What is Android System Web View (6 Step )

Many Android smartphone and tablet users don’t have any idea what is Android System Web View. If you don’t know as well about this important stock feature of the Android operating system, make sure to read this article till the last.

The vital functionality allows Android users to view web content while using other apps without opening any web browser application.  After the Android 7.0 Nougat update, the scene has changed slightly, though. Now, Google has integrated the service with its Chrome browser app.

With the latest Android System WebView, many users encounter certain issues, such as they can’t perform the app update. So, FixWill, like always, will help you solve those issues in this post.


Solution of Android System WebView Not Updating

As far as the Google developer forum report, there should not be any major issue regarding the update. You might be able to fix the problem by following the below aids.


1.  Restarting Your Smartphone

Before trying other solutions, you should take a simple reboot into consideration. It may be only the temporary files or cache obstructing the update of your Android System WebView.

The operating system would fix the issue by applying the system settings after the restart.


2.  Test Wi-Fi Or Data Connection

As you know, updating apps require a bit of faster broadband speed. So, check if your internet connection is stable or not. You can restart your router to settle things if there is an issue.

Also, while trying to update again, close all the background apps except Google Play Store.


3.  Turning Off the Auto Update

Sometimes, we enable automatic application update in our phone. So what happens is whenever your phone connects to the internet, it starts updating the app that is in the pipeline. That means there is nothing problem with the Android System WebView. It is just the queue is waiting for the serial to get the update. If you want to turn the feature off, follow this manual path.

  • Launch Play Store app first.
  • On the upper-right edge of the screen, click on the 3-horizontal line. It will drag a menu section.
  • Now, select Settings from the list of options. Under the General section, you will find Auto-Update apps. Switch it off.


What is Android System Web View



4.  Uninstalling the System WebView

Indeed, the Android operating system does not allow you to remove the Android System WebView permanently. Although you can set it to the default version by uninstalling recent updates.

What you need to do is open the Google Play Store app again. Then type the WebView app name on the search box.

Go to the app profile. Click on the Uninstall button. After the uninstallation, you would be able to see the Update button if there is any available. Hit on that to start updating.


What is Android System Web View



5.  Cleaning App Cache

Clearing app data or cache can also resolve the issue. Don’t worry. Cleaning the app cache or data won’t delete any of your apps. It will just make it in the initial stage. To do so, you have to force stop the Android System WebView first.

Dive inside the phone Settings application again.

Find the Apps & Notifications section and select it. It might be named as only Apps or Applications in some smartphones and tablets.


What is Android System Web View



Now you have to click on the 3-dot button on the upper right section of the window. There click on the Show System.


What is Android System Web View



From the list of system apps, find the WebView application. Open the app.

On the next screen, hit the Force Stop button. It will stop the app all of a sudden. Try to update the System WebView now from the Play Store.

If still, the app does not take the update, you might need to clean the cache and data. To do that, follow the above moves again.

Then click on the Storage.

Inside there, you will see two options: Clear Cache and Clear Data. We suggest you first clean the cache. Then again, try to update the app.

If it does not work, then clean the whole app data and try again.

What is Android System Web View



6.  Updating from Other Source

If any of the above does not work, the final solution you can apply is downloading the latest version of the Android System WebView from a third-party app store such as ApkMirror. Click on the app profile link to visit the page.

Now download the latest version of the Android System WebView from the list of the version.

When the download is finished, manually installed it from the downloaded folder. Hopefully, this solution will fix your update issue.




Should I Update Android System WebView?

Android is regularly working on functional bugs and performance issues. Also, comparing other operating systems, Android has the maximum optimization issues.

Updating to the latest may enhance your browsing experience, lag issues, and data consumption. Thus, we recommend you update the Android System WebView regularly or whenever it has one.


Why is Android System WebView Disabled?

If your System WebView is not operating or disabled by default, you are using Android Nougat or a higher version of your device’s operating system.

In those updated versions, Android devices cover the WebView support with Google Chrome web browsing application. Since each product is developed by Google, technically, WebView is still running under covered.


How Does Android System WebView App Work?

The system app by Android is actually an extension. It functions when you need it to. For example, when browsing the Instagram app, you often might find a blog or other website link on the wall posted by someone.

Did you notice, when you click on the link, it does not open any installed browser app such as Chrome? Instead, it opens inside your Instagram app. If you are done with browsing the link, you can simply go back to the Instagram app again. That is who the System WebView works.



We have discussed all insights on what is Android System Web View in this article. Also, there are 6 steps guide to fix the updating issue of this system app.

Hopefully, you will find the solution from any of these methods. If you can’t solve the issue yet, we suggest you take a step back, backup your data, and make a factory reset of your phone. Good luck.


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