Where are apps stored in Android & How I find these Easily

Sometimes you may think about where your phone stores applications. Relatedly,  which one stores applications RAM or ROM? Where are apps stored in Android device? Storage of applications may come with some relevant questions like that?

If you are here to find some answers relevant to that, you are gradually getting this here. Just read till the end because this article will answer some questions pertinent to that.


In Android phones, you have multiple options to get any app. Those are through downloading from the google app store or through APKs downloaders, or through sharing from other devices.


Overall these particular options have different allocated space in your device. So any application can be stored in any place according to its origin. Even an external SD card can be a storage of applications.

Then let’s know them to step by step.


App downloaded from Playstore :


Most commonly, we all download applications from Google Play Store. Maybe this is the most common source of our necessary applications when we use android.

You can find every single app you ever downloaded from Google Play Store. Google Play Store keeps cookies for your search and activities. Actually, Google does this according to your e-mail account.

For this, you have to open the Play Store application, which is basically a built-inapplication for Android. Then go to the menu (shown as three lines) and tap ‘My Apps & Games. There you can see your installed applications that are running on your device.



Where are apps stored in Android



Then go to the ‘library’ section to find applications ever downloaded from here. The Library section is newly added; before that, there was an ‘All’ option to see that.



Where are apps stored in Android



Apps in internal storage:


Sometimes you can even download apps from other APKs downloaders. As they are not downloaded from the play store, they will not show this in Google Play Store.

Apps you’ve downloaded from other options are stored in internal storage. Every Android phone has internal storage to store third-party applications.

These third-party applications are stored in this directory.


1.     /Data/ app/

This is the most common directory location for app store in internal storage but not the only directory. Besides, this directory can a file folder or it can be found in another folder like /Android/ or /System/

Then the directory can be defined like this.

/Android/ Data/ App/ Or /System/ Data/ App/



Where are apps stored in Android



Normally apps in these directories use a convention in nomenclature according to the unique package name, which the app developer specifically gives. For example, if an app’s package name is Alpha.example.MyApp, then you will find the app in this directory mentioned below:



2.     Apps from a different source :


Android phones have accessibility to third-party applications from different sources. So where are apps stored while your phone gets those from different sources like sharing platforms or anything like that?

In your internal storage, there is a folder section to store this type of apps. Different apps may be installed in different locations. Here are some other possible directories for installed apps:


  • /system/app/ – Contains pre-installed system apps


  • /data/asec/ – Stores secure apps generated from external memory storage


  • /data/app-private – Contains third party protected apps


A rooted device or a.k.a ‘jailbroken’ device may show you no content in this directory. Android prohibiting access to this location in the existing file system makes this happen.

Tampering any of the files in the /data/app/ directory may cause serious issues in running many of the apps because the operating system uses this location for managing app data etc.


Are Apps Stored in RAM or ROM?


This is very confusing among people that apps are stored in RAM or ROM?

In Android, all apps you install are stored on Internal memory, also known as ROM. RAM is the memory that is used to run different apps simultaneously. Applications can only run in RAM. But ROM contains the software which is known as an application, or simply an ‘app’.


Conclusion :


Android phones, as versatile devices, store different kinds of data, software, and applications. In Android, applications are stored in different sections according to their category.

This is the reason you may find applications in different folders on internal storage.

Internal storage not only stores applications but also stores data of an application.

Actually, ROM does the job of storage, but locations are fixed according to data categories. Un

But you have the option to change your installed applications’ location. You can use an SD card to store apps.  But the most common directory is /data/app/. Installed uninstalled applications can be found in this directory.


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Some Frequently Asked Questions


While Android stores apps in different directories, people get confused with some information.


Question: Are the applications stored on SD cards?

  • Answer: This is possible to store apps on an SD card. Because the SD card is an external storage like other storage, but there might be some issues with running those apps which are located on an SD card.

Uninstalled and shared apps can be stored here.



Where are apps stored in Android



Question: Are the applications stored on RAM?

Answer :

RAM is necessary to install an application. Actually, all applications are installed in RAM. It’s the platform where apps run. But all installed and uninstalled apps are stored in ROM, which is internal storage.


Question: How to access the Apps file on Android?


The directory to access the Apps file follow this

/Android /data/app/

Every app has specific storage to store its data.  You can find them on the app’s location, but Android doesn’t give access to use this.


Question: Where are apps stored in rooted devices?


This is a critical question. Because in a rooted phone you’ve known the exact location to store. Apps can be stored anywhere on the storage. Sometimes it’s located in the system folder. But exceptions are common in rooted phones.


Question: What is the app’s data directory?

Answer :

the apps data are stored in this location directory.  /data/data/<package_name> (internal storage)


or on external storage, location directory

/mnt/sdcard/Android/data/<package_name> .


Question: Where are the apps stored on my Android phone

Answer :

According to the apps type, they are stored in different places on your Android phone. Normal apps are stored in the Internal Memory in data/app. You will find the encrypted apps in /data/app-private. Some apps are also found in the external memory, files of these apps are available in /mnt/sdcard/Android/data


Question: Are apps stored in RAM or ROM

Answer :

The downloaded apps are installed in RAM. If you don’t use them for many days, they shift to Background from the RAM. When you decide to use them again after a certain period, for fast retrieval, they are available in RAM. However, they will be unavailable if you remove them


Question:Where is the app data stored

Answer :

All app data, settings, database are available in their default directory which is /data/data/<package_name>. The best thing is other apps or even the user can’t access to this directory as it is “Private” by default.

Apart from this directory, SDCard is another place where app data is stored. Many apps store their database in SDCard without restriction. 


Question: Is there a built-in color change on all Android phones?

Answer :

No, all Android phones don’t have built-in color change. Each activity of Android is white by default.

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