How to Turn Off Auto-Capitalization on Android(4 Minitues)

Well, if you look around, you will find that people are mostly engaged in online to find out their unknown queries or communicate with others.

In this case typing acts as great assistance by providing so many extraordinary features like auto-capitalization, auto spell check, word suggestion, spelling correction, grammar correction, and many more. But, sometimes some features create a lot of problems while typing, auto-capitalization is one of them.

Through this article, you will be able to know How to turn off auto-capitalization on android  if you don’t require this feature.


What is auto-capitalization on android


Naturally, texting is a casual, hasty and on-the-go mode of communication. Sometimes, It might be tiresome to hit the shift key over and over again while you’re walking and texting.

If it happens in your social networking session you might become irritated and wish to smash your smartphone.


To relax from this pain developer brings a system named Auto Capitalization that permits you to start a new sentence with a capital letter. Thus, your writing becomes not only cozy but also looking good.





When should You use auto-capitalization on android?

Undoubtedly, one of the most splendid features for your device will be auto-capitalization and this is because no one likes typing on their smartphone. If you look at world mostly used language like in Spanish or even in English all proper noun starts with a capital letter but it is different for in German where all nouns are capitalized.


When you sent a formal email you have to keep your recipient name, company name and also address needs to start with a capital letter. Moreover, in order to write US states, UK postal codes you have to commence with a capital letter. If you are a blogger you also need to start your post and also your entering code with a capital letter, otherwise, the reader needs to work hard to figure out the meaning.


This is not only the benefits of auto-capitalization, but there are lots of hidden amenities you also find while you do your work.





Problems occur for auto-capitalization

We all know that every system has some negative aspect likewise, auto-capitalization also create some trouble in some cases. Like—-


  • While you are writing a scientific article or document, you often need to use the lower case letter for the scientific term to clearly express your meaning but auto-capitalization insists you not to do that.
  • You also face problems while you want to type a brand name for instance in (Linkedin), durex, Adidas and so many. If you have auto-correction software like Grammarly then they mark your written brand name thus it looks odd.
  • For the doctor, when they write disease name like multiple sclerosis, arthritis, anorexia needs to start with lower case, auto-capitalization try to make those upper case.






How to turn off Auto-capitalization on android – Way to Turn off Auto-Capitalization on Android


To be honest, the hack behind the disable Auto-Capitalization is not a tough job. If you really feel the ache for this feature, we are here to relieve your pain. So, all you need to patiently ply with our given steps.

Steps 1. First of all, you have to go to your smartphone Settings option, whatever your device is you could easily find it.


How to turn off auto-capitalization on android


Steps 2. Now, you have to get into the settings and find out the General management where language and input, date and time are situated.


How to turn off auto-capitalization on android


Steps 3. Next, go to the “Language and Input” option you can find it in the top position now tap on it.

Steps 4. After that, you may notice the “On-screen keyboard” option under the default keyboard option and press it.


How to turn off auto-capitalization on android


Steps 5. Then you will find your device keyboard option for Samsung you find Samsung keyboard and open it in there you will find the “Auto capitalize” function just under the “Auto spell-check” option. Now, touch on it then it turns into ash color.


How to turn off auto-capitalization on android


Thus, you will be able to successfully disable the auto-capitalization option by following our easy steps.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

How do I turn off auto capitalization on my Samsung?

We already discuss ins and out as well as display picture to turn off auto-capitalization on your Samsung smartphone.

How do I turn off first letter capitalization in Android?

In order to turn off first letter capitalization in your android operated devices, you need to carefully go through our article.

How do I turn off auto punctuation on Android?

By following our showing path through this article you could easily turn off auto punctuation on your android based devices.

How do I turn off auto caps?

If you feel it necessary to turn off auto caps, you need to patiently go through our discussed article.


Hopefully, we will find you enduring in our article and you will find this article beneficial as well as handy for your device. I hope you can able figure the hack behind how do you turn off auto capitalization on android from our ins and out the discussion. So, share this article with your friends and also tweak in our comment box if you face any problem.

















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