Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy directs to every step legally, and hereby we declare every possible manner regarding our site. The Privacy Policy will declare all the factual deals and by the following policy will govern the sites, contents and any sort of future reference. If anyone fails to maintain the policy then we are legally capable of taking any action accordingly. is a data-driven informative site whereas, we provide any information to the site users. Here are some of the Policies we are going to declare, if you are a visitor of us then you may need to read below, and then claim anything against us. 


Personal identification information

We will be gathering the personal identification information from the users in different manners or ways, and these will be including but not limited to. This will become to action while the users will come to visit our site, subscribe to us, connect to use and fill out any form. For example, the data would be automatically saving like the visitor’s name, email address, physical address and so on. Furthermore, we are not going to receive any of the personal and secret information of our users only if they come to share with us while contact with us via email or post any comment. 

Non-personal identification information

We will be also collecting any of the non-personal information from our visitors once they will interact with our websites and so on. Those non-personal information would be browser name, technical information, IP addresses, internet service providers and so on. 

Web browser cookies

We take cookies and save it to provide a better user experience. However, the user may have authority over it and they may refuse it. Once they will accept it then we will have some information. The users will be get notified as to the notification pop-up on the screen whereas they can make choice to either accept it or refuse it. 

How we use collected information will collect the information on the following process: 

To personalize user experience

We may collect the data from the user’s side in order to improve the services from us and to understand more closely and improve more

To improve our Site

Our main aim is to continuously improve our website contents based on the data-driven information

To send periodic emails

We may send periodic emails according to our user’s intent and we won’t make any spam to them. Users may unsubscribe that following periodic emails as well. So when the users will allow us to send our emails then they will get notified and receive those emails. 

How we protect your information

We collect the data and ensure those won’t leak out from our side to any third-parties. Basically, we use them to get connected with you and give you better services. We will be storing your name, address, password, transaction information and won’t share those to any others other than our site. 

Data subject rights:

Under the rules of GDPR, users have the following eight rights: 


  1. We have clear reasons to process your every data like who is using it and why they are using it or passed to


  1. You have the right of getting access into the data controller where we kept your data and you come to know what we stored


  1. You have the right to amend or correct the data of yours and you can take part in resolving or correcting them


  1. Under a few circumstances, you may have the right to ask for deleting the data of yours. And, this condition only comes to apply when your data would be no longer in use from our side. 


  1. You can halt the data or restrict us to process your data however for the temporary halt of your personal data, you need to set a dispute or legal notice to use


  1. You will have the right to have the data portability, and it is about the data supply channel. In this process, you may come to know where we process the data, the way we do it and the structure of it. 


  1. You may object us regarding  your data while it comes to the profiling, direct marketing and any sorts of automation


  1. You will have the right to make any decision regards to the automation of your data or data subjects, and share your own prospect to it. 


Third-party websites

We are continuously working with many third-party websites in regards to the partnership, supplying contents, advertising, sponsoring, and many more. We hereby declare that we won’t control those sites related to their contents, links or advertisement, so if anything violates with you then it doesn’t come up to us. Furthermore, we are constantly changing the relationship with third parties including the links and contents, and we won’t take responsibility for those following contents. 


Advertising is one of the main parts of our website which will be shown at different locations. Practicing the best advertisement, we will save the cookies and use them accordingly. Those will help us to locate your server and dual-time of yours. Apart from that, your personal information will help us to deliver you the targeted advertisements and listed you as a targetted audience as well. Eventually, the privacy policy won’t cover the cookies by no means and the following advertisers

Transferring data internationally

We may send your personal data to any third party sides outside of the USA and Europe and to those websites which are affiliate to the add and content interlink with ours. 


Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a self-oriented platform and we are not able to direct or control it. hence, Google itself will manipulate the data from your side and using the DART cookie it will send the following ads to you. In those circumstances, we are not liable from our side whether google will track your personal data or not. These would be including but limited to the name, physical address, email address and many more. To disclose them, you may opt-out the dart cookie by blocking the content from Google

Changes to this privacy policy


FixGuider can update or change the privacy policy at any time without even notifying you via email or by any means. In that case, you can not make us respond to it. In order to avoid such conditions, you may visit to our privacy policy off and on and get to know every update or so on.

Your acceptance of these terms

If you are a regular visitor of your site or ever come to visit FixGuider then you must need to accept the above terms of our Privacy Policy. If anything violates your personality then you are free to stop coming and visiting to us. But once you visit us and become a user of our content then you must comply with our privacy policy and this is obligatory for each and every one of you.