What Are Miscellaneous Files On Android & How You May Cope Up

Your Android phone is now messed up with the miscellaneous files. But the alarming thing is still you don’t know What Are Miscellaneous Files On Android and how you may avoid or remove it. Then you come to the right place where you will learn the way to remove or cope up with it.


Definition of Miscellaneous Files on android?


What Are Miscellaneous Files On Android


If you have already suspected then you must come to see that your files are packed with so many stuff that you can’t even encounter whichever comes for which reasons. When you check the internal space, you just find it is full.


So the definition of those files is a bit tricky to you. Let us explain what it is like those files don’t come under any media file, applications, cache files and so on. Hence, it is clear to you those Misc type files are no more including in any kind of system files on Android.



How do you avoid or remove the Miscellaneous files from Android

As you have suspected the Misc files are remaining in your system, then you must come to an action. Especially that time when you are running out of storage. Even though you have a large space remaining on your phone, you should take action too. Otherwise, sooner or later it will grasp all of them.


But the burning question is how do you struggle with it and find a solution? Well, in order to free up space, then you must remove some certain Misc files. On the flip side, when you will delete data then you may miss out some of the important files as well. That’s why you should create a new backup file as well.


Now at this point, we should move on our discussion regarding the key method of removing the files of miscellaneous files on Android. Afterwards, we also let you know how to make a backup method of that particular data as well. To perform so, we will recommend you to have an android app. After using it, you will feel free to keep all the back up at great ease.


Step by step process to delete Misc files on Android

We strongly recommend you to follow the below steps to perform the deleting Misc files on Android:


Step 1:

At first, you will need to have a look at the internal storage. After doing so, unlock your Android device then open the Menu Option. Once you open it thereby go to the storage place


Step 2:

Over there at the storage place, you will come to know how much Misc file has occupied already in the storage. Also, you get to know whichever contained in what amount of files specifically starting from the media file, cached data, apps and so on.


Step 3:

On your phone display, you will come to see the Misc files, where you will need to tap on. Now on, you will come to see more files of it.


What Are Miscellaneous Files On Android


Step 4:

Now, you are going to take an action so select them all whichever comes under those Misc files. Or, you may select one by one as well then tap on the delete option.


Create a Backup Data which may get lost after deleting Misc files

Misc data are huge and not necessarily they all will be real Misc file or the Junk file. On the other hand, you may choose some of the wrong files while deleting them considering as Misc files. Then you come to know those were pretty important file to keep in.


In order to avoid such a situation, you just need to make a Backup. To perform so, you may opt for keeping those data in your external SD card. One single app will release all of your hurdles, and you will get all of your back up data at once.


The app is a popular pick which is named Nandroid Backup app. You may use this app only in your Android system. But remember one thing that to run a Nandroid app on your android phone, you need to have a rooted device.


Let us explain how the Nandroid Backup app will perform on your Android phone. Well, this app will basically create the backup in the pattern of CMW style. Hence, it will keep the data as it is on your storage without shutting off the system or without restarting the system at all. Before you go fo backup the data, you need to go to the Settings option>Backup>Restore>Erase all data on Internal Card. Now at this stage, you can easily keep the Backup data using the Nandroid Backup application.



We have already shared the myth that this only come actionable on your rooted android device. So, root your device first then try it later as if you don’t do it so then this app will cause damage to your system.




Is it OK to delete miscellaneous files on Android?

Yes, it is ok to delete your Misc data as long as the system files won’t remain there, otherwise, it may cause trouble.


What are the miscellaneous files?

Misc files are the combination of unwanted files whichever not took part in system performance on Android and partially, you may take it as Junk files as well.


How do I free up miscellaneous files on my Android?

Go to the storage, find the individual Misc files using any app or manually then delete all of them.


Ending Note:

Hopefully, you can trace about what are miscellaneous files on Android. We have guided you the best way to kick out all of them. Now at this point remember the caution that you shouldn’t use the app we mentioned above without root Android Phone. If you think we missed to add any information that may be plus for you then let us know. Also, ask about anything about the Misc file, if you still have any such confusion.

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