What is Trebuchet Android & How to fix the error?

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Hello, my name is Biajid and I am a tech enthusiast. I have a passion for solving technical problems...


Last Updated: January 6, 2024

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2024)

Are you using Trebuchet as you can customize it according to your preference? Or you have just heard of this handy & customizable launcher from your friend? Well, whatsoever you know we will add more and tell you everything about what is trebuchet Android.

Many users claim that the trebuchet launcher comes to stop in the middle of operations. They get frustrated to see it stop operating, as they love to keep it on their devices. No worries, we will share the hacks on how to keep the launcher functioning.

Android lovers love to keep such launcher which is easy to custom and light to keep on their android devices. Therefore many people opt for android over iPhone. The Trebuchet is a member of those types of the launcher which comes with customizable functionality and many lucrative features.

The main reason to keep this amazing launcher on your mobile phone is to change the shortcuts icons, change the transition of home screens and more importantly modify the dock buttons.

This launcher comes to its users in two different modes. The free and the paid version both of them have the same functionality. The difference set on the showcasing ads or not. Well, to stop boring ads, you need to go with the paid version.

What is Trebuchet Android & How to fix the error

For example, you mostly use the flashlight, Camera, Contacts and a particular app, in that case, you can place it over closely to the home screen. Hence, you may easily find them without searching for them. To do so, you only need to change the doc settings and thus in one tap, you can keep them close to the home screen.

What is Trebuchet Android & How to fix the error

Above here you can see some of the apps come to your home screen, and for that, you can find them handy to use whenever you want.

What Are The Main Features Of Trebuchet?

Trebuchet comes with some astounding features indeed. More importantly, those features are infused by the developers smartly so all of them come handy for you.

A great array of Theme customization

First off, the main benefit of using the launcher is to get all the themes compatible with it. Hence, all you need to sort out the one specific best theme that suits great with your device. We recommend keeping the default one as it stands out great and easily customizable. Finally, Trebuchet Launcher pie allows you to have so many free themes

HD Wallpapers

The launcher has a great arsenal where you will find lots of HD wallpapers and set one of them according to your choice. The big collection of those Wallpapers will give you ease to experiment with many of the beautiful wallpapers.

Shortcut to contacts

You may create many shortcuts out of the detail menu therefore, you may keep your favorite apps handy at any time.

Easy to manage app

As you can customize the doc settings so that you can easily manage the app also you can go to the app settings and set them according to your preference as well.

Apply toolbox

It is one of the great features that you will come to experience with the launcher. The toolbox will allow you to drag and drop many apps altogether. Like, you can now drop the similar types of app in the same place. For example, the apps which are social apps, now on you can arrange them or keep them there.

Speedy launcher:

One of the key reasons to choose a launcher is to have a fast-paced feature. Thankfully, the Trebuchet is fast enough to explore and we find it the following stuffs that make it faster and better

  • Memory Booster
  • Phone Booster
  • Speed Booster
  • Smart Folder
  • Notification Bar

Safe and Sound:

No matters whatsoever feature you may have until the launcher is not safe and sound then you won’t find interest to use. Well, the app comes with so many sub-features related to the safety features and they are:

  • AppLock
  • Hide Apps
  • Lock Screen
  • Anti-Theft Protection

What are the upcoming features of Trebuchet 2020

Trebuchet committed to making excellence and keeping this in mind, they are going to bring on the following latest features to you

  • Notification badges
  • Protected apps
  • 3D themes & upgrade the Live Wallpaper
  • Dark themes
  • Latest ellipse shape
  • Icon packs
  • Notification bar would be more colorful with dots
  • Easy to custom the grid size
  • Fix many bugs

How to fix Trebuchet when you find trebuchet has stopped

What is Trebuchet Android & How to fix the error

If something tends to get trouble and we FixGuider won’t let you know how to fix the issue then there is no point in staying and reading our article. We have just shown up a short review on What is trebuchet android, and now we will discuss regarding the error.

Well, before going to the discussion part like how you may solve it out, let’s give you the key reason why does this problem come to you. One of the main reasons to see trebuchet has stopped working is because of the replacement of your Rom or customization Rom. However, replacement of your Rom may give you extra effort to go extra milage but the con you face with system moderation. Hence, the problem would become to you.

What is Trebuchet Android & How to fix the error

Important Tip to Know to Stop the Trebuchet Android Error

Well, as you are facing the issue and don’t know how to cope up then let’s come with a solution for you. Now, read between the lines of the following tips to get over from it.

Tip 1- Check out the Google App:

It is the easiest way so far to get rid of the issue. So when you have disabled the Google App you likely face the issue on your Android phone. Hence, to sort it out, then you must need to fix this misconfiguration first. Here is the tip to solve the issue of enabling Google App:

Go to the Settings>Apps

What is Trebuchet Android & How to fix the error


Now check out whether the Google App enables to the system or not. If you won’t find then make sure to enable it.

Afterward, again check out as the issue has resolved or not. When you find the issue even after by doing this then you need to work on the following tips once again.

Tip 2 – Clear Cache and Data of Trebuchet Launcher:

Go to App Settings>Apps

Now, open the tab of Trebuchet

Click on the Force Stop button and clear all the cache and data

Afterward, you need to restart your Android Phone

Now, you are done here and this seems effective for many people. However, it won’t make your issue solved then you need to go through the following tip.

Tip: 3 Change the Settings of Trebuchet

This would be the final forge on the Trebuchet error. We find this issue pretty effective, all you need to do is to bring with a small change in the Trebuchet settings. So here are the following steps to change the trebuchet settings:

  1. First off, you need to press the menu button, where you will find the Trebuchet Settings
  2. Once you get your hands on the Trebuchet settings then go to the dock divider. Over there deselect it and again select it
  3. Afterward, with the Trebuchet settings, now you need to set the home screen number upon 7
  4. Then you will need to enable the search bar

Here you are done & congratulation as you have found your own way to resolve the issue!


How do I change the launcher in lineage OS?

To change the lineageOS trebuchet, you need Open the Trebuchet launcher settings>>Scroll down and click on apps>>Now, tap on the settings at the top-right corner>>Tap the home app>>Now, choose the launcher

What is Trebuchet Launcher?

It is a kind of Android launcher that come from the team of LineageOS Custom ROM especially run on Android devices. Now, it works on almost all sorts of Android devices.

How do you fix a trebuchet that has stopped?

You can easily do so by going to the app settings slide to the right tab where you find the Trebuchet and then simply press the “force stop”. Afterward, move on to the cache and storage settings.

Final Note

Now, it is the farewell time my friends! Hopefully reading this blog gives you the definitive idea to resolve the Trebuchet error settings. Now you won’t see trebuchet to stop once again. Besides, you also get to know what is Trebuchet android and the functionalities as well.



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Last Updated: January 6, 2024

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