Where Are Voice Recordings Stored On Android [Find Easily]

Well, if you look at your android operated smartphone, you will see a bundle of pre-set software. Among them, voice recording is one of the amazing software, indeed. It helps us to record our own voice but sometimes we face difficulty finding out our recorded file on our smartphone. It might occur due to the complex mechanism, but don’t worry we are here to assist you to figure out where are voice recordings stored on android.


What is voice recordings


Voice recording is a sophisticated mechanism by which anyone can record his/her own voice, lectures, conversations, meeting, interviews, and so on. Moreover, in interviews, client meetings or roundtables, podcasts, phone interviews and also reminders when you can’t write like in the car, you can get the highest benefits from voice recording features. Moreover, health or any kind of professional could add reliability in their field, and also could share their knowledge among people.


Usage Scenarios of voice recordings features

Voice recording assists in a dozen professional’s work as well as makes it easy also. Let’s see some of its usage scenarios below.

  • For the student, it will be a great app to record their teachers’ lectures for future use.
  • Those who are business professional, they can use voice recording to record their meetings as a document.
  • Researchers could use voice recordings to record their facts, theories and also to collect data.
  • Voice recording app assists engineers in the field analysis, data collection and so on.
  • Voice recording technology widely used by the journalist to record audio interviews.


Where are voice recordings file stored on android


In every android based smartphone, a voice recorder app has already pre-installed.

Whenever you record your voice or anything it saved depending on the storage selected, we show you the details.


Step 1. First of all, go to your phone’s File Manager and tap to open it,



Step 2.

Within there you may find two storage, and one would be internal storage and the other one would SD card storage. Now on you need to tap on the internal storage.


where are Voice recordings stored on android


Step 3. After getting into the Internal storage folder, you may see many folders among them find out the Voice recorders and tap on that folder.


where are Voice recordings stored on android


Steps 4. In the Voice recorders folder, you may find my_sounds folder


where are Voice recordings stored on android



Suggesting App

If you find difficulties with your pre-installed voice recording app or your phone have no voice recording app, then this suggestion might be beneficial for you. We suggest you use the Smart Voice Recorder app, which is free and easy to use. You could easily download this app from google play store.


Smart Voice Recoder App


When you download and install a smart voice recording app and tap to open then the app shows the display like the image.


  • When you want to record, the big red button indicates how much time you record your voice or whatever you want. The recording level indicator lies above this red button you may see this.


where are Voice recordings stored on android


  • While recording, you have to speak clearly to the microphone by holding your phone close to your mouth. In order to pause recording, touch the big red button the second time and you can continue again by tapping the red button.


  • To finish the recording, you have to touch on the Finish button then you will see a new window where you can save your audio file. If you do not give name of your recorded file then a default file name is automatically generated so change the name to easier to remember in the future. The recorded audio also contains the date of recorded, its length, and size also.


where are Voice recordings stored on android


You can also transfer your recorded file to the computer by cloud storage (Dropbox) or as an attachment to an e-mail message.





Where are my voice recordings stored?

You can find your recorded voice by following this path File manager => Internalstorage => VoiceRecorder => my_sounds.


How do I retrieve a voice recording on my Android phone?

An app named Android Data Recovery will help you to regain your voice recording on your android phone.


Where are voice recordings stored on Samsung?

For Samsung smartphone, you have to follow My Files => Internal Storages => Voice Recorder.


Does my phone have a voice recorder?

Some smartphone has no preloaded voice recorder function, but you can install the recorder app from the play store.


Final thought

Hopefully, this article would be suitable for you to understand where are voice recordings stored on android. We also suggest an amazing app if you face any problem with your pre-loaded app. Last but not least, if you find this article worthy share in your social media and also share your experience with us.

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