Where Is The Voicemail App On My Android Phone: Easy To Find Ways

Once upon a time, we used to deal with voicemails every day, but today text SMS is the best solution. But if you want to recall the old days, then the good news is your smartphone still allows you to access it. Since many of us have not used it for a long time, maybe we don’t know where is the voicemail app on my Android phone. 

Well, this article will show you and give you more insights into voicemails on today’s Android devices. 


What is a Voicemail on Android? 

Voicemail is the old-school fun with our voice message which is stored in electronic form left by its sender. Afterward, a recipient can retrieve it and give feedback if he wants to do so. Voicemail was a popular way to send messages to those who are not ready to take calls. It helps to eliminate holding calls and thus communication becomes fostering. 


3 Places where you can find your voicemail on Android

We will show you the 3 places where you may find voicemails, so where are they? Let’s get started


  • Check your notification bar

Your android notification bar is a blessing! It is the fastest way which will take you to the voicemail.


where is the voicemail app on my android phone


  • Check out your dial-pad

On your dial pad, you are going to see a voicemail. Once you will tap on that sign then this will also take you to the voicemail process, hopefully, it is another handy trick.


where is the voicemail app on my android phone


  • Tap on any number

Last but not the least, it is another easiest way to check your voicemail on android. Here you also need to use the dial pad. For example, you will tap on the key 1 then hold for a sec.


The heck with it, this number is a dedicated key for the voicemail. Underneath that number you can see a sign that means a recording sign. 


By tapping on any number, you can easily go to the voicemail option, this is fast and easy as well. 


where is the voicemail app on my android phone


  • Third-Party Voicemail App

If you don’t like the in-built voicemail system on your Android phone then no worries, there are tons of voicemails available in the Apps Store android.


where is the voicemail app on my android phone


The amazing feature that stands out from the default is to have the visual text out of it. This visual voicemail app requires at least 1GB Ram on your Android phone, so with the oldest version, it won’t run. 



Does Samsung have a voicemail app?

Yes, Samsung does have a voicemail app that represents the visual text on its Android phone. By the way, this app requires you to have access to your contacts. 


How do I check voicemail on my Samsung Android?

Well, Samsung is nothing else but another Android-based phone, so here you can check voicemail by tapping on the dial-pad numbers. 


Where is the app icon on Android?

In order to find the app icon, swipe up your home screen there you will get to see the app drawer icon, so the app drawer icon is present in the doc. 


Why is my voicemail not working?

Well, there are so many issues but the most common one is to use the old operating system. If you will update with a newer one, then the bug will be no longer available. 


How do I clear the voicemail icon on my Android phone?

Well, it is about the notification system settings, once you keep it off then the icon won’t pop up anymore. 


To Wrap Up

Finally, you come to know where your voicemail app is while using your Android phone. We have shown you the four ways and now you can find them using any of them. Hopefully, our definitive guidelines will show it to you. However, if you think we miss something to cover then definitely let us know.

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