What Is Ims Service Android & How to Fix IMS service has stopped

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Hello, my name is Biajid and I am a tech enthusiast. I have a passion for solving technical problems...


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Hello, my name is Biajid and I am a tech enthusiast. I have a passion for solving technical problems...


Last Updated: July 11, 2023

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2023)

If you ever come to see an error message “IMS service has stopped” then you have to know about what is IMS service Android. If you haven’t made it through then no worries, this blog will definitely help you to sort out. Besides, we will show you up every step and make it clear to you.


Well, to do so, you won’t need to learn rocket science technology, it’s an easy-going job, all you need to do is to read between the lines here.


What is IMS Service on Android

The elaboration of IMS goes to IP Multimedia Subsystem or it also stands for the IP Multimedia Core Network Subsystem. In other words, tech-savvy people commonly understand it as packet-based IP networking. This IP networking is a kind of architectural framework that delivers IP multimedia services to us. In the era of voice and multimedia communications, we mostly get it through using this technology.


What Is Ims Service Android


This framework is the latest technology and ensures seamless communication with us. Previously, we used the circuit-switched-style networking technology which comes with so many bugs and falters. Using the latest technology with IMS allows us to get more accurate data on the air and more importantly it is easy to trace out. As a result, it is somewhat the best way to have a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) system with our available smartphones.


Advantages of using IMS service on Android


What Is Ims Service Android



The key reason to have this technology is to grab the versatile framework. Yes, you heard that right, the IMS is good to go for serving the multiple platforms as a low-level foundation starting from the Voice over IP (VOIP), Video Calling, Push to Talk, Push to view and also Video sharing.


Furthermore, you must be thankful for it as the IP multimedia subsystem service works for the software of any Android device without any falters hence, it is a great tool for the vendor for the carrier provided communication app. Apart from it, the IMS service on Android ensures to have multimedia services within texting and calling at the same place via the IP network.


Let not forget to tell you another ground-breaking benefit of it is to enable the person to content communication and person to person connection via the different sorts of modes including the text, picture, voice, video, etc. Hence, to pass out the information becomes extremely personalized using the same protocol.


What is about IMS service Error?

You have already learned about the definition and benefits of using IMS service. And, it has another scenario as well and it may falter too. Normally the error comes around unexpectedly and most of us don’t know the reasons behind it.


We FixGuider combine some of the leading reason for IMS service has stopped causes and facts, so let’s dig deep into those issues below:



Outdated Apps: Sometimes when you do not regularly update your apps then you may likely encounter the problem. Many of us tested out the solution once they update their system.


Corrupted cache: As you know each and every app comes with the cache files then you should also know those files also cause trouble with the loading speed, especially when you have limited RAM storage. Things are getting even worse when those caches become corrupted and you find IMS service falters.


Default Texting App: You may find your phone configuration inappropriate especially with the location-based settings which are incorporated with the texting application, in that circumstances, you may find the IMS error too.


Third-Party Application: Due to have structural falters of a third-party application, you may likely face the issue with the IMS service error.



Some definitive ways to fix the error of IMS service has stopped

If you are holding any of the Samsung phones which are most likely to fall in trouble with IMS service error, then you may find a way out from a few tips here.


What Is Ims Service Android


Tip: 1 Boot your mobile phone in a safer mode

You may not know which new apps come with a con especially with the unwanted cache so you may find the unwanted error message. It may get worse when you won’t find the problem out in an ordinary way. In that case, to resolve the issue you should boot the phone in a safe mode.


Here are some tips you may follow:


  • Begin with the shutting down the power of your device
  • When you see it is shut then press the “power off” and then you will see the logo of Samsung


What Is Ims Service Android


  • Now on, you need to select the “safe mode” which will be appeared on your screen
  • You may now check out the issue if persist and then eliminate the culprit application
  • Now continue until it goes wrong and finally you can resolve the system


TIP 2: Upgrade your current Apps


As we have already encountered that your current outdated app may be the culprit of this error then you may fix it after upgrading the current apps.


Here are the steps you may follow below:


  • At first, you need to go to the Settings on your mobile and there ensure to click on “about phone”
  • Here you need to tap on the “Software Updates” then select “check for updates”
  • If the app requires to have any update then you will see the “Download Now” option over there
  • Once you have done with the downloading stuff then you will have a confirmation message
  • Now on, click on “yes” then you will see the mobile will take a restart
  • After restarting the process, now you will come to see the phone get update and solution come thereby


Tip: 3: Remove Message App Data And Cache


You may find the IMS service has stopped error whenever it is linked with the texting app. Hence, it is crucial to clear the cache of that particular app and also the data of the messaging application.


Here are the following tips to do so:


  • At first, you will need to go to the settings and then open “Apps” list choose the Message app out of the list
  • Now tap on the Message app>> go to the Storage option
  • Now on clear the cache and click on the confirm
  • Clearing the cache now move on to the “Clear cache”


What Is Ims Service Android


  • You may now reboot the phone then check once again to see problem ever found or not



Tip 4: Check for Apps Update


You may find some of the apps won’t get the update automatically, as a result, they may be the culprit of the error message. To sort out those not updated apps then you need to update them manually. Otherwise, they will make conflict with the Operating System and you may find the IMS error.


  • Hence, a good way is to follow the process below and take initiative to resolve:
  • Make sure you have the verified Gmail ID and run the Google PlayStore on your device



What Is Ims Service Android



  • Now, you need to tap on the menu button and select “My Apps and Games”
  • Here you need to click on the “Updates” then select “refresh” icon
  • After doing so, you may now click on “Update all” then you will get to see them updated


TIP 5: Go with Factory Reset Settings



What Is Ims Service Android



Factory reset settings are not recommended until you won’t find out the solution with the above tips. But when you are unable to sort out of this then go with the process. Therefore, you should go with the Factory reset settings, and you may follow the steps to sort it out.


  • Firstly, ensure to turn off your mobile phone
  • Afterward, press on the Volume UP+Bixby button+Power Button
  • You need to hold on to those button before you get to see the Recovery Menu
  • Once experience to see it then go for “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” using the Volume Down button
  • Now try to use the Power button to select it
  • Then also select Yes by using the Volume Down button and press Power button to confirm
  • Now you need to wait for a minute to see the entire process come to an end
  • Once it is done then you will see your phone would be free from those unwanted errors


Note: Before Performing the Factory Reset, make sure to backup all of your data unless you will be lost them all


Tip 6 Alternative way to fix IMS service has stopped


It would be rare to see you won’t fix the issue after following the above tips one by one. However, it persists so, then you may find an alternative solution to follow.


In that case, we will suggest you spend cash on the Android Repair tool. This professional-grade tool will help you to get over from the IMS error message



1.What is IMS service on Android phones?

IMS runs the communication which are of packet-based IP Networks for example, they are VoIP, Push to talk, Push to view, video calling etc.


2.What IMS service stands for?

The elaboration of IMS service is IP Multimedia Subsystem Service which will be initially present on your Android system runs for communication.


3.What does IMS service has stopped mean on my Android phone

When the IMS service has stopped it means one of your apps caused it so you need to clear the cache and the data.


4.What does IMS service has stopped mean on Samsung j3

Mostly the prime suspect would be the corrupted cache of your Samsung J3 handset so once you clear those cache and restart the phone then it is likely to be solved easily.


Ending Note:


After reading between the articles on what is IMS service android error, I hope you get to know one of the ways to sort out. We also share about the IMS service like how it works and what benefits it will provide you. We have shown up the best 6 ways to resolve the issue, however, if you won’t get the result, then we are all ears to you, all you need to do is to ping us and we will get back to you shortly.

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