The Easier Guideline On How to Switch Users on windows 10?

For various purposes, your PC has multiple users. And especially windows 10 give you this opportunity. So, a question arises about how to switch users on windows 10?


Windows 10 is a user-friendly operating system where you can easily switch to another user (account). Moreover, you do not need to close the running apps.


But you may be confused about how to switch users, and you re-start the PC to switch among users. You can do it simply and need not re-starting your pc. As a solution, in this content, I will show you several ways and shortcuts to switch users on windows 10. So, let’s start.


Why do you need to switch users?


Sometimes you need to share your PC with your family members or others. If they have not proper idea about this operating system or it is their fast time, they may damage your files, operating systems etc. So, to address this problem, a window 10 gives opportunities to create more than one user account. And switching to another user will hide and protect your private files.

Moreover, you can create a customized guest user account for new users. This will keep your pc safe from unintentional damage.


Switch Users on windows 10 From sign-in screen


You can easily choose the user at start-up. After starting your PC, on the sign-in screen, you can see the user accounts on your PC. Then, click on the user account which you want to sign-in.

For this, power on your PC and the lock screen will appear. But you can not switch users from the lock screen in Windows 10. So, tap or click on the screen to display the sign-in screen. The sign-in screen, by default, appears for the most recent user in Windows 10.


How to Switch Users on windows 10


You can see the other users at the bottom left corner and just click on that. You can use a different sign-in option by taping “sign-in options” below the entry box. But, by default Windows 10 shows the last method which that user used. Then enter the necessary details according to the sign-in process.


How to Switch Users on windows 10


Switch Users on windows 10 From Start Menu

You can easily change the user account if you are already signed in. At first, tap or click on the start menu (or user icon). Then you will see your photo/symbol on the left side. Tap on your photo/symbol.


How to Switch Users on windows 10


You can see the other user now. And select the user which you want to switch.


How to Switch Users on windows 10


After that, the sign-in display will appear. Enter the correct sign-in information according to sign-in options such as Pin, password, Photo etc. And press enter to sign-in.  


Switch Users on windows 10 Using CTRL+ALT+DELETE

It is also an easy & fast method for switching user account in Windows 10. You can apply this way when you are already logged in with a user account. For this, at first, you need to press the CTRL+ALT+DELETE key on the keyboard concurrently.

Then, you will see a new screen. And you find some options. You should click on the “Switch User” option for switching user.


How to Switch Users on windows 10


After tapping, the sign-in display will come. Now, you can choose the user account. Fill in the box with the proper information. You can also choose your preferable sign-in option by tapping/clicking “Sign-in options”.


Switch Users on windows 10 Using ALT+F4


You can also switch user with this method when you are already signed in a user account.

For this method, at first, you need to shut down or minimize all the running apps which are displayed on the screen. Or, press the WIN+D simultaneously before using this method to make your desktop the currently active window.


After closing or minimizing all running apps, press the ALT+F4 keys altogether on the keyboard. Then, shut down windows prompt will appear.


How to Switch Users on windows 10


You need to tap the “shut down” option. Then a drop-down box will come. You need to select the “Switch user” from the drop-down box and click “OK”.


How to Switch Users on windows 10


This will take you to the sign-inscreen. Then choose your user account from the bottom left of the sign-in screen. Now, you can enter your desired user account by giving the correct sign-in information. You can also change the sign-in options by clicking “Sign-in options” and select your suitable option.


Switch Users Using Windows + L


This method is quite the same as the first method. The only difference is that you can do it by already signed in a user account and need notre-start your PC.


How to Switch Users on windows 10


You need to press the Windows + L keys simultaneously on the keyboard. It will lock your PC. And then, the Lock screen will display. You need to click on the screen then the sign-in screen will appear.

Then, choose your user account and sign in option which you want. Enter the appropriate sign-in detail for this account and press enter or click the arrow sign.


Running tsdiscon.exe or Using Command Prompt.


You can also “switch user” by typing a command. For this, you need to open Power Shell or Command prompt. Then, a page will show for typing your command. Type “tsdiscon” and press enter on your keyboard. Or you can run the “C:\Windows\System32\tsdiscon.exe” from Search, Run, and File explorer to enable switch user in windows 10 using command prompt.


How to Switch Users on windows 10


How to Switch Users on windows 10


But this method has some limitations. You can not do it on Windows 10 Home. If you are a user of Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise or other editions like these, you can apply this method.


This command will lock your account and display the lock screen. Tap anywhere on the screen, and the sign-in screen will come. Then choose your user account and sign-in method. Give the sign-in information and log in your account.


While Giving Picture Password


When the most recent user uses picture password as a sign-in option, this method can be applicable then.


You see the picture password when you enter the sign-in screen. On this screen, you will see the user’s names and two options. One is for changing sign-in options, and another is for switch users.


How to Switch Users on windows 10


To switch the user, click the switch user option. Then you can see the other user account on your PC. Choose your user account from the list and click on it.

You will be asked to give your sign in detail, which the most recent user used like password, pin, or picture password. Give the correct detail to sign in. You can also change the sign-in method by choosing your preferable one.




1.What is the shortcut method of switching user in windows 10?

Ans: Switching users with the help of keys from the keyboard is the shortcut ways. And you can do this instantly from the start menu.


2.How can I switch user when Windows is locked?

Ans: Just tap or click on the lock screen. Then you will see the list of users in the sign-in screen and click on your user account.


3.Can other users see my files in windows 10?

Ans: If you are an administrator or standard user, no one can see your files. But when you are a guest user, then the other two types of users can see the data.


Additional Tips:

There are some additional tips for you to switch users in Windows 10, which may help you to do this more easily. So, look at the tips at a glance-

  • Save your running works, especially doc., excel file as Windows doesn’t save work automatically.


  • Save your changes in your windows. Because other users might shut down, and then your changes will be lost.


  • If you are a remote PC user, you can not use all the methods.


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Final Note

 I hope you understand how to switch users in windows 10 and can easily do this task by yourself. I have discussed some easy and shortcut method for switching user account in windows 10. Choose one of them for you. And this can help you to share your PC with others, especially your family members.



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