How To Connect Bluetooth Selfie Stick To Android Easily

Do you love taking selfies? Have you ever wished if your hands could be stretched further so that you could capture all your friends together in one capture? It is probably the invention of the selfie stick monopod that has made our dream come true. With a selfie stick monopod, you will miss none from your selfies and nobody will get their head cut due to being out of the focus.


Though monopods seem very simple from outward eyes, these can be complicated to be paired with the devices and capture dream-like selfies.




How To Connect Bluetooth Selfie Stick To Android




Note that there are different kinds of selfie stick monopods out there in the market. Some do not need any Bluetooth connection to work. They just come wired. On the other hand, Bluetooth selfie sticks are more trending and thus booming in the global market, especially to the youth. With a Bluetooth selfie stick monopod, you can go wireless and capture your moment by pairing your Android device with the Bluetooth selfie stick.


Taking good selfies is an art that requires a good (expert) hand. However, if you know how to use a selfie stick monopod properly, you can capture amazing photos and videos today or tomorrow.


In this article, we are going to show you how to connect your Bluetooth selfie stick to the Android device and what to do if you can not connect the Bluetooth selfie stick monopod to the Andriod.


Before going to conclude, we will also cover some frequently asked questions so that you know everything related to the connection of Android smartphones with the selfie stick. Waiting no more here, let’s go ahead.


How Do I Connect My Bluetooth or Wireless Selfie Stick to My Android Phone?




How To Connect Bluetooth Selfie Stick To Android




If you have a wireless selfie stick that works by establishing a Bluetooth connection with your Android device, you need to pair the selfie stick with your Android device to catch the photos and videos. Here are the steps you need to go through to connect your Bluetooth selfie monopod with your Android smartphone:


Step-1: Unbox and Charge your Bluetooth Selfie Stick.


  • After buying the new Bluetooth selfie stick monopod, unbox that carefully. Make sure that you do not pressurize on the stick or force to bring it out of the box. Open the selfie stick box from the opening side (as marked) and bring the stick out slowly.


  • You will get a micro USB cable inside the box of the selfie stick monopod. You have to use that USB cable to recharge your selfie stick battery.


  • Put one side of the USB cable into the stick and the other side to the computer (if you prefer charging from the computer) or the USB charger of your smartphone.


  • The selfie stick might take up to 1 or 2 hours to get fully charged and ready to be used. However, the charging time depends on the power of the stick and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model as well.


  • Make sure to full-charge the selfie stick when you charge it for the first time.


Step-2: Turn on your Bluetooth Selfie Stick.


  • From the bottom of the selfie stick, slide the power switch to “On”. However, this function might also vary from model to model.


  • When you turn on your Bluetooth Selfie Stick, you will see a blue light indicating that it has turned on. For some Bluetooth selfie sticks, the blue LED light may keep blinking until it gets connected to an Android device.

Step-3: Connect and Pair your Bluetooth Selfie Stick to Your Android Smartphone.


  • When the Bluetooth Selfie stick is in pairing mode, you will find that the blue LED light is flashing repeatedly. To pair the selfie stick with your device, go to the Bluetooth option of your device.


  • If you are trying to connect the device with the stick for the first time, tap on the “Search for new device” option. When you get your selfie stick name on the list of found devices, tap on the name to pair with your phone.


  • If you paired and connected the selfie stick with your Android device earlier, you do not need to pair it again. You just need to click on the name of the selfie stick on the found devices list. However, make sure that the Bluetooth of your device and the Bluetooth connection of the selfie stick are active.


  • When you correctly choose the device from the list of found devices, you are ready to capture photos and videos.


  • Have you got how do you connect a selfie stick to your phone? Now, It seems pretty simple, right?


Step-4: Attach Your Mobile Phone Inside the Device Holder of the Selfie Stick.

  • Carefully put your device inside the device holder of your selfie stick. Do not put much pressure on the force as that can break or damage the holder.


  • When you have successfully placed the device inside the holder, release the bracket.


  • Check if your mobile device is enough tight and secure. If it is loose, it might drop from the selfie stick. On the other hand, if it is extremely tight, you might have a problem bringing it out of this holder when you want to have your phone back in your hand.


  • It is great to keep your smartphone with you when you buy your Bluetooth selfie stick so that you can measure if the selfie stick’s device holder is going to fit well with your phone. If it is very loose or tight, consider buying one that fits perfectly with your device. By the way, fortunately, most of the selfie stick’s device holders come with a flexible capacity when it comes to the extension.


Step-5: Extend the Selfie Stick as Required.

  • Keep one of your hands on the bottom holder of the selfie stick and the other on the top. Pull from the top or bottom to extent the selfie stick as required.


  • Most of the selfie sticks available on the market nowadays are extendable. Some can be extended up to 40 inches and above. Choose the one that offers you the length you would love to extend your selfie stick.


Step-7: Get Amazing Selfies.




How To Connect Bluetooth Selfie Stick To Android




  • Now that everything is set for you, you can now get ready to take amazing selfies with your Bluetooth selfie stick. The photos and videos you capture will be saved on your Android smartphone.


Why Cannot I Connect My Device with the Selfie Stick? What Should I Do?

Well, there are a bunch of reasons why you might fail to connect your Android device with the selfie stick. Let’s see some of the major reasons and what you should do you if you cannot connect your device with the Bluetooth selfie stick:


  • The Bluetooth of the device or the selfie stick is not working. If there are problems on the Bluetooth of your device or the selfie stick, you cannot connect your device with the selfie stick. Make sure the Bluetooth is working well from both the end. Contact your nearest repair shop if required.


  • The Bluetooth of the device or the selfie stick is off. If the Bluetooth connection is not active in your device or the selfie stick, you cannot connect between your device and the stick, no matter how hard you try. So, turn on the Bluetooth of your device and turn on the selfie stick to get connected.


  • The Bluetooth versions of the device and the selfie stick are not well-compatible. Check if the Bluetooth version of the selfie stick is well-compatible with that of the device.


  • Your selfie stick is not blinking. If your selfie stick’s blue LED light is blinking, it means the stick is ready to get connected with the device. If the selfie stick is not in that mode, you cannot connect the stick to any new device. Make sure your selfie stick’s blue LED light is blinking and ready to be connected with the device.


  • Your selfie stick is connected to another device. If your selfie stick is currently connected to another Bluetooth device, you cannot connect any new device with the selfie stick simultaneously. So, check if your selfie stick is connected with another phone.



Why My Bluetooth Selfie Stick is Not Working?

If your selfie stick is not from a good manufacturer or brand, the selfie stick might not work when you need it most. One of the reasons it does not work sometimes is the weak Bluetooth connection.


Another reason is that the battery of the monopod is drained completely. And another common reason that might cause this problem is that it has faults in its settings. If you buy cheap products by sacrificing quality, this problem might occur. So, make sure that you buy a good selfie stick for Android from a reputable brand.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do you connect a selfie stick to Samsung?

No matter which mobile device you are using, the process of pairing and connecting is the same for almost all Android devices. So, if you follow the steps mentioned above, you can easily connect a selfie stick to your Samsung smartphone.


How do you use a selfie stick without Bluetooth?

If your Selfie stick is wired, it generally does not come with Bluetooth. In that case, you have to put the wire inside the plug-in hole of your device. However, if your Bluetooth Selfie stick is no more working, you can alternatively use delay timer and then take any photo and video automatically when the time arrives.


How to do Mpow Bluetooth selfie stick pairing?

As mentioned earlier, the pairing of the device and the selfie stick is almost identical for all selfie sticks. So, follow the guide we have put above to pair your device with Mpow Bluetooth selfie stick.



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Final Words

So, do you now know how do you connect a Bluetooth selfie stick? We believe that the answer is “Yes, I know it now”. We hope that our guide on how to connect Bluetooth selfie stick to Android will come to your help and let you enjoy taking unlimited selfie photos and videos.

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