How to cancel downloads on android [4min Easy Guide]

How to cancel downloads on android? or is it still applicable? Yes, you can do so following some simple hacks. We all of us once in a lifetime get started with the wrong download and when we came to know then we found it is done. Because we never tried out to stop or cancel it. Fortunately, it is easy going task but with some exceptional cases, it seems a hard time for you.


Today, we will solve the issue and let you know every possible way to stop the download. So if you want to know a definitive way to do so then don’t forget to read between the lines


1. How to cancel downloads on android – Cancel the App Download from PlayStore

Well, there are so many types of file on your Android phone which you may need to cancel. Among them, the apps download cancellation is a very good shot for you. You often need to cancel an app because you are maybe downloading the copy app of the original one. In the middle of the downloading session, you come to know that so it is important to save your remaining data and cancel that particular application right away!


Well, no worries, the cancellation process is so easy. So when you find you are in the middle of that hurdle then you just only need to tap on the X processing Bar.


How to cancel downloads on android


Note: The Amazon Appstore seems similar, however, the X bar would be somewhat smaller then PlayStore. Therefore, you may need to try it a couple of times.


2. How to cancel downloads on android-Cancel Download from an App

You are maybe using a lot of applications starting from the browser application and many more. Hence, you also need to know how to cancel download android using an app. By the way, you won’t find a straightforward way to pause that app to download. Let me give you an amazing hack for that, in that case, what you can do is to turn off the Wi-fi then it will automatically stop. On the other hand, you will find some of the third party apps managers, which are commonly used to cancel any on-going download.

3.How to cancel downloads on android? Force stop Download From Apps

Your phone may go to someone else and you can’t let them take it over from you. At the same time, you don’t want them to download any file using the available applications like it would the browsers or other apps. In that case, the best practice would be restricted to download those selected apps or you may close down all of them. For instance, a person sneaks into your mobile browser Mozilla, and you are afraid of your security threat then you may follow some steps.


How to cancel downloads on android


  1. Start the Settings app
  2. Now go straight to the: Application and Notification>>Advanced>>App access>>Install unknown apps
  3. Normally, this option is not available so you need to scan the list of your apps to ensure to see “Not allowed” option next time
  4. In order to stop file downloading then go to the Setting>>Apps and Notifications and then click on the name of the app in your list
  5. Finally permit and switch on to the storage to off.



How do I cancel downloads on Android tablet?

In order to cancel downloads on your Android tablet then you need to go to Android Settings>Apps>Clear Data.


How do I stop unwanted downloads on my Android phone?

Yes, you may stop it and to do so go to the unknown sources and uncheck all allow installation of apps from unknown sources, then it’s done.


How do I stop a download on my mobile?

You can stop download on your mobile easily by disconnect the Wi-fi connection or any Data connection.

How do I stop Outlook from downloading on Android?

When you will run the downloading session then over there you may find X icon alongside the downloading bar. Now tap on the X icon there then the download will stop right there.

Final words:

After reading between the lines, hopefully, you get to know all the hacks on how to cancel downloads on android. The way is definitive and easy for you but when any issue arises to you then you may ask us again. We will definitely come with a solution for you, all you need to do is to ping us via email or comment below.

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