoy this amazing Windows 10 feature. I hope that you have understood how to share the printer with another computer windows 10. So, please do it for your comfort.


how to share printer windows 10





1.How to connect a shared printer in windows 7 to windows 10?

– To share a printer from windows 7 to windows 10, you need to turn on the sharable option from windows 7, which is also very easy. But, the appearance is a bit different from Windows 10. After that, for connecting, follow the previous steps in windows 10.


2.Should the printer have a Wi-Fi connection to use in multiple pc?

– Yes, it would help if you used a printer that has a connection to Wi-Fi so that you can connect different PCs on that printer. Again, some printers can connect with wire, and they can be connected to another pc through the pc they are in connected now.

Additional Tips

There are some additional tips for you to share a printer in Windows 10, which will help you easily do this task. So, let’s see the tips at a glance-

  • All the pc should be connected to the name network.
  • You can rename the pc name so that the sharing task may look easier to you.
  • For Windows 10 the sharing is very easy, but for windows 7 the sharing process is a bit difficult. So, I will suggest you use windows 10 for printer sharing.
  • Try to find the latest model of printer to have the best output.


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Final Note

I hope that you have understood how to share printer windows 10, and you will do that by yourself. Don’t use your devices roughly where you can be benefited from them. You will find more amazing features from windows 10. So, don’t miss the feel of being a windows 10 user.

I hope that you will work on every Windows 10 feature by yourself if Windows 10 printer sharing is not working, then try it by restarting your computer.



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