How To Sync Contacts With Facebook On Android: 4 Min. Hacks

Without a doubt, the world’s biggest social media platform is Facebook. However, apart from being a social media, it has also grown as an efficient communication tool for daily uses. In this article, we’ll guide you step by step on how to sync contacts with Facebook on Android. This is super easy. 

So, you will find different people and add them to your contact list on Facebook. Nevertheless, It can be difficult to keep track of your Facebook contacts’ records. Particularly if you have to log in to your Facebook account each time. Now let’s start learning. 


Method of sync contacts with Facebook on Android

Step 1: First and foremost, go to the Google Play store. Then search for the Facebook app and download and install it on your device. 


Step 2: When the installation is done, tap on Settings in order to go to your Android device Settings. 


Step 3: Now scroll for the option named ‘Account & Sync’ at the Settings window. As you get the options, tap on them. Depending on the device you are using this option may vary. In some, it may be named as ‘Accounts’ or ‘User & Accounts.’


Step 4: Then from the Account & Sync page look for the ‘Add Account’ option. You may get that by scrolling down. 


how to sync contacts with facebook on android


Step 5: At this point choose Facebook from the list. You have to Login using your email and password. As you logged in your account will be added to the list of your Android device. 


Step 6: Lastly, navigate to ‘Sync Contacts’ option and press on ‘Sync Now’ icon to create the perfect sync of your Facebook contacts with the Android device. 


how to sync contacts with facebook on android


This is the conventional method. However, These days many third-party apps are coming up. They also provide great flexibility as well. We’ll discuss one of the apps that is easy to use and feature-full, Covve. You can use this app for adding pictures and contacts.


Let’s see how to use Covv to sync contacts with Facebook on Android. 


Step 1: First, download and install Covve on your device and go to the settings menu.


Step 2: There,  you will get the option named ‘add contact’ or ‘cloud accounts.’ 


Step 3: In the list of apps if you scroll down you will get Facebook as well. Simply check the box to enable the ‘sync’ option with the Facebook app.


Step 4: There will be more options like sync calendar and schedule Facebook posts also.


If you don’t see Facebook on the list then download and follow the steps again. 




Q1: Why can’t I sync my contacts on Facebook?

Answer: You can solve your problem easily. First, go to the Facebook app and navigate to app Settings. Then allow  ‘continuous contacts upload.’ This will solve your problem. 


Q2: Does Sync me work with Facebook?

Answer: The sync process is easy. Simply go to Settings and navigate to the Account section. Then enable the Sync. Me option to your Facebook account. That’s it.


Q3: What does sync mean?

Answer: Syncing on your Android smartphone basically means synchronizing your contacts and other details with Google. You can access the feature by going to Settings. Then select Accounts and lastly Sync.


Q4: What happened to sync me?

Answer:  Because of new Facebook contact problems, they temporarily pulled the app from the app stores. They are developing a newer version from the bottom to the top to stop this from happening in the future again. 


Final Thoughts

See, how easy it is to sync your contacts with Facebook. We tried to discuss everything in a very simple manner. Syncing Facebook contacts is a smarter way to get your Facebook contact list to your Android smartphone. This is even true when you have tons of friends on your Facebook and want to save their contacts on an Android device. 

This guide has helped many. We hope it helps you too. Let us know in the comment section if you have any queries we will try to catch you up later. 

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