How to Type Enye Letter (Ññ) in Laptop windows,Mac Easily

The alphabets that are used in the English language and Spanish language are the same. But some special characters are used in Spanish, but they do not exist in the English language. 


Generally, an average interest user does not need to write these special characters usually. Still, sometimes we need to write such special characters that are present in other languages, but there is no dedicated key to write them on the keyboard. Such an attitude is enye (ñ). But that does not mean that it is impossible to write them. Special characters can be written in a laptop keyboard using a key combination. Today we will learn how to type ñ in laptop windows 10.


About the letter ñ (enye)


The letter enye (ñ) is a letter of Latin alphabet that has a tilde (~) on the top of n. In the 18Th century, this word enye was included in the Spanish alphabet. Then the Philippines adopted the letter ñ, and they use this letter as a separate letter in the Filipino alphabet. Now the word is very common and widely used in Philippine as this letter has been there for a very long time in the Filipino alphabet, so there are many names and places that have ñ in it.


There are several famous names like Niño and places like Las Piñas that have contained ñ in it. Many people use n instead of ñ as there is no dedicated key for typing enye. But the pronunciation of n and ñ is not the same. The name Niño is pronounced as ‘Ninyo,’ but if we write n in the word, then the pronunciation will be changed.


So, it is essential to write the world precisely as it is for proper pronunciation. Some necessary documents require the appropriate use of a passport or birth certificate. If the word enye does not use properly, then it can lead to problems and other types of inconvenience.


The process of typing enye ñ on a laptop in windows 10


Process-1: Type ñ using numpad


If you have a Numpad on your laptop keyboard, then you can quickly type enye on your laptop. Using a simple step, you can write enye.

  1. First, you need to enable the Numpad to do so press num lk. If it does not work, then press the fn button while typing using the Numpad.
  2. Press alt + 164 or alt + 0241 to write ñ. And alt + 165 or alt + 0209 to write Ñ.


  • ñ = Alt + 164 / Alt + 0241Ñ = Alt + 165 / Alt + 0209


Process-2: Type ñ without Numpad

If you don’t have Numpad on your laptop keyboard, then you need other methods to write ñ. Here it is-

  1. Click on the start menu, then scroll down and find Windows Accessories.







  1. Expand windows accessories then click on Character Map.







  1. You’ll see the ñ on the bottom left corner there.







  1. In case if you require capital enye, then Ñ is a bit more difficult to find than ñ. For Ñ tick mark, the Advanced View option and type n on the search bar. You’ll find Ñ on the top right side of the character map.







  1. Double click on Ñ or ñ and then click on Copy.







  1. Paste the copied enye wherever you want by pressing ctrl + V.




How to type ñ in laptop windows 10




Process of typing enye Ñ/ ñ on Microsoft word

The combination we talked about above does not work in Microsoft Word. You need to use a different combination to type ñ on Microsoft word.

  1. Press ctrl + shift + ~
  2. Now release the buttons and press shift + n for Ñ.
  3. After releasing the button press n to write ñ.


  • ctrl + shift + ~ + n = ñ
  • ctrl + shift + ~ + shift + n = Ñ


Microsoft office shortcut for typing enye (ñ)

There is one another way of typing ñ in Microsoft office.

  1. Type n or N where you need enye.
  2. Now type 0303 next to n/N.
  3. Now press alt + X, and the letter will turn into Ñ or ñ.


How to type enye (Ñ/ ñ) on a mac laptop

Type enye on a mac is quite easier than windows. Follow these steps

  1. Press option + n, and you’ll see ~ (tilde) there.
  2. Now press n for ñ or shift + n for Ñ.


Using the ways mentioned above, one can quickly type enye on laptop windows 10. Hopefully, you will find this guide on how to type ñ in laptop windows 10 useful. We have tried to guide you to write Ñ as only as possible. These tricks will help you whenever you need to write the letter enye.



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