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Remember we are not a bulk link seller. And we don’t accept caiso,Gambling even we don’t accept niche irrelevant websites.

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So, Our pricing will be high. Please check the current prices. And note: these prices are fixed

Type of Guest Post Duration Price
Guest Post 6 months $70
Guest Post 1 year $90$
Guest Post permanent 120$
Link insertion 6 months 50$
Link insertion from High traffic post 6 months 120$
Link insertion from High traffic post 1 year 150$
Link insertion from High traffic post permanent 200$
Guest Post – No follow 6 months 30$
Guest Post – No follow 1 year 50$
Guest Post – No follow permanent 70$

And please keep in mind that if you provide AI-generated or plagiarized content, it will not be accepted..

 We will manually review your content, and if it does not meet our standards, we will not publish it, In sha Allah.

Alternatively, you can take writing service from us. 20$ for 1000 word & very high quality 30$ for 1000 word.

Hope you understand and I wish our website link will boost your seo In sha Allah.

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If you are also interested in banner ads & sidebar ads. We are also open for that.

  1. Banner Ad: 468×60 pixels
  2. Leaderboard Ad: 728×90 pixels
  3. Skyscraper Ad: 160×600 pixels (Wide Skyscraper), 120×600 pixels (Skyscraper)
  4. Rectangle Ad: 300×250 pixels (Medium Rectangle), 336×280 pixels (Large Rectangle)
  5. Interstitial Ad: Full-screen, various sizes
  6. Pop-up Ad: Various sizes
  7. Pop-under Ad: Various sizes
  8. Video Ad: Various sizes and formats (e.g., 300×250, 640×360)
  9. Rich Media Ad: Various sizes and formats
  10. Native Ad: Various sizes, often integrated into content
  11. Text Ad: Usually a link or small amount of text within content
  12. Floating Ad: Various sizes
  13. Expandable Ad: Starts small, expands to larger size upon interaction


Please remember that after publishing the article, you are required to make the payment within 3 days.


Payment Option: Paypal Preferable.

Payoneer accepted, US ,UK local bank accpeted. Indian Rupee accepted urgent only)