How To Set A Ringback Tone On Android [ Easy & Quick ]

Setting up a Ringback tone on android comes in so many ways. That’s why we won’t let you know one specific method on how to set a ringback tone on Android. Hence, we design this article with so many methods and let us share those processes one by one to you.


  On your Android Phone:

  • Open your Verizon app first
  • Click on manage ringback tones
  • Tap on your playlists
  • Create a new Playlists now
  • Assign a number of ringback tones with your playlist
  • Now tap to save it
  • Click on the My Settings Tab to assign the playlist with your default ringback tone

What is a ringback tone?

When you call someone, you may hear some sound this is called ringback tone. Well, that particular sound comes from the operator of your network service. Hence you may stop it or start it according to your preference. On the other hand, you not only set one specific ringer sound for all but also you may customize it as well. For example, Alex is your best friend and you set a specific tone for him so once he will call to you then he will be listening that dedicated tone.


How do you get a ringback tone?

In order to get your ringback tone then you may need to apply the following operation on your Android mobile phone:


  • At first, you need to navigate directly to the My Verizon
  • Afterward, go to the Manage my device where you will find manage ringback tones
  • After skipping the additional notification click on the OK button


how to set a ringback tone on android



  • Finally, tap on the Ringback tone alerts


How do you set a ringback tone?

In order to do so, firstly you need to tap on the main menu then select content/my content/fun tab. Afterward, follow the steps below: Select Specific user account > Add New Person. Enter name, phone number, and a Ringback Tone. 

  • Now on, Click Next. Select a Ringback Tone. Finally, click the Save button.

how to set a ringback tone on android




Is it possible to get Ringback Tones?

Yes, it is definitely possible to get ringback tones and to do so you need to operate the process of your particular mobile operator service.


Can you get Ringback tones for AT&T?

For AT&T, you may get the ringback tones and the option would be voice recording or any pre-set songs. You may easily personalize the tones for your audio call or texting. Furthermore, it may easily set up for your different callers as well.


How to ringback tone from NTC?

If you want to remove the tone from NTC then you need to unsubscribe the CRTB caller tune first. To perform so, you may text them and those texts would be usub 1455



Finally, we get to know about how to set a ringback tone on Android phones. We have shown you some of the different hacks with different mobile operator services. However, if you still encounter any hurdle to do so then let us know, we will shortly come with a solution for you.

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