How to open torrent files on android(An easy and effective way)

Many of us are still wondering how to open a torrent file on Android, that’s why we begin this journey to write this article. If you are among them to know the hacks of it then keep reading.


The idea came to our mind last weak when one of us ask about downloading a TV show right from the Android platform using torrent. If you are a fan of watching any TV shows or any video content from your mobile device then you would love to know about it. The mobile device is now pretty useful to watch the live stream or TV sessions as it enables us to watch them anywhere and anytime.


So stay with us, and get to know how to open the file on your Android. We are going to explain every step of this process effectively so even a kid can do it. Hence, all you need to do is to grab a coffee and read the last line of this tutorial.


How to Run and Open Torrent files on Android


After getting so many questions on how to open torrent files in Utorrent Android, we are now writing this to you. Well, there are so many ways to do so but we are going educate you the safest process today, all you require to do is to follow the following steps below:


Step 1: Get a VPN first, and be secure

Using a VPN is the first and foremost step to download and run the Torrent on android. Well, it is because the internet browsing is fully trackable by Internet Service Providers. And, those hackers who sneak into your browsing history and hack your data may sell them to the third parties. To block them, you just need to have a good VPN.


Step 2: Install the torrent on Android

As you have already installed the VPN for pc then it is high time to have torrent on android. We recommend you to have the uTrorent on Android. Well, good to know that the uTorrent is findable on your PlayStore, and thus easily run on your smartphone operating system. Here is the process to run the uTrorent on your smartphone:


  • First of all, you need to have a verified Gmail ID and then run the Google PlayStore
  • Once you click on the PlayStore then you will come to see a search bar there.
  • Now go ahead and tap on it, then you need to type the name of the torrent “uTorrent”



  • Immediately, you will come to see the app over there and now hit enter the icon
  • Then, the installation process will begin soon, the app would be 11MB so download it and run as well
  • Finally, when uTorrent would be getting started on your computer then it will ask several permissions to you, and you will need to approve all of them.



Step 3: Download the Torrent File

As you have already download and installed the uTorrent on the Android platform then you need to finally download your desired torrent file. It’s been a long time that you want to do so. So it is high time to ensure the downloading process. Hence, let’s get started for the business right away below:


  • While downloading the uTorrent for the first time then you will come to see a guideline. The guideline will help you out on how to use the app.
  • Once you are done with the reading part of that guideline, now have a look at the uTorrent’s home screen. To begin with, Tap on the search icon located at the top-left corner.



  • While using a dialog box, type there for what file you are looking for. For instance, now we will search the Lecture of Ahmed Musa Jibril lecture so type in “Ahmed Musa Jibril Lecture” then hit the search bar.
  • When you have multiple web browsers then you will be asked to use which one for it. Here you need to give the permission then uTorrent will redirect you to Google and give you the torrent file.



  • Once you will click on any torrent file then you will be asked which app to use. Hence, you need to tap on the uTorrent option there. As a result, the Android will download it for you within uTorrent
  • Now, you open it on uTorrent then start searching the seeders then begin with the downloading. At this very moment, you may need to tap on the name of the Torrent in order to see more details.



  • As you have just finished the download then you will get a notification. Once you will tap on it then you will get to see a green Play Button. This button is to play that particular file especially when it would be movie or soundtrack


how to open torrent files on android


Step 4: Get to Know Your Device

Before we draw the conclusion of this article, let’s share with you some of the extra tips and tricks to you. Now on, we have shared about how to use the uTorrent on Android. So, it is important to let you know how to take control of the Torrent files as well.


Tip: 1

The first tip to you is to let you know that you don’t need to search for a torrent using the tool of the app. You can also use one of your browsers as well. In that case, once you download that file using the browser then it will ask you which application used to run the file. That time you can easily suggest the uTorrnet, it’s so easy indeed.


Tip: 2

Once you have done with the downloading any particular file, there you may also play as well. Again, there you need not go to the torrent app and run it over there. The downloaded file will also be located at the phone’s Gallery app. Based on your smartphone model the application will bring some changes to operate as well.


Tip: 3

Once you don’t have the gallery app that run them or show you the preview of the downloaded file then you may use the torrent itself. Then you need to tap on the three horizontal lines look like a hamburger located at the top-left corner and have a look at the preview.



Last but not least, you should make some free space for the torrent file to execute and to run in your smartphones. So once you are running out of storage then most probably the file won’t run any means.


How do I see Torrent files on Android phone?

First of all, you need to open the torrent file’s folder then see the download folder of your Android file manager app. Afterward tap on to the Torrent’s file in order to open it up, where you may find it

How to access my torrent file?

First of all, you need to have a verified torrent app that will run the system once you have it then start with the seeding of that particular torrent file then you may easily get access into it.

How to convert a torrent file?

In order to convert a torrent file, you need to access the tool menu where you will find Downloads so click on there to see and set the folder to save that converted file. Once you have done then click on Convert on the tool and this will convert on that following place.


Wrapping UP

After reading between the lines on how to open torrent files on Android, you get to know the process indeed. We have tried to sort out the best way to use the uTorrent application on Android. However, if you ever find an issue that you don’t understand to solve, then we are all ears to you. You just need to make a comment in our comment box and then we will come with a solution for you.

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