Discover The Mystery of What is TWINUI in windows 10?

Many Windows users have reported that they are facing a problem while trying to open any file instead of opening that file they see ‘TWINUI’ on their screen. Some also said that the default apps of their computer had been replaced with TWINUI, and they cannot even change the default apps as well. If you are facing such a situation, then follow the instructions mentioned-below, and hopefully, you’ll get rid of this problem. In this article, we will discuss what is TWINUI in Windows 10 and how to remove TWINUI as the default app.


What is TWINUI?


Many of us may have seen TWINUI while opening a link or files from our email. That is why many people think that TWINUI is an app for opening pdfs or email clients as they mostly appear when we try to open pdf from our internet browser or while clicking on a link that is on our email. TWINUI has been in the windows for quite a long time, and it is one of the essential components of Windows shells.


TWinUI stands for Tablet Windows User Interface. It was first introduced in Windows 8, and Microsoft continued to provide the app in every new version of Windows after Windows 8. TWINUI is not an app, but a system library and an essential part of the windows shell. The job of TWINUI is to handle opening links or files in support of other programs.


The mistake most people make is that they think TWINUI is a built-in app for opening pdf or files that works as an email client in forums and discussion. This system library mostly appears while opening any file online or any other protocol link. When the windows recognize the link, then it opens the file online using TWINUI.


Due to a bug of Windows 10, many users face a situation where all their default apps become set to TWINUI, and they cannot be able to change it. On this problem, the users see all the apps become reset to TWINUI, which means that there is no preset default app on the computer. The main reason for this problem is System Registry corruption. Now we will learn how to remove TWINUI as the default app.


Solution-1: Remove TWINUI using windows power shell


Using windows power shell, we can reset the default app. For that, we need to enter a command, and it will reset the default of every app. After that, you can easily set any default app for opening a file.


Step-1: Press Windows + X, and a menu should pop up on your computer screen. From the menu, click on ‘Windows PowerShell (Admin),’ and by doing that, you have opened a windows power shell with admin rights.


What is TWINUI in windows 10


Step-2: Now, you need to enter a command to reset the default apps. Copy the command, paste it on the Windows Power shell then press enter. The command is-

Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}


What is TWINUI in windows 10?


After executing the command, close the windows Power shell and try opening the file again where you are facing a problem.


Solution-2: Empty the local state folder

If your problem occurs only when trying to open an image, you can use it to get rid of TWINUI. In this method, we will delete the content of photos to reset the default app. For that-

Step-1: Press Windows + R to open the Run application.

Step-2: Enter the command-



What is TWINUI in windows 10?


Step-3: After executing the command, you’ll see a folder full of files. Press Ctrl + A to select all the files. Now press Delete to remove all the files from that Local state.


What is TWINUI in windows 10?


Step-4: Now, reboot your computer, and that should solve the problem.


Solution-3: By Using System File checker


Often TWINUI occurs due to the presence of a corrupted system file. So, we should also check for the corrected file using the system file checker. If there is any corrupted file present, then the windows will fix it, and the problem will be gone.


Step-1: Press Windows + R to access the Run application. Now enter ‘cmd’ to enter the Command prompt.


Step-2. On the command prompt type “SFC /scannow” and then hit enter. Executing this scan may take some time as it is checking the whole system.


Step-3: Now wait and see that if there is any corrupted file or not. If found any, then windows will fix it by itself. Restart your PC to apply the changes.


Solution 4: Install the latest Windows updates


Microsoft provides updates to secure your computer and to fix bugs. Many bugs are fixed by updating windows. As we have mentioned before, TWINUI is a bug in Windows 10, so it can also be fixed by updating the windows to the latest version. If you haven’t updated Windows for a long time, then we suggest you update windows, and it may fix your problem. There are some bugs in Windows 10, and Microsoft is trying to fix them by providing updates. To update your OS to the latest version, follow these steps-


Step-1: Open search option and type windows update. Click on Windows Update Settings. A new page will open.


Step-2: Now see there is an option on that page “Check for updates.” Click on that and see if there is any update available or not.

Step-3: If any update is available, then update your windows and check that your problem is fixed or not.


Solution 5: Restoring your system


If any of the above methods do not work for you, you should try restoring your system to solve this problem. Before restoring your system to the last restore point, you should make a backup of your important files and documents. You should know that if you restore your system to the previous restore point, then the change you make to your system after that point will be lost. For example, suppose that you updated your system on 25 December, and today is 31 December, then the changes you make within these days will be lost. To restore your system, follow these steps-

Step-1: Open search box and type restore in it. Click on the Create a Restore Point.


Step-2: Select System Restore.


What is TWINUI in windows 10?


Step-3: A new pop-up window will open. On that pop-up, Click Next and follow the instructions.


What is TWINUI in windows 10?


Step-4: After that, you’ll see a list now click on the last restore point from the list.


What is TWINUI in windows 10?


Step-5: To confirm restore, click on, Yes, and the restoring process will be started.




Question: IS the TWINUI virus?

Answer: No, TWINUI is not a virus but a bug in windows 10. Sometimes users face TWINUI on their computer due to registry corruption but not because of a virus.


Question: Where is TWINUI located?

Answer: TWINUI is a system library, and you can find twinui.dll in Windows/system32 folder.

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Question: How can I remove TWINUI?

Answer: You can easily remove TWINUI using windows power shell. You need to use this command- Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}


Due to a bug, many users face TWINUI problems. The problem is quite easily fixable using the Windows power shell. In this article, we have tried to give an idea about what is TWINUI in Windows 10 and how to remove TWINUI as the default app. Hopefully, you will get rid of the TWINUI problem using the methods mentioned above.

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