How To Avoid Screen Turns OFF When Watching Video Android?

Imagine, you are watching one of your favourite NetFlix show then the screen automatically turns off without prior notice. It seems pathetic to see screen turns off when watching video Android. A lot of people are facing this issue and so on we come with a solution for them. If you are among them, then stick to this article and get to know how to avoid screen turn off process.


How To Avoid Screen Turns OFF when watching Video Android_


Effective tips on avoiding your Screen automatic turn off

If you are suspecting the cause of screen turning off automatically, then you must apply some of the tips. And here are some of the tested tips we are going to introduce with you below:


#1 Check out the Timeout Settings:

Before you go to check into deep, the first and foremost thing is to see your timeout settings first. You may be a wonder to see how does your screen shut off without any prior notice, right? May be last weak, you set the timeout settings to let the device shut after a designated period, and now on this weak, you forget the stuff.


On the other hand, when you are suspecting the issue, on primary detection, there would be two scenarios. The first one would be the automatic timeout itself and then there would be serious cons with the coding development. The coding issue would be with the particular website that you are watching the videos online. Hence, roll back to the different site and try out different videos, if still there is a problem with the screen out then it would be with the settings issue.


Now on, you at least get to know there is no such coding issue so, go straight to the automatic timeout settings and see the settings and tweak it right away if found there.  Over there, you need to drag down the notification bar from the top corner of your screen. Afterwards, scroll down and see the timeout display and make it correct.


How To Avoid Screen Turns OFF when watching Video Android_


#2 Keep your device Stay Awake

Keeping your device stay awake would be an instant solution. So when you are suspecting that, there is no other findable issue, you get to know then go for the Stay Awake option.


In order to do so, you may go to the Settings>Tap on there>Locate the Developer button(placed at the bottom). And, now tap on the button over there. Afterwards, go back and see whether your screen turns off automatically or not, most often you will solve the issue there.


#3. Tweak with the Smart Screen

Having the smart screen settings would be a blessing for you when you are having this automatic screen turning off issue. The Smart Screen is a great feature that comes with some of the Android devices using the simple wave of your hands. This technology comes with the automatic hand wave detection hence, the screen will come alive instantly. Hence, when you are facing this con then wave your hand and get to see the screen alive once again.


#4. Use an APP:

If all the above hacks won’t let you get over the problem, then we recommend you to use a superb application Stay Alive!


How To Avoid Screen Turns OFF when watching Video Android_




How do I keep my Android screen from turning off?

Go to the Screen Settings>Scroll on Display option>Tap on Sleep and then you can see the screen won’t getting turn off once again.

Why does my screen go black while watching videos?

If you encounter the “Black Screen” issue then it may happen due to the corrupted file that you are running or any malware attack on your device.


How do I keep my screen on while watching videos?

You can keep your screen on all the time if you go to the settings and turn on Stay Awake option over there.


Wrapping UP:

So here we come to an end and a solution for screen turns off when watching video android. Hopefully, this article has already benefited you as we have shown the tested hacks with you. Now on, you won’t see your screen turn off automatically and enjoy all the video seamlessly. However, if you find any issue then we are here to resolve it once again.


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