How To Turn On MiBox Without Remote: 4 Definitive Steps

MiBox comes with the most sophisticated Bluetooth 4.0 updated tool that easily establishes the remote connection. We have got to see the operation of it quite seamlessly. Again, the high latency of it ensures the connection is flawless.

However, there would be an exception when the connection won’t be established. Keeping this in mind we will tell you about how to turn on MiBox without remote. Once you read between the lines of our write-up then you will come to know for sure, so let’s delve in. 


Follow these 4 steps to turn on your MiBox without remote

We sorted out that using MiBox without a remote would be easy, all you need is to follow these steps. We have invested a decent amount of time and find out 4 tips for you that you can follow and get your job done without the remote. 



How To Turn On MiBox Without Remote



Step 1: Turn off the sleeping mode

Your MiBox sleeping mode should be disabled. Because once it will turn on to the sleeping mode then you can never turn on the MiBox without a remote. 



How To Turn On MiBox Without Remote



To perform so, make sure you will go to Settings>Device>Daydream>When to sleep, and there you can select Never. You are done. 


Step 2: Use IR remote



How To Turn On MiBox Without Remote



An alternative way is to use any IR remote when you have it on your phone. The IR remote is not that durable though, it is super fast to turn on your MiBox without a remote control. You might have this app on your phone. This app is simple and gets all the remote tasks done smoothly. 


Step 3: Use any third party app system

If you don’t have the physical remote then you can download an app of IR. By the way, any Universal remote app will do the same. To download the IR app for your phone, you can simply follow the process below.


  • Go to Google play store.
  • Search for IR app
  • You will find several apps
  • Pick one with higher ratings and positive reviews
  • Now download the app and enjoy your remote task


Once you download the app, you will find all the options that you use in your remote. If you are not sure about the model of your Mi Box, make sure to download a universal remote. A universal remote should work with different models. 


Step 4: Buy a Fire TV remote



How To Turn On MiBox Without Remote



The best option would be to purchase a fire TV remote that will make it easier. 





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Having some questions in mind after reading the process is common. To get your answer, make sure to go through the questions below. 


How can I use the Mi box without a remote?

The easiest way to use it is to purchase a fire TV remote. Another way is to use an IR remote. The tough route is to use a 3rd party Bluetooth remote. 


Can we switch on Mi TV without a remote?

Yes, you can but to do so, make sure you will keep the sleeping mode disabled first then use a Universal remote app. 


How do I control my mi box from my phone?

Well, it’s easy, all you need to do is to use a Universal remote app from your phone. The app you will find from google play store.


How do I connect my phone to my Xiaomi Box?

First off, powered by the Xiaomi Mi Box and your phone then connect it to the phone. Meanwhile, you need to turn on the WiFi using your device. Finally, open up your Google cast ready app then this will ensure to do the rest. 



Knowing how to turn on Mi Box without remote will add more convenience and fun to your Mi Box using. You can get rid of using the remote over and over to get things done. Besides, having one common remote, your Android smartphone, for all purposes will reduce the hassle a lot for sure. 

Finally, you come to the end line in this article. We believe you have already enjoyed your MiBox since we have already shared hacks with you. If you think we have missed something in this post or you fail to understand anything then let us know. We will reply back with a solution.

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