How to remove headphone icon on android: Definitive Guidelines

When you come to see that the headphone icon won’t let go itself and the notification still gets stuck on the notification bar then you need some certain hacks.  To fix the Problem with us pay attention to what we are going to share on how to remove headphone icon on Android


How to remove headphone icon on android


Why do the headphone icon visible even after unplugging the jack?


Yesterday, one of us come to experience that his headphone icon gets stuck at the notification bar even after unplugging the ear-jack. He was curious to know and so asking about how to remove the headphone icon on my android. Become curious to know why do this icon come to standstill there.


The headphone is not removing and thus you supposed to encounter the following error with your headphone:


  • First off, you unplug the headphone and the notification won’t go away
  • Even though you are increasing and decreasing the volume from your Youtube app or media player then it won’t work as well.
  • During incoming calls, you won’t hear the ringtone without plugging into the headphone
  • The Operating System pretend to have your headphone in the state of a plugin for good.


After investigating the matter, we come to a solution to it. The reason behind this problem is clear why this causes occur. Well this may be caused by a number of reasons and they are:



  • you unplug the headphone without pausing the soundtrack on your phone
  • Your earphone comes in contact with water and then you put the plug into the system
  • May be your entire phone go underwater or splashes through water



There would be many other issues but whatever did with your earphone that incident makes a barrier. The barrier doesn’t allow your headphone hardware to recognize whether the headphone is unplugged or not. Hence, it feels like the headphone plugged in as it was before. In the most common cause like 80% would go with the above 3 reasons, we have shared.


Earphone sign is not going-Here is how to remove headphone icon on android phone


Now we come to the solution part of this hard time that you are facing.


Clean your Earphone jack

As we have shared the main cause is to get the water in your headphone then we recommend you clean the earphone. The unwanted dirt may be another reason hence it badly needs to clean the entire earphone right away. But be mindful not to use any sharp object while cleaning out the dirt. The Sim ejector may turn out handy for you to do the entire job. Once you have cleaned it then insert the jack now. Most probably in 30% of cases are resolved using this hack.

Take help of Vacuum To Turn Off Headphone Mode

Sometimes because of water inside the headphone jack, the problem may occur. In order to clean you should use a vacuum cleaner with a cordless vac. Now, switch on the vac, within a few seconds the icon will vanish from the notification bar.


How to remove headphone icon on android


Check out Inside The Headphone Jack

Take a flashlight and aim at your iPhone’s headphone jack. Find out any debris stuck inside like rice, to brown goo, to broken-off tips of cheap headphones stuck inside. If you do not notice any then your inside jack is ok and plugin your headphone and see what happened.


How to remove headphone icon on android


 Audio Enhancement Setting

If you could not figure out the solution to fix your Headphone Icon / Symbol problem from the above instruction then go for the following steps:

  • At first follow the path (Setting => Sound & Vibration or Additional Settings => Headphones & Audio Effects).
  • Now, you have to plugin the Earphone and enable the Audio Enhancer or Sound Enhancer.
  • After that, you will notice multiple types of headphones, for example, Mi Earbuds, Mi Piston,  Mi In-Ear, General, General In-Ear,  Basic Edition, Standard Edition and so on.
  • Now select the Headphone type.
  • You can choose different Headphones rather than the default.
  • Then, unplug the headphone jack from the phone and see is the Icon diapered or not.
  • You may do the same process again until the Headphone Icon is gone.
  • Most probably, in 80 to 90% cases your Headphone Icon problem will solve.


How to remove headphone icon on android


Reboot the Phone

If you find that the headphone icon still appears in the previous position then you need to take the RESET option. This would be your last hope for yourself. Before doing that process, you have to ensure the backup of your existing contacts and data. Now, ply on with the process either go to Setting => Factory Reset or press Power Button + Volume UP / Volume Down + Home Button simultaneously.


How to remove headphone icon on android


Contact with Service Center

If none of the above tips provide you the ultimate solution, it indicates your phone has suffered from serious hardware related problems like the headphone jack might be damaged. Now, you need to find out an authorized service provider for your smartphone’s company. You will find authentic parts at the service center, which will assure you not to face the same problem soon.



How do I get rid of the headphone symbol on my Android?

Firstly, examine the headphone jack with a flashlight to see whether dust or debris remain there, if so then clear it. Again, you may find any pin type object which won’t harm the hardware and remove the dust.

Why is my phone stuck in headphone mode?

Because the phone gets signals that the headphones still plugged in however it is not and this is caused by the lightning port or headphone jack itself.

How does my phone detect the headphone icon on Android?

Every headphone comes with a small switch and when you plugin on your android phone then it automatically sends a signal to the system, thus the Android phone may come to know.


Hopefully, our given tips will assist you to figure out Headphone Symbol remove the related issues. If our endeavor helps you please share it on your social networking site so that others will be benefited.

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