How To Turn On Android TV Box Without Remote

Using an Android TV box is a breeze as it brings your entertainment to your fingertips. But things are not always rosy to settle up, especially when you don’t find the remote around you. Since the remote does the maximum job and without using it, you will run into many issues to configure or set it up, you should come to know a few alternatives. Those alternatives will let you know how to turn on Android TV box without remote. 


Manually Turning On Process

One of the easiest ways to turn on your Android TV box without a remote is to use the TV box itself. 

Once you want to do so, simply go to the TV box where you have put it, then there you can see the power button. By the way, the power button also works by releasing the camera.

When you have switched on it, then you also click on it once again in order to boot the Android TV box. 


how to turn on android tv box without remote


Use The Android TV App

Using an Android TV app would be handy. Turns out, you can make your phone as a remote. Thankfully, the smartphone will work almost the same compared to any sophisticated remote. However, this would be only configurable when you have a Wi-Fi network to run it. To perform so, install any Android tv remote app (which suits your phone). Once you have installed it, then the app itself will automatically find your TV; only you need to tap the device thereby. 


Use The Remote Finder Button

This is the first step you should opt-in to as soon as you don’t find your remote. But this approach doesn’t suit Mi Box or other Android streaming boxes. Since they don’t have this build-in trait, having said that, if you own brand new Shield TV, then it should be your first task to do. 


With both the NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2019 and the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro, you’ll get a smart remote, which is very useful. Every time you lose your remote in the house you don’t need to look for it aimlessly. Simply press the remote finder button on the SHIELD TV, and instantly, a loud beep sound will come. The sound is coming from your remote. Follow the sound, and you’ll discover your remote where you forget it. 


how to turn on android tv box without remote


Use A Remote Finder App


Well, we talked about remote finders, but if you don’t have NVIDIA SHIELD TV, you won’t be able to use the feature. Fortunately, there are apps to get your back. These apps work the same way as ‘Find my remote’ on Android TV like Mi Box, Roku, etc. 


Android TV remotes usually operate through Bluetooth. Within a range, the remote emits signals to detect its position. For example, Wunderfind is an awesome app that enables you to find Bluetooth devices in the surrounding area. 


So how does this remote actually work? Follow the below-mentioned steps.


  • First, go to the Google Play store. Simply download and install the app and open it. 


  • As soon as it starts it’ll scan all the nearby devices. If you press the remote, it’d show you the signal strength and a radar chart. Change the direction slowly and you’ll notice the percentage fluctuates. 


  • The trick is as the signal percentage increases, it means you are nearer to the remote. When the percentage reaches 100%, you may manually look for it if you move along.


how to turn on android tv box without remote


Create A Wifi Hotspot

Suppose you are on a vacation and you packed your Mi Stick, Shield TV, Mi Box. Unfortunately, you left the remote home. Don’t fret, as there’s still a solution. As long as both devices are connected to the same WiFi network, you could use the Android TV remote app to operate your Android TV. But what happens when you took the Android TV outside? Because I’ll connect to your home Wi-Fi and automatically power On. 


To correct this, you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot with an identical SSID and password using the old network. That will trick the Android TV into thinking that it’s the old network and automatically connect. Once connected, you can use the Android TV app for Android and iPhone to modify the Wi-Fi.


To start with, you will require two devices – one smartphone to control Android TV via the app and one computer or smartphone to create a hotspot. In order to create a WiFi hotspot, you can use a Windows,  Mac, or Android smartphone. Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t allow you to change the WiFi network name.


For a quick demonstration, I will need to use two Android smartphones, one to control the TV and another to create a Wi-Fi hotspot. Make sure you enter the correct Wi-Fi name and password as both are case-sensitive.


how to turn on android tv box without remote


Use A Keyboard & Mouse

Well, this approach won’t help you find your remote rather gives you a method using Android TV without a remote. 


Not all the boxes but some of them like the NVIDIA SHIELD TV, Mi box, or Amazon TV box come with USB ports. You can take advantage of these ports by plugging in a mouse or keyboard. In case you lost the remote, promptly put in your keyboard or mouse to navigate the basic option. 


The question comes, how do I do it? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Follow the instructions below: 


  1. For manual settings, first, you have to go to the Settings option. 
  2. Followed by Language and input. 
  3. Next under the option ‘keyboard and input methods’ choose ‘Default.’
  4. Finally, you’ll get a pop-up menu, simply turn on the ‘physical keyboard.’


Well, you did it. Now as long as you don’t find your remote play with keyboard or mouse.  




how to turn on android tv box without remote






Will a universal remote work on an android box?

A total bummer, but good news!! This is a total disappointment but still good news. You can operate your Android TV device with your Harmony or other global remote for a little more than $10.00.


Can I use my phone as a remote?

Yes, you surely can. In fact, most Android and iPhone devices can be used for the same. Even the tablet and iPods also. If you have an old smartphone in your home, you can use it as your remote instead. 


How do I get my Android TV code?

This is very straightforward. Launch the pre-installed Google app on your device. Then type down ‘set up my device’. After that follow the instructions on the screen as long as you get the code. Be sure, the same code present on your TV also. 


Can I use Android TV without Internet?

Surely, you can access the basic functions of your TV without an internet connection. But to get the most benefit we suggest having an internet connection with TV-like Sony Android TV. 



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Final Words

If you have lost your Android TV box remote, there are many ways to solve the problem. The official Android TV app is a great solution, as it allows you to control your device from afar. 

However, only use the app if you are in your home. You can connect to a new Wi-Fi network by using the methods above, even without the remote. If all else fails, there are many replacement remotes available on Amazon that will help you out.

Finally, let us know in the comment section which method you found useful.

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